FLOATING BOX FORT CASTLE Vs A DRAGON!! ?? Fire Breathing, Sword Battle, Box Fort Armour & More!
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FLOATING BOX FORT CASTLE Vs A DRAGON!! ?? Fire Breathing, Sword Battle, Box Fort Armour & More!

August 17, 2019

what the Dragons here then it is time for me to fight it’s
time for me to take down this dragon once and for all got him come on damn dude get some G
wait have you been I haven’t see you since space week I called you for a very
important reason all right what is it what’s going on we’re gonna need you to
do a very important mission for me I need you to sell my pcs you want me to
sell all your gaming gear Logan I don’t need them anymore
I have lineage to revolution okay do you realize this game is like a PC game on a
bone I don’t even know how they did that it’s
an MMORPG on your phone Logan is this all you’ve been doing since space week I
mean if you’re talking about leveling up in an online MMORPG with beautiful
graphics on my mobile phone and killing monsters then yes Logan lineage to
revolution might be the greatest game ever man we haven’t made it a video in
like four days so aren’t Logan lineage to revolution the graphics are so
amazing it’s this expansive world Logan it’s an open world on my phone
it even has PvP with 50 versus 50 players Logan want to live there look I
want to be in the game well I mean if you really want to be in the game that
bad you ever thought about rewinding the transporter into the world of the game
you’re talking about a backwards compatible transportation wire it my god
it might be possible Logan I could be in lineage too I mean look I already have
my character father Jake in the game we could be doing quests roaming the world
me and you we can play together we could do it looking we could do it I think
I’ve rewired to transport look we are gonna go into lineage to revolution I
mean I’ve never been through the transporter before but you say it’s safe
I’m ready to go into the game putting in the coordinates now see you on the other
side buddy whoa did it Romania we’re in the game
more than leads to revolution oh hello there young travelers you look to be new
to this part of our land yeah we we are new to this land sorta welcome I am
master mage Barnaby is you look as though you might be in need of some
quests and gold a quest just like yes you see our land has been ravaged the
dragon has come to our village oh that you know that that really sucks
like like a big dragon like the one that breathes fire and stuff he’s been
terrorizing townspeople not even the children are safe who is Tyrion but you young boys you two look like you
might be able to help us will do we’ll kill the dragon macadam is easy perhaps
not with that armor and gear low level as it appears we can find a dragon you
can fight a dragon you think the yeah hi you don’t have any swords are armor but
like we can make that suffer easy will accept your quest well if you’re looking
to defeat the dragon and save our town you’ll definitely need some better gear
and a level up for sure I’ll tell you what I’ll give you some quests that will
help you level up in doing so you’ll get ever closer to defeating the dragon if
you’re going to defeat the dragon you’ll need to enhance your armor in the Forge
I have this this should buy you enough enhancements to your armor to be able to
defeat the dragon although you’ll need to complete some quests before I give it
to you each question complete will earn you a gem gems that’s it I was thinking
more like a hundred gold at least just go with the gems each gem will fit into
my book upon completion of all the requests you’ll be given the enhancement
token for the forge your first quest is quite simple the townspeople are in need
of shelter the Dragon has destroyed our village although the dragon as enemies
the dragon does not like water which is why I’ll need you to build a castle on
the water for us well lucky for you you just ran across the two best box for
builders this world’s ever seen build it for the villagers so we can regroup and
discuss our plans to take down the dragon will make your castle I accept
your quest yo what’s going on guys JQ from deeper V and we are back with a
brand new video and today guys we are doing another awesome medieval box for
build you guys have seen us do before we did the castle but now we’re doing a
floaty box for castle also gonna be making box for armor and a
bunch of other stuff to complete the quests but as you guys heard we have a
list of quests to do if we’re gonna fight this dragon there is a dragon
ravaging the villages but you guys know Papa Jake that was on all the Dragons so
we gotta start off by building this box for it before we build this awesome
floating castle we need our floating so we got two of
these bad boys to use number one coming in awesome 3 – what sweet now we can
start building so we got both of our floaties stacked on top of each other
because maximum flotation now we have to do is start filling this castle before
we do that guys I want to give a big thanks to lineage 2 revolution made by
netmarble those guys were so awesome to sponsor this video and help us build
this amazing box for it we’re gonna have some gameplay later on but I did wanna
let you guys know that if you check out the link in the description down below
you can pre-register to lineage 2 revolution 4 when it’s launched and if
you guys do that you’ll receive an exclusive hero starter pack full of gems
armor plus you get to preserve your name in-game like I already did I got my Papa
Jake name in there and you get an exclusive title for your character so go
check that out but we’ll have more on this later but also guys while we’re
setting this up I have this awesome ID I was tellin Louie I was like dude people
have said it Logan I feel confident enough that we can do a
two story floating box first so I have a challenge for you guys if we can get
100,000 likes on this video right now we will do a two-story floating box fort in
our next video we’ll make it happen someway somehow this time for a time
lapse and us to get building we just finished three or four of the
castle it is coming along looking great now we got to work on the walls and we
have to have a big door at the front so people can get in and guys keep in mind
this thing has to survive a drag we’re building this as part of the quest for
the townspeople luckily got the two best box for builders ever here we’ve been
working on this now for a little while and the castle is coming along looking
awesome we have all the walls done as well as the flooring done now all we
have to do is the roof as well as put in some of the castle features once that’s
done we can set her up in the water it’s just give to flow so we got two things
you have to do one we have to cut our awesome castle door next up is the fun
part we got to make the castle door so we’re gonna be using this rope so you
can pull the castle door up once we’re inside and floating on the water
alright so Logan zoom you cut in the castle door here then we’re gonna be
attaching the rope so go for a Logan master door cutter Logan put a hashtag
master door cutter down below you don’t cased that dragon comes you
pull up the ropes and then we will jump up into our turret spot and start
shooting it with our bow and arrows scribes got nothing on Papa Jake this from one of our previous videos we
have another one but we think we’re gonna use these these are like tiki
torches so we can actually have like real torches on the castle because you
gotta know back in the day they didn’t have electronics hopefully it works
we’ve got our two torches attached to the castle it is looking awesome of
course guys don’t forget do not try this at home because having fire around a box
store can be extremely dangerous so if you do have some of these lying around
don’t do this next up we’re gonna have two pillars on the tops that we can
shoot out of and make it look like a real castle then once that’s done we’ve
completed our quest we’ve got all our turrets up there which you can actually
look out up and shoot with the bow and arrow we’ve got our awesome castle door
here which comes up and down this isn’t just a normal castle this is a floating
castle so this is gonna go in the water and this is where all the villagers are
gonna survive from the dragon as well as us when it comes to attack all right
time to put this thing in the water we got the torches lit let’s do this ah you’ve completed your first quest
that took a lot of work but we did it we made your castle we took all of your
people and put it in it their safest can be all we did as I promised your reward
your first gem so what’s our next quest ah it looks like you’ve ranked up as
well your next quest is quite simple you’ll
need to train your endurance and abilities starting with precision you’ve
been tasked with archery ok we’re going to hole a hole up pause pause alright
are you sure this guy’s just not running us around the talk of the Dragon the the
people the villagers I mean he’s given us gems we don’t even know if that
thing’s real I don’t know if I like this guy seems alright to me I know I want to
fight the dragon on pause go to the archery range and practice your skills
once you’ve leveled up come back – shouldn’t be a problem for us we’re good
at it so looks like our next challenge is
archery we got to perfect our archery skills to attack the dragon when it
comes to I’ll try and attack us so we’re gonna be making an archery target out of
carboard and me and Logan are gonna be having a challenge so we’re gonna be
practicing our aim and seeing which one of us is gonna be wielding the bow and
arrow for when the dragon comes in attacks if Logan beats me he’ll get the
bow and arrow if I win I’ll get the bow and arrow let’s do this and let’s
complete this quest now I think I’m better than Logan in fact I know on the
Bears on Logan whoever hits closest to the target wins you ready your shot that’s all right that wasn’t my warm-up
shot the second shot here Hey Oh all right all right all right so like two
outside shots last shot here we go can you do it Oh Oh looks like I got a
good shot let’s see if you can beat me with the bow and arrow well you know
they do call me Legolas I know I’m better than you all right let’s see it I thought what’s worse than immense Oh
okay I think I just won okay full weight pop Jake’s about to hit
that bullseye alright all or nothing pop Jake bullseye eyes closed can we get the
aim on okay ha looks like you believe it your second
quest your reward is in order your second gem only one quest left
before your token in order to defeat the dragon you will need armor you must
build your armor once this is completed you’ll have your token and can enhance
it in the forge with that you can then defeat the dragon so been working on the
chess piece now for a little while and it’s coming along looking awesome if so
I think I’m gonna do like a red design on top of it to show that it’s like some
really awesome exotic armor this is gonna be in my box for helmet I’m gonna
modify this into a really cool medieval style helmet so I think next stuff will
work on this and then we’ll get to the sword and shield check it out I just finished making it
the box for armor helmet and this thing looks sick I wouldn’t read of a
different design than we did in our previous videos where we did box for
armor this thing is awesome and I think I’m gonna go with the same
kind of color scheme for the chest armor as well but before we do that I think
it’s time to work on my favorite part the weapons the weapon we’re gonna be
using I went for something different I didn’t do a regular sword it’s kind of
like a two-handed sword but it looks sick it’s got the metal tips at the end
on both sides so I can attack from this side and this side next up we have to
work on her shield and then we can put it all together failure is my shield it’s got the pop of
J logo on the front it’s got the awesome detailing on the sides with all of this
armor I’ve been going with really cool detail using all the cardboard and
construction paper together I want to know do you guys like this do you guys
think it’s really cool when we use construction paper to make it like
colorful and really awesome I think it’s cool so if you guys think we should do
more with construction paper let us know down below say use more construction
paper cuz this just looks sick you look awesome looks like you’ve completed your third
quests well let’s promise your last and final reward the last gem now for your
true reward if forge token you’ll use this to enhance that armor of yours and
do something worthwhile but remember fighting this dragon will take all of
your strength when I first met you you are young adventurous but now it’s time
for your true destiny do we got the token time to upgrade this
three to one she’ll destroy that dragon for your Lantern twelve seconds later
Jake what are you doing just place some limits to revolution bro
Yugi the dragon is attacking the castle what’s the dragons here time for me to fight it’s time for me to
take down this dragon once and for all we’ve been in this world for long enough
I have power now I will defeat this dragon and rescue these people I’m ready to take on the dragon both
bagging funky the dog man-to-man dragon it’s go time ah hey I got your back you’ve weakened
it alright let’s do this got one of its wings it’s got a weak spot on the left
side spear stuck inside hit it again nice you hit his head
alright it’s looking pretty weak I think it needs one final blow I got this I think we gotta I think we killed the
dragon looks like I’ve defeated the dragon it’s a pretty hard enemy but we
did it guys I want to thank every single last one of you for checking out this
video now we’re gonna have some gameplay of lineage 2 revolution again big thanks
to those guys for helping us set up this awesome video we destroyed a dragon made
a floating box for castle and much more thank you so very much
having pop Jake stick around for some gameplay and I’ll see you guys next time
alright guys so we’re back and we’re doing playing some a lineage 2
revolution made by netmarble if you guys have been watching this video you know
that this is all based on this game and I’ve been having so much fun playing
this game big shout out to these guys for having us do this video because we
love medieval stuff and this is an amazing MMORPG for your mobile phone I
mean I can’t get over I honestly I don’t know how it works there’s some magic
going on in my phone right now that’s making this game run because it looks
beautiful check this out guys so it is a full MMO and basically you can play with
other players online complete quests level up rank up your character and
right now I got my dude here he is a level 10 rogue and I’ll show you guys
what it looks like yeah it looks pretty cool I mean he’s not he’s not super
beasty but he looks good yeah I think our our box for armor was a bit better
although his sword is pretty sweet so I’ve been playing for a little while now
and having a bunch of fun so I thought we’d play a little bit of gameplay and
like I said guys check the link in the description down below to pre-register
for lineage 2 revolution and receive some exclusive in-game offers such as
the hero starter pack full of gems armor and other loot plus you get to reserve
your in-game name again links will be down below but we’ve been doing some
quests and so far I’ve been you know fighting orcs fighting people it’s got a
really cool storyline to it and I don’t want to give
away too much you definitely have to check it out but these guys are beating
you know I’m just gonna fight these dogs you know what’s up mister or Q you know
we’re broke dude it’s so sick the graphics like I
cannot get over it also check out this we got all these powers I’m like some of
the powers it still got some that you see in the bottom right-hand corner I’ve
got some I got unlock pretty well my character here we got Papa Jake games
Lock and Load he looks pretty cool too I got to customize him at the start as
well changes like hair and outfit and the way that he looks would be pretty
awesome also oh we got new equipments dude I
don’t think I’ve ever gotten a ring before hold I’m equip this ring I’m
gonna show you guys the the equipment section here so the one of the cool
things would you guys met his team from the video is that you get equipment but
you can upgrade it in the Forge so you guys saw my first pair of Boxford armor
you know it wasn’t that great it wasn’t that awesome but like in the game we
went to the forge we leveled it up you get to pick some stuff to level up with
and let’s see here let’s let’s do I can select a bunch is basically this is
other equipment that I picked up and I can select a bunch of it and use these
old items and basically get rid of them and level up my main items so let’s do
this all here we’re gonna go put them in oh yeah check it out guys BAM combat
power raise we got a brand new suit here my dudes still looking fly I love it so
getting some beastie armor on him but anyway the other cool part about this
game is that it has an auto quest system so you actually click this button and
it’ll start auto questing for you and bring you to the characters that you can
talk to as well as help you complete the quests it doesn’t do everything for you
you can still die if you’re not paying attention but it’s a really nice feature
if you’re jumping back in the game we’re kind of like where do I go
also like I said the story’s really good I’m a huge MMO fan and the story and
this is awesome you guys will absolutely love the world that this game is based
in but I got a skill to unlock so let’s see let’s activate this you need there
we go Oh buddy guess somebody’s got some skills
you can acquire SP by reason of carriages level and playing it
consistently alright let’s level up some skills alright sweet so this is my first
kill energy blast I got that when I started the game but I guess we’re gonna
level up make it even stronger so you pick this bad boy you level them up
there we go oh you know she’s alright got some new skills level no guessing
class so check it out oh by the way guys I forgot to mention this you can be more
than just a human it can be like an elf and other different races
I choose human cuz I kind of liked it I thought it looked like me a little bit
like just a little bit also this game does have really awesome PvP with 50
versus 50 battles I’m not gonna be playing that today but we’re gonna be
doing a follow up video on this and we’ll definitely check out some PvP but
today it’s all about fighting the bad guys oh I did get the rain here so the
ring is equipped right now so we can actually upgrade that as well but that’s
gonna give me some extra stuff here so I’m gonna keep that ring on alright bro
let’s see what you got next click back on auto questing claim my reward
I got Avedon boots sweet they’re coming again
I thought we’d but I can do all the voices for this all right let’s do this
they’re coming they’re gonna attack us then I accept this quest to defeat the
orcs let’s go we gonna take him down shattered lands off to the new upgrade
for this skill his beasty I’m like one inning every org this is crazy I don’t
think he even got a hit on me they didn’t get a single here on me yo you
know your beast won and you guys can see you down there I have it set to auto
questing which is sweet because it shows me where to go and also show me what my
quest is done but you can just turn that off if you want to run around and do it
yourself which I kind of like to do I’ve been playing with mostly without auto
questing unless I get kind of confused or don’t know where to go it helps out
like right now if I’m like where do I go I just click it and bam he goes literary
guy or kumaradas can you handle them our victory depends on it bro I got this man
you know me all right let’s do this without a lot of question this time let
me use my skills I’m coming with the flash I’m one hitting these dudes bro
this is actually the same all right okay oh my god alright speaking him back here
let’s slice this guy up oh is that I think that’s another player actually
that’s Troy actually sweet some of the other players
that I’ve seen have like some really sweet armor so I’m excited to rank up
and get some that new armor because my god looks good right now but he could
definitely use an upgrade I got gifts for reaching level 5 I didn’t know that
dude look at this I’m just like finding out new gifts and stuff that I’m getting
all level 15 is next alright we definitely need to get to level 15 so I
get some more gifts that’s what I want oh here we go so I actually found the
menu here this is where we can you go to the dungeons I don’t think I can do the
dungeons yet I can do the daily dungeon so let’s enter the daily dungeon on
let’s do easy let’s keep it at easy just just for today I will check it out we’ll
we’ll fight this guy did the one yesterday was pretty fun so we’ll do the
daily dungeon and Papa Jake will prove to you that I am the master oh that guy
hey guys really bees a bit bigger than the dragon we fought a bit scarier he’s
got a big wheel on his back alright alright let’s do this you know what you
can’t kill me okay we probably could’ve done hard we probably shouldn’t illegal
war knee to that dude I was like nah not not in my not in my place right there
that’s that’s not where you come at me alright sweets we got that done we got
our daily reward that is awesome guys so basically I think this is where I’m
gonna end off this brief kind of gameplay commentary video to check out
this game and like I said earlier guys check the link in the description down
below to pre-register for lineage 2 revolution and receive some exclusive
in-game offers such as the hero starter pack full of gems armor and other loot
plus you get to preserve your in-game name so go check it out guys again links
in description down below make sure you use those links it helps us out a lot
and again thank you so very much for watching this video we’ll see you guys
next time for another awesome video bye guys

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