Fixture World Cup Russia 2018 MS Excel (English version)
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Fixture World Cup Russia 2018 MS Excel (English version)

October 7, 2019

Four years ago we made our first fixture for
the World Cup Brazil 2014. We did it as a sample that Microsoft Excel
can be useful even to keep accounts of your hobbies and passions as it is football, a
sport that moves the people. We share it on our website
and on our YouTube channel. The result was over eighty thousand downloads
and an avalanche of emails. Even while the date of the kick off was approaching,
friends like the Peruvian Joel Matos helped us make improvements to the original file. Today after several weeks of work we present
our fixture version 2018. “The Fixture of the World Cup Russia 2018”. This file contains 16 parts or spreadsheets. In the first section: home,
we will find the summary of the 8 groups and the development of the keys from the second
round to the grand final of the World Championship that will take place in Moscow. In this initial part there is a very important
button. Settings. In which you can enter to configure the language
and time zone. To try to reach even more audiences, version
2018 of the Fixture was created with the possibility of being configured in 6 languages. Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Italian
and German. It does not matter in the region of the world
in which you find yourself, always have the schedule of the matches available. This version contains more than one hundred
zone times. That you can configure so that you have the
schedules of the World Cup matches clear. From Hawaii, through Alaska, all of America,
Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania. Even if you are in the remote south Pacific
Islands. First let’s look at the menus below, in them
we will find the World Cup groups from A to H. In each group we have the standings, the
six corresponding matches and the possibility of filling the markers and playing a little
with the World Cup predictions. In the matches you will be able to see the
schedules again according to the selected configuration.
and you will also find the cities and names of the stadiums. We want to clarify that the simulations made
in the video are just a test to verify their correct operation. No way represent our predictions of the world
cup. But we wish the best for the teams that represent
our continent. like Uruguay in Group A, Peru in Group C,
Argentina in Group D, Costa Rica and Brazil in Group E, Mexico in Group F, Panama in the
G and finally the Colombia in the H. In the menus of the following rounds, as in
the case of round of 16 we found the eight matches to be played. Again we must fill in the information manually. let’s look at some characteristics of the
file. First, in case of having a draw as a final
result after 90 minutes and overtime, look at how the boxes open to fill in the penalty
kick score. As a second relevant aspect, look that once
a winner is defined in a key, it will take a green color to identify who has been the
winner of this stage. Finally we have the last three sections. In the teams section where you can see the
overall standings of the world cup. You can also make the selection of a particular
team and the file will highlight the team in the standings.
in addition to giving us a complete summary of the matches played by it. In the section of cities and stadiums you
can tour the 11 cities and 12 stadiums in which the World Cup event will take place. Give yourself a moment to admire the beauty
of Russian cities and also the temples of football that will host this world holiday. Finally, you will find the credits. where we thank some websites that result very
useful for the construction of the file and we leave you some points of contact if you
want to interact with us. Leave us a comment or recommendation for future
developments. Again, I invite you to download the fixture
of the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Additional do not forget to share it on your
social networks. Remember that the file is completely free. The idea is that you enjoy it and share it
with your friends, colleagues in the office, study, your family and all your loved ones. Greetings to all and I hope you enjoy the
Russia 2018 World Cup. See you soon!

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