August 29, 2019

so I’ve seen on some YouTube channels
where they do the five-second subscribe down yeah have we done that yet no all
right let’s do the five six crab challenge you have five seconds to
subscribe right now comment down below there right here and
I’m gonna give you guys these clear slimes because it seemed so easy so we
need some white food coloring hopefully though change it to white we’re gonna
get some sprinkles and then some rainbow all right crew what’s going on so this
is Priscilla we got a clear foggy looking slime I’ve never been in these
drawers oh here we go I want to go I know she
likes galaxy so let’s go was this blue so we got purple and blue food coloring
and we want to add some pigment so one thing good thing that glare that glaze
that shininess to it but I don’t want to go too dark so let’s go a purple and a
blue pigment and then just kind of top it off with some um we were gonna go
with let’s kind of look like stars look at that that is beautiful looks like
hologram e-type glitter alright I think it’s five minutes all right guys this is
all about presentation no just kidding okay here we go watch this here we go do
this and we are going to add food coloring it’s got all about presentation
guys don’t make it too much hold on hold on hey everybody thinks it might be too
much oh don’t want that okay watch this know if you can be like perfect no here
we go watch and then you fold see look at let me fold it just like that and
then watch watch the magic oh no that’s not good Oh all right all right we’re getting there
we are getting that okay this yeah look at this
whoa whoa gotta had the pigment in we need that
little glaze whoa okay that’s good that’s good okay that’s good that’s good
all right no thank you I’m gonna win this mad the
blue hopefully turns white and a little bit of sparkle those are the stars yeah turnin look at that beautiful slime guys
look at that oh look at that oh that is perfect now
we’re gonna do a swirl that’s the true galaxy guys true galaxy add a little top
it off there I’m done the galaxy swirl Mady cuz I’m gonna win what do you need
done what are you doing over here in 50 seconds left guys already done
Maddy come on okay so he’s done I just started and the true artist never rush I
think I’m gonna win this no no no I’m gonna readjust my once you’re done once
you take your two minutes and 42 seconds come on jeez Louise you’re just turning
a rubber and that wants to make that cracking sound because mine’s nice and
stretchy it’s just bubbles I’m not seeing it Manny I’m just not seeing it
right now yeah about that guys I think Maddie’s getting probably
mad at daddy let me add some color does that and some more sprinkles hmm you’re
jealous daddy nope not jealous guys I have a special
ingredient what I think we have a cheater here Priscilla well I mean hers
pocket you know I think I can do about that we’re so this is for your breakfast
ah just smell it Maddie look at the time okay daddy let’s see your slide yeah Wow
very nice beautiful pigment I love the galaxy color see the stars
you can see into the slime you see that you got that bit huh it’s a very pretty
color that for sure very cliquey I love how pretty it is
I love the galaxy very pretty nice this slime is it’s gonna blow your mind
just watch keep watch oh so you’re kind of making a fruit loops line oh no it
looks like a blob it doesn’t even hold any texture look at it it’s a blob of sprinkles yeah extra pizazz me and some
more sprinkles some more okay oh my gosh he feels really different than daddies
no look at- got a makeover it’s the best look we did Barrett
look at that whoa it’s like you’re going into deep dark space right now you see
that okay but I think you added stuff enough did you see me a stop okay guys I
came into a conclusion so mad yours is it smells really really good I
love the Froot Loops smell but it’s not as stretchy and as pretty as daddies I
need it looks like there’s water in it what does water tight melts daddy you
did she but you’re just pretty in stretching okay but I’m so sorry Matty I
love you slab the galaxy and next up we had these green slimes they’re a little
bit harder so watch out actually actually hold on wait wait who won the
last round oh so you think this one’s easier I like the smell I smell green
apple that’s good like that is a sticky slime so I think we’ll have to add some
active terror I think we also need to add some clay right yeah clay would
actually really make a nice line when it’s sticky
okay guys never the slides how to get your ingredient let’s give it the best
long Oh make it take your best one so we’re gonna get some yellow food
coloring to make it a lighter green then some pigment some green and some gold
yeah and then we need some glitter this is gonna love this one
get some iridescent and let’s get some skin and some green
glitter and I’m good I forgot one more thing yellow foam beads and yellow
hearts I think we’re still gonna I think I’m gonna win Maddy where’s daddy he
needs Piggy’s ingredients I don’t know he’s taking forever to come back this is
so nice I miss he’ll write all day no let me
really awesome if something would make me beat yes mine sure did Matt don’t
know what you’re making with all this stuff what’s going on a cruise so you
know you like my gold medal like this thing is heavy so I weigh me down here
but who’s number one no okay so anyways Barry hit Priscilla’s number one slam
which he likes galaxy slam right so we want to go with the flutter slam because
I know she likes butter slime and I know her favorite Claire’s yellow ooh
somebody might be asking well she there’s no way you’re making yellow blur
slime on a green clears left right but no I watched just Amira I know how to do
it we need to get clay okay so we’re gonna do a white we need a white base 3d
yellow okay well we’ll have some shaving cream out backup just in case we need a
little fluffier um and then I want you to add ooh I want to maybe add some of
this yellow glitter don’t want to go to gold I want it to be bright I want to be
bright and buttery so I think in here we’ll go with maybe some of this nice
matte and then I will top it off with some maybe white foam balls go so we
don’t want nothing too big we want these little ones
because it’s gonna add that crunch it’s gonna add that crunch I’ve no Priscilla
likes what is this nope all right I think that’s it I’m gonna
add my cool yeah it turned out really nice actually
because if you want to like really really buttery and like really nice and
soft added like two blocks of clay like the whole inter oh that’s cool that
looks stringy I’m gonna add some more yellow so it could be like really neon
green because I want to make a Tinkerbell slide alright so I think the
clay is starting to absorb some of the moisture here so we’re gonna spread it
out a little bit so the slime overwhelms the clay here
oh no we’re good we’re good no no no we’re good that’s good a little pig met
see if we can straighten this slime up I’m gonna get it nice guys I think it’s
getting really dry here turn into one big foam ball this water you falling
right into a trap make him one green that looks like a big booger just added some more yellow bukhari
hopefully it works yes it’s working yes okay this is the color I wanted okay
so now I’m gonna add in my glitters my silver glitter you know it’s hard so this is for you
I’m gonna save some for this world no no it’s time to mix pretty this is daddy so
jealous guys ready all right first thing I want to bring you to is what does this
this looks like a green apple taffy and I what I want you to do is I want you to
smell it please okay smell it oh it smells delicious right
Oh have fun here play with it it’s nice it feels like taffy it’s so smooth Wow
Wow okay it’s just very soft this is tacky
right here Priscilla this is taffy does this makes you want
to bite it because I am wait it’s melting like a
booger oh my gosh okay Wow that white stuff that is her look Happy’s off what
are you talking about now this is shaving cream okay anyways let me feel
mmm let me feel I like to feel that booger and strange EEOC
dread you to the daddies today yarn is nice soft it’s really really
really soft about the texture really nice but it just plain and mady’s it
just so out of detail look at all the clues you added mini stop all the foam
ball it’s really nice but daddy even though not even though you did bribe me
and you cut my boogers I still declare back that is my trophy now happy and by
the way this isn’t our boogers quick it’s Tinker Bell okay both of you guys
are tied to anyone the first round I’m Maddie won the second round you guys
finish this tie you have to do a slide and throw with
both of your slides run one and round two here is the Tinker Bell in the fruit
loop okay I don’t see enough real assignment you are it’s kind of better
there yeah then it’s alright guys it looks like I might just won this one so
let’s let’s get started this one’s gonna look really nice guys all right oh look
at it you cannot beat this we got the galaxy’s line here along with
the green apple taffy here we go you guys ready here’s the moment of
happiness look at this look at this world whoa whoa wow guys look at this
look at this Jaden no no no no easy dance first make this slime pretty
challenge and who just won pull just one here we go champion goes to Bobby now
big guy so chachi anybody’s trying to meet you I was gonna comment down below

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