Fix Lower Back Pain | 3 Easy Tips
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Fix Lower Back Pain | 3 Easy Tips

August 10, 2019

Is your back bothering you? If yes, then we got a good medicine. But first of all, we should take a look on how lower back pain is caused. Besides a herniated disc which is another topic, a lot of problems occur with three issues. 1) Shortened and 2) weak muscles around the hip area, and 3) a wrong coordination and control of these muscles to put the body parts in the right alignment. The muscles that tend to weakness are the Abs, the Hamstrings and the Glutes. And on the other side the Erector Spinae and the Hip Flexors tend to a shortening. These conditions leads to an anterior pelvic tilt which causes a lumbar lordosis and an uneven load of the inter-vertebral discs. Either this causes the pain itself or the body contracts all the muscles around that area to prevent it from damage which causes muscle tenseness and pain. To help you with these problems we got three tips that you can follow easily. 1) Coordination
The first tip is really simple. Just do the opposite of the movement which causes your lower back pain. Instead of an anterior pelvic tilt, go for a posterior pelvic tilt. Try to align your spine in a neutral position to get the right feeling for that movement. Imagine your pelvis is a bucket and move it to pour the water out of your back. You can do this in different positions. In some positions, it’s harder to adjust your posture. And some it’s easier. But all positions will help you to get the right coordination for that movement. 2) Stretching
The second tip is to stretch the shortened muscles which are responsible for the excessive anterior pelvic tilt. We can do this with the knee to chest stretch in different positions. As you can see, the tucked position will eliminate the arch in the lower back and will stretch your erector Spinae. Another good exercise is the lunge stretch. With that you try to eliminate the arch in your lower back and aim for a neutral spine. With this movement you will stretch your hip flexors. Of course you have to stretch both sides equally to avoid imbalances. To release the tension of these muscles you can also use a Blackroll or massage balls. The concept behind that method is simple. Add pressure to these muscles and with that you can release the tension. The pressure will also increase the blood flow in that area, and metabolic waste products can be evacuated better 3) Strengthening
The last tip is about the strengthening of the weak muscles. A good exercise to strengthening the hamstrings and the glutes is the Glute Bridge. You can do different progressions of this exercise. But always keep in mind to not arch your back, and keep your pelvis posterior tilted. One of the best overall exercises for strengthening all those muscles is the Plank. When it’s done correctly! You can also do different variations if you’re strong enough to hold the posterior pelvic tilt. The last exercise is to step up. Alternate both sides and aim for a clean and smooth movement without forgetting to tilt your pelvis backwards when coming up. Most of the time lower back pain can be reduced by simply doing the right exercises with the right execution. The exercises from this video are some of the most effective for that. But if you do a comprehensive full body workout you can strengthen your whole body and prevent injuries like that. If you want to know how to train your whole body like that, check out our website and try our workout programs, which are available for different levels. If you have further questions on this or other topics just leave a comment. Thanks! Alex!

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  1. I think that’s cus we don’t do back extra size first before anything legs n back focus on the shit then the rest off ur body

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  5. Hi. Love your videos! Quick question: Do we really need 4 stretch excercises for the lower back/Erector Spinae? Do they cover different parts of the muscle group?
    I have many stretch and strenghten excercises I try to squeeze into my morning routine, to fix anterior tilt as well as my upper back posture

  6. Fyi this will sound crazy but sleeping on the ground, not a bed will do wonders for your back. Your back will ache at night on the ground but the next day you won't even realize you have a lower back anymore. Just wont feel anything. For me it feels great. Depends how bad you want back relief. Must sleep on back on the ground.

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  10. I crashed into a tree with a round saucer sled backwards and destroyed L4/L5…my pediatrician misdiagnosed it as pulled muscles…( i was 10) i went my whole life in agony being called fat and lazy…finally my boss was going to fire me because i couldnt bend anymore at work and the company doctors as well as my own never sent me for x rays. On the last appointment, my doctor was out and i had a west indian lady for a nurse practitioner who realized id never had an x ray or mri…..when the results were revealed, my boss fell all over himself apologizing because their company doctor had basically told me the pain was in my head… the battle continues as its getting arthritic with age and its the same struggle…no help, denial how bad it is….etc…

  11. Good stretches but I clicked on the site for the stretches not for the music so if you could tone it down a little that would be appreciated

  12. My back hurts when I run for a bit and when I stay still and turn my body side to side my sides start to hurt. When I sit down for a long time and I stand up my back hurts. Will this video help me?

  13. Gonna share something with you guys who are really into lower back relief through stretching. Heres a huge tip that will save you a lot of time and speed up healing and adjusting. You can do these all day but if your hips are tight and compressed nothing will help you. If you want to heal yourself and dramatically improve your back issues then you will need to open and unlock your hips. I did back exercises for 3 months and noticed some improvement but then found a sports doctor on YouTube mention the spine acts like a spring and when your hips are tight the spring becomes compromised and tight. Do yourselves a huge favor and put more emphasis on your hip stretching. You will notice a dramatic difference almost overnight.

  14. this is the best ever video that YT has suggested me.
    I am having back pain problem from 1 month when i started gymming and anterior pelvic twist since a long time. Now I know how to fix anterior pelvic twist and get rid of back pain at same time.


  15. I have a pelvic tilt in my back.i started doing stepper 4 days back.happy to see this video promotes stepper exercise. Thank u

  16. I can’t do most of this because I’m bo-legged.
    But my lower back gets stuff and i start to walk like Frankenstein. And my hamstrings get pulled easy.

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  18. Where are you? I need some body like you, check when I'm doing it, to see if I do correctly, you are the best doing everything, believe me, thanks

  19. best video ever for antepelvic correction ! thanks so much for the good explain of position and correct movement vs bad position

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  22. I fixed my chronic lower back pain recently. Its been killing me for like 5 years. I bought a dirtbike and started riding daily and now im as good as new.

  23. the knee to chest stretches have given me instant results. way less pain. but need to do these everyday for some time to normally fix

  24. Абожаю смотреть видео с названием на русском, но с озвучкой на английском.

  25. Please take a look at this lecture on lower back pain. The pain originates from your spine and not your muscles even if your nerves tell you otherwise.

  26. Hi, I ham suffering with lower back pain, as diconosage dick compression between L5 n S1, please suggest how I can do work out know

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    Its Batter for you Problem .

  28. Xclnt variations and recommendations. Clear and simple. Thnx a lot. Greetings from Colombia

  29. Danke! Auf mich treffen glech alle 3 Punkte zu, dazu habe ich regelmäßog schmerzen im unterem Rücken. Sitze fast den ganzen Tag am Rechner. Habe mir jetzt, weil das Video mich perfekt anspricht, eine "daily notification" für 16Uhr eingerichtet, damit ich mich jeden Tag 15-20 Minuten Stretche. Danke!

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  36. This is great tutorial. I would also try golden milk for relief

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