Fixing Sonic the Hedgehog
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Fixing Sonic the Hedgehog

August 23, 2019

*Pa Pa Pa* This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for, on this channel. That’s right. I’m gonna draw, from my own MIND. *Power effects* I know. Better than the Br0Fist! THIS IS WHAT EVERYONES BEEN WAITING FORRRR! So, This started out from a live stream, I tried to draw Sonic. *cute laugh* I tried to draw Sonic from my memory… It wasn’t the best, okay, but at least I tried. So I wanna try to do that again and draw these cartoon characters. That exist in my mind but when you put them down on paper. it is surprisingly hard, OKAY? It’s a lot harder than it looks! Don’t judge me! Here we fricking go! Aaa, Pikachu, a classic. Let’s go! I actually used to draw Pikachu a lot when I was a kid, so I have a rough idea how this bad boy looks like. Look at this, I know you’re amazed already KA CHOW! KA CHOW! I know ALL the details. Now you gotta get those cute little furry eyes. Then you gotta get that sparkle in there. That actually..oh god. That actually just looks like he’s missing a soul. Get that cute little nose! KA- How is the mouth of Pikachu, by the way? Is it like.. yess, ye- *laugh* It’s kinda cute, I like it! This should be the new Pikachu. How T H I C C is Pikachu? This is starting to look like Big Chungus. Alright, see has his little cute little arms, right? He has three fingers. Pikachu has three fingers. Everyone knows this. That looks like an extra s.. pack of skin or something… “What’s a pack of skin,” you might ask.. I don’t know. I don’t make the rules. I just draw him, man.. I actually practiced drawing Pikachu as a child… and this is what it led up to. Okay.. Yes! Let’s not forget the tail, and the belly. Now let’s color in this bad boy! Deviant artists are shaking right now. They know they’ll stand no chance. No, that’s not right… Uhh, what’s the color of belly? Maybe he doesn’t have a belly… Alright, let’s look at the.. let’s look at the comparison.. Ah shit I forgot the cheeks! Oh my god! Noo, the cheeks! *laughs* Noo it’s so bad! I was so happy until I saw… *laughs* I was actually proud of it, until I saw… Wait, wait let me just draw the cheeks… LOOK AT THAT, NOW IT’S A PIKACHU! Frick you, OKAY? I don’t need your abuse. Next 👏drawing 👏! Minions, ok another yellow creature… God damn this is gonna be hard… Alright, here we go. The shape of the minion.. is easy, cause it’s the shape of my pp.. Then of course, the classic cyclop eye. Alright so far.. so good Why is drawing the circle so goddamn hard? Yeah, I’m happy with that. Now that’s about it! PUHAHAHAH How do the eyes look like… Is it like that? Is it like a sirens eye… Oh god.. what is happening? Why does he look like he’s about to do something to me… I don’t like this How does it.. ahh How do the arms look like? Ahhh. I feel really uncomfortable… I assume they have gloves cause all cartoons have gloves. Alright, Pixar Animation Studios if you’re listening and if you’re hiring.. just let me know, cause this isn’t my Minion apparently. Alright, what does a Minion actually looks like? Well that’s not… ahh oh.. It’s not too bad, right? *laughs* I don’t know how you can mess up a Minion, though, but… So, apparently they have hair, I didn’t notice. Hah, you learn something new everyday. Incredible. BaNanA. Hilarious. Thank you. Next challenge! SaNs? Sans from memory? Are you crazy? Should I try to do the pixel art…? *laughs* Yees bitch, Sans! This is how Sans was made. Fcking hell, it’s terrifying what have I done ahahahhahahahhah It’s so ahahahh I’m trying Sans I’ll do your justice I’ll do your justice Sans I’m sorry Did I get anything right? The nose is not too far off at least See, I was wondered if he was chessless and he is I tried ok? I tried *pewdiepie noises* Handsome squidward Now that’s a challange that I’m up for absolutely let’s go oh, god I know he has like a big chin right *pewdiepie noises* noo no *laughs* I’m actually trying oh god *loser laughs* Ohh god, you just never know how incompetent you are until you try Does he has che- .. ahh I’m not even gonna finish any further cause I just know ahahaha Oh my god I need a break, Jesus Christ Mario without a moustache now Mario was another character I liked to draw as a child So maybe this won’t be too bad Cause this is just embarassing Mario I’ve seen him a million times But how in the frick does he look like He has a big nose Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes He has a big nose It’s all coming Well I’m drawing like kids draw When they try and replicate something That’s how my drawing looks like I swear I’m not this bad It looks like a three- year- old did this Alright let’s just, let’s just get it over with Let’s just look at the result Oh my god, I forgot to draw the moustache It was supposed, I was supposed to draw Mario without a moustache and I just forgot to draw it and I thought it was it *laughs* I know technicaly, like it was supposed to be without a moustache but I kinda wanna see how if it salvages anything Yes YES That’s Super Mario right fricking there Heck yeah You’re welcome guys Sonic’s live action design release yesterday the new sonic trailer Surely I can’t make it look any worse than it was in that trailer So let’s just fricking do this I think what freaked everyone out was the fact that he had human teeth At least that’s what I was bother by This is something uneasy about having human teeth Why does he look so creepy I’m trying I’m scaring myself how did this happen I’m trying to draw why can’t I draw Sonic I don’t understand If you’re judging me right now, you should try drawing anything from memory It’s really hard Especially these very spesific designs are you fcked up this badly How is this possible *laughs* Oh god God, forgive me *pewds laughs* What did I get right nothing Dude he has ears, I didn’t remember ears I got the mouth pretty well to be honest Sega Team if you need help, just hit me up I got you You know what you got some harsh critics but clearly people don’t understand how hard it is to draw a perfect Sonic I’ll do one more, one more cause I feel disgusting ok, here we have Shrek Drawing Shrek from memory I feel like this should be, if there’s one thing that I should be able to draw from my own memory It’s ghaah, it’s gotta be Shrek because I have not looked on a man with any more detail than I have ever looked at Shrek I know his ins and outs impeccably as you can see I’m already doing amazing It’s got a very round face now the question is, what is on that face well, he’s got a big smile, no he’s got a, he’s got a big smile right ok, ok alright nose, I’m just gonna guess that it’s a big nose I don’t really remember this is like a really cute ver.. This is so cute, oh my god he’s adorable Has anyone drawn Shrek this cute? I don’t think so buddy He’s got these weird patches on his head too right Oh, no we’re entering uncanny valley again No, god damn it. I messed up somewhere. Oh god he’s so chunky… Oh, oh no… no no I’m just gonna stop. Thank you guys for watching me draw out of my memory and thank you for your wonderful suggestions. Ok, honestly tho, was I too far off on the Shrek? Let’s skip the torso bit… I think that’s pretty close. I think that’s pretty good. Thank you! Ten out of ten Picasso confirmed! Thanks for leaving a smash like and as always, smile more! BYE What? You never played Tuber Simulator? You know it’s fun right? I’m not supposed to give my opinion but give it a try. And then you can tell me if it’s good or not. Not convinced yet? Okay, I’ll cut you a deal. The game is available for free, and that’s a great price.

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  1. Pewdiepie: there's something uneasy about having human teeth

    Me: well, this explains a lot about you felix

  2. If anyone of you noticed, he drew pikachu’s tip of the tail black. Apparently it’s a Mandela effect because I also thought pikachu had a black tip tail before.

  3. 4:22 I CANT EVEN,i laughed so hard that i started to cry AND my stomach hurts now. Why? well,First of all, he drew the right hand backwards,and he's bald. Pewds had me ded im not even kidding ????????

  4. I think pikachu wants to die
    Also 9:36 give me your email I will send you a video of me drawing sonic by brain

  5. 3:46 that the face of pure kindness right there, remember kid if anyone ever give you that look go near them and give them a hug they really fucking need it

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