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  1. I cried a lot when flamengo scores the final goal, me and my dad celebrate a lot in his bar (of flamengo) , my dad watched the Flamengo 1981 world champion and i hope see this too this year.

  2. It was insane, cuz I wasn't born when we won the first Libertadores, so it was something new for me, I was just crying with my brothers, and the way it was, so dramatic, so intense, this is Flamengo.

  3. Eu presenciei esse feito do Maior Do Mundo foi Histórico ,..".pode levanta plaquinha hj tem Gol do GABIGOL…." 2 Título no Msm fds só o MENGÃO msm pra proporcionar nunca vi nada igual Somos os Maiores ❤?❤????????????….

  4. Brazil stopped to watch this match. The TV audience was bigger the the last four World Cup finals. 40 thousand Flamengo fans went to Maracanã Stadium to watch this match.

  5. A emoção foi incrível chega chorei. No primeiro e no segundo gol.

    Obs: Me ajudem deixem 200 likes pra me ajudar quero muito bater essa meta

  6. Quando saiu o primeiro,quase tive um infarto, melhor jogo do ano. Eu nem acreditava mais q o flamengo ia vencer,mas ta a prova ai, so acaba quando o jogo acaba.

  7. Make a reaction of the crowd receiving the Flamengo players to board for Lima and on arrival with the cup. You will be very surprised!

  8. Brother here in Portugal I fell asleep at the halftime, but when I wake up and see the notifications of the game I was very happy. Congratulations to all of the Mengão nation. Greetings from Portugal????

  9. Gabigol, knocked out the football he knows, River was going to win but experienced the powerful left of this spectacular player. Gabigol River Plate Executioner.

  10. Brother I will tell you, in the goal of Gabigol I had a feeling of relief, in the second goal I was amazed. I thought: We are champions? We won? I can't belive this! And I was at work, and I saw everyone's happiness in the look, everyone was crazy, because it's a title we haven't won in 38 years. And we won the title on 11/23/1981 it was exactly 38 years to win it again, it was an inexplicable feeling. Seeing my team champion of a Libertadores Cup is surreal. And Liverpool waiting for us, because we're going to do the same thing we did 38 years ago, Flamengo 3×0 Liverpool.

  11. "Em novembro lá no Peru
    Botou o River na roda
    Gabigol aos 91
    Ficou marcado na história
    E no Rio não tem outro igual
    Liverpool te espero na final
    E agora seu povo
    Pede o mundo de novo
    Dá-le dá-le da-le mengoooo
    Isso aqui é Flamengo
    Dá-le dá-le da-le mengooo
    Pra cima deles Flamengo"❤?❤?

  12. Em dezembro de 81,

    Botou os ingleses na roda.

    3 a 0 no Liverpool,

    Ficou marcado na história.

    E no Rio,

    Não tem outro igual,

    Só Flamengo é Campeão Mundial.

    E agora seu povo,

    Pede mundo de novo.

    Dá-lhe, dá-lhe, dá-lhe Mengo,

    Pra cima deles Flamengo.

    Dá-lhe, dá-lhe, dá-lhe Mengo,

    Pra cima deles Flamengo.

    In December 81,

    He put the English in the wheel.

    3-0 at Liverpool,

    It was marked in history.

    And in Rio,

    There is no other like,

    Only Flamengo is World Champion.

    And now your people,

    Ask for the world again.

    Hit them, hit them, hit them Mengo,

    On top of them Flamengo.

    Hit them, hit them, hit them Mengo,

    On top of them Flamengo.

  13. Friend, I learned that the game only ends when the referee gives the final whistle! I almost died from the heart watching this game! I still have a bad throat today after screaming so much! Congratulations on the video and your beautiful comments! A hug! I am Flamenguista and I believe that Flamengo can win the Club World Cup!

  14. I am Brazilian, and seeking international reactions from the liberators final, I came to your channel, if I can keep the subtitles, because I do not speak English, would be very good, I am subscribed to your channel, and I intend to continue following, not only because you follow Brazilian football, but also the way you interact with your audience. You do a great job, a big hug and a lot of success.

  15. In a moment of the video, I saw you trying to listen and maybe understand what the Flamengo's fans were singing. It's someting like this:
    "In 1981 December
    They put the english in the circle
    3-0 against Liverpool
    It was marked in the history
    In Rio is no one even close
    Only Flamengo was World Champion
    And now, your people
    Ask the world again
    Go Mengo
    Go over then Flamengo"

  16. Seriously? He just didn't care about the game. He's on for the views, otherwise he would have watched and reacted live like he did before. He EVEN says that in the video. I really tried to watch and give this guy a chance, but he is really faking it.

    É óbvio que esse cara achou um nicho de brasileiros no YT como um monte de gente lá fora achou. Parem, porque ele tá cagando pro futebol daqui.

  17. React to this "the most unbelievied gols from Roberto Carlos"

  18. Sou flamenguista porém tenho que admitir que o liverpool é anos luz a frente do flamengo. Mas aqui é mengão na vitória ou na derrota se não for na técnica que seja na raça ⚫??

  19. One more Flamengo fa in uk. Please we need your support versus Liverpool. Please don't miss this math now. Shout from Ireland. Flamengoooooooooooooooooo!

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