Five of the Best PC Fighting Games | Top Fighting Games on Steam PC

September 18, 2019

A couple of years ago I sold my consoles and
I’m now solidly on PC. I started thinking “D’you know what? I miss playing
fighting games”. I just figured that the PC didn’t have any good fighting games
to play. I thought it’d be fun to talk about five PC fighting games that I’ve found.
I’ve gone out looking for them and there’s so many good PC fighting games out there, so
here are five really wicked fighting games that I’ve found on the PC. You know
straight away I’m going to mention Street Fighter. It’s the baseline,
the go-to fighting game and I was gonna go with Street Fighter 5 but
having played it, it’s not actually the sort of fighting game that I like.
Street Fighter has been changed quite a lot. A lot of the slower characters
have been taken out, and everybody’s been sped up because it makes it more fun for
eSports. It makes for a better viewing experience, but it isn’t as varied a
Street Fighter experience in my opinion. Street Fighter V is *very* online; there’s no
real single-player content to speak of. If you want that, then great.
Go ahead, I’m not even saying that Street Fighter Five is bad, it’s that it
doesn’t fit my style. Street Fighter 4 absolutely does, so I went with Ultra
Street Fighter 4 for that reason. SF4 is stupidly well-balanced, there’s loads of
great characters, there’s loads of extra content. BUT the online is almost the
opposite, because the only people left playing it are completely elite at
Street Fighter. So you will get bodied every time you play online! Next on the list is Guilty Gear. I had [Guilty Gear] on the PlayStation 1 and I had one on the
PlayStation 2. GG has got these big heavy metal riffs and these mental
over-the-top moves and crazy combos. Loads of good fun. Actually, nearly
all of the [GG] games are already on Steam, you can even buy the old PS2
games which have been ported to PC, but that’s literally all they are. But if you
get the newest one which is called Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator
(I think there is actually an even newer one), it’s got so
much more to it. They’ve actually made it not just as a PC port
but to actually fully embrace PC. Guilty Gear Xrd has really good online lobbies,
the Steam Controller support is absolutely excellent. Loads of good stuff.
The same people that made this also made BlazBlue (which you can get on PC as
well but didn’t make the list) and also they’re doing that
new Dragonball Z game. Next is Injustice. You can get Mortal
Kombat on PC, but I don’t really like Mortal Kombat. However,
Injustice is a fighting game where you get to play as Batman, so I’m
willing to forgive any sin on that front. I can’t honestly recommend
Injustice 2. It grates with me that a game that costs that much money comes out
and it’s got so much locked content on the disc, and day one DLC, and 9 gig
patches and all this kind of bull****. Injustice 2 looks
absolutely wicked, don’t get me wrong. I’ve seen people playing it, it does look
really tight but I won’t be buying it until there’s like an Ultimate Edition
with all the DLC included. Which you can get for Injustice 1. I got it on
Green Man for £4 the other day, so that’s an absolute win. 5 stars! One game I am loving is Skullgirls. This game! I played it round Kevin’s house; he
has it on the PS4 and he was like: “You’ve gotta play this fighting game,
it’s a little indie game, it’s Super Street Fighter-y
and it is really good!” If you know how Street Fighter works then you can pick
up Skullgirls really quickly, but there’s extra stuff in there that keeps you
going. It’s seven quid IT’S SEVEN QUID on Steam. It’s an absolute bargain!
You don’t need to worry about the content or “Is it a full game?” which is a
big question for fighting games. Skullgirls is seven quid, so it doesn’t matter at all. Lastly I want to talk about this absolutely new game I found called.. I have to look this one up… Yatagarasu: Attack on
Cataclysm. I learned of this by watching a HeavyEyed video recently and
I’m really glad I was watching that because I found this completely awesome
PC game that I just don’t think I would have found otherwise. It’s developed by
three guys who worked at SNK. These guys worked on King of Fighters and
so on. They left SNK and they started an IndieGoGo to do a proper old school, back
to basics fighting game and it’s amazing! Top drawer pixel art, completely
stripped back gameplay – there’s no funny business – and it’s got this really
good commentary system; They will talk about the moves that
you’re doing, so it’s almost like an eSports thing but it just reminds me of
John Watson off FIFA 98. It’s good fun man, it’s an absolute stunner! And it’s a
bargain as well. Honorable mention! I actually
bought this in the Steam sale because I didn’t want to fully commit and I’m
really glad I picked it up. Rivals of Aether. The big high concept I’ll give you
is: imagine Smash Brothers gets remade for the PC but the artwork has been
drawn like it’s off the Game Boy Color. It’s these wicked little pixel art
characters and a surprising amount of depth. It’s really good. They just announced
Ori and the Blind Forest DLC as well so that is another great little one
you can pick up. It’s kind of mental because I’ve gone from the point
where I thought fighting games on PC we’re going to be s*** and I’m now
fully realizing that in fact the PC is the best platform for fighting games! All
of your controllers work from every console, the range of games is better than any one
console and PC has its own exclusives. Incredible. What world! Thanks for
watching – if you can think of any other fighting games on the PC, don’t hesitate
to drop me a comment. Cheers!

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