September 6, 2019

– Faster! Jesus Christ! (abrupt shrieking)
– (screams) Oh my god! ♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪ – Freddy Fazbear’s
Pizzeria Simulator? – Every time there’s
a new [bleep] Five Nights, you guys bring me in,
because you specifically know that animatronics coming to life
are my greatest fear. – When they first came out,
the whole concept was really neat, ’cause it was like
a Chuck E. Cheese gone wrong. Five games later,
three fan-made games later, it’s, like, I think
I’ve had a little bit of enough. – (FBE) So this is
Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator. It is the most recent
official release of the Five Nights series. And this time, it has you
taking ownership of your own brand new
Freddy Fazbear’s franchise. – And let me guess,
we’re bringing in the animatronics. – (FBE) We’re gonna give you
three chances or three lives to see if you can
survive two nights. – Okay. You have to really remember
everything for these ones. It’s, like, you have to
pay attention to each little detail for each one.
– I normally don’t get very far, so we’ll see how
this one’s different. ♪ (inspiring music) ♪
– (voiceover) It’s a new day. It’s your time to shine.
– [Bleep] this game! Why is it [bleep] with me?! – Okay, so this is
an advertisement for the restaurant. – Oh! Okay. They’re
pitching me to franchise. – (voiceover) With
your initial investment, you’ll receive everything you need
to get started, including a small room,
some tables, and electricity. – Okay, I’m ready to invest. – (voiceover) …the money
you had left over after buying…’ – All 12 cents. – (voiceover) Use it to decorate,
buy a stage, buy attractions and animatronics.
– Don’t get the animatronics. – That’s ominous,
and I don’t like that. – Oh, [bleep]!
(exhales) Okay! – (chuckles)
– (voiceover) Wear that smile with pride…
– Here’s my money. – (voiceover) Fazbear Entertainment
is not responsible for disappearance, death, or dismemberment.
(TV clicks) – It’s obviously very self-aware.
– The [bleep]? And you’re like, oh,
that’s cool. This is where I’m gonna
invest all my money. – A two-step guide
to restaurant management. Use catalog mode
to purchase items, animatronics, and other supplies. – Use blueprint mode
to place items, upgrade items, and upgrade your floor plan. – The real horror in this game
is wasting all your money. Bad investment. – Wow, 100 bucks!
Oh, [bleep]. We’re rolling in dough. – All right. We’ve got to
have some entertainment if we’re a [bleep] pizzeria.
(cash register chimes) Yeah! Let’s get the duck pond. – We can get one animatronic,
so I feel like I should get it. I mean, the animatronics
make this game. – Wait, (laughs) these
are animatronics? Mr. Can-Do? – Oh, I like that one. (laughs) I like the vacuum cleaner
with arms. – I’ll go to blueprint mode
and look. – Okay, let’s put
our duck pond over here. – Sponsorship offer. (high-pitched voice) “Fiztime
Pop Inc. is offering to pay for advertising
in your establishment.” Oh, okay.
– All right. Let’s go for it. – I don’t know what the [bleep]
is going on, honestly. – Now, let’s see
all these kids come in. Is it like RollerCoaster Tycoon
where everyone comes in? – (voiceover) Awesome. That doesn’t
mean your job is finished, however. – [Bleep].
– (voiceover) From your terminal, you have supplies to buy,
papers to print, and repairs to make.
– Okay, so that’s all these. – (voiceover) …on your to-do list,
you can log off for the day. Something to be aware of
is that the ventilator system and your terminal
are pretty loud and may prevent you
from hearing things in adjoining air vents.
– Yay. – (voiceover) You also have
three tools available from the terminal itself.
There is a motion detector, an audio decoy,
and a secondary ventilation unit. Keep in mind, however,
that you can only have one of these active
at any given time. Now, get to it.
Simply log off when you’ve completed
your tasks for the day, and you can go get some coffee.
– How the [bleep] do I do the tasks? – Okay, so we have to
order supplies. Order all of these? Oh! That’s the thing.
We have to actually wait. – Oh, I have to wait?
What the [bleep]! What year is this?!
– I really hate this dial-up tone. I got to hand it
to the creator, he knows awful sounds. – God, there’s so many things to do.
They made it sound like we could just leave.
No! I’m so scared. Wait! – Every time it makes a noise,
it freaks me out. – Do I have to complete
all the tasks for this to be over? (groans) – God, the noises that my computer
make: not pleasant. But that’s probably the thing.
The noises you’re hearing from your computer,
probably distracting from the things
you can hear in the vent. – Anything in there?
Ah, you [bleep]. It starts over
if I go to one of those. That’s annoying.
– Press Z to turn off and X for the air?
Turn off the computer. Turn it back on.
Turn on. I turned it off. Turn off the air.
Turn it back on. Okay. – Something should’ve
happened by now, but I’m okay with nothing happening. ♪ (boisterous music) ♪ It’s my advertisement. – Clean the vents.
Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go.
And then we’ve got to replace the bulbs after this!
And then that’s it. – Advertise, maintenance,
order supplies. All right! Looks like that’s
all I’ve got to do. I only have $25. – Log off.
– (voiceover) Great job. – We did it! Closing time! – (voiceover) However, your job
isn’t over just yet. – All right. What’s next?
– (voiceover) There’s another aspect to your end-of-day routine.
– Of course there is. – (voiceover) It’s inspecting
and salvaging any animatronics found in the alley
outside the back door. – Some hoodrats hanging out. – There’s literally
[bleep] blood on his collar. Or is that his mouth? Ugh. – (voiceover) The safest thing
to do is to throw it back outside. – Why don’t we just do that?
– (voiceover) But then you get no money for the salvage.
– Ugh. I don’t care. – (voiceover) Choose to keep it,
and you run the risk of certain negative consequences,
namely death, should the item in question
not be as docile as it first appeared.
If you feel that it is becoming unstable,
use the taser provided to you. – Where’s the taser??
– Where? – (voiceover) You can use it…
– I don’t see a taser. – (voiceover) …three times
without damaging the hardware. Every use over three, however…
– Okay, so you only get three tases or else it decreases the value. – (voiceover) Please
make your choice now. – This is [bleep].
– I’m gonna play it safe and say throw it into the alley.
– We not keeping that bitch. We not keeping that bitch, period. – We want money for our franchise. We should just see
if there’s anything to salvage here. – (voiceover) Begin audio prompt
in three, two, one. – Oh. – I’m not moving. – (voiceover) Document results.
– Sounds good. (chuckles) Get it over with, please. – All right, it didn’t do anything. – (voiceover) Begin audio prompt
in three… – I can’t tell if it moved! – Oh.
– (voiceover) Document results. – I thought that–
Oh, bitch! Okay. All right.
I lost something in– something’s loose in the pizzeria. – It moved! I’ma [bleep] shock it.
It’s closer. – Come on! It’s
at full value right now. – (voiceover) Document results.
– Okay! (abrupt shrieking)
(screams) [Bleep]! I swear to god! – This [bleep].
– (voiceover) You have completed the maintenance checklist
and may proceed with the salvage. – Let’s go!
– (voiceover) Well done. – (robotic voice) Thanks
for letting me join the party. I’ll try not to disappoint.
– What the [bleep]?! I should’ve threw it out! ♪ (upbeat elevator music) ♪
– That was fishy. ♪ (drum roll) ♪ New lawsuits, zero!
Okay, well I have more money now. – Let’s get a bigger stage
if anything. So let’s get the sturdy stage,
and then we’ll buy an animatronic. – (whistles) Yeah!
Get ’em up there! (laughs) That’s what I’m talking about!
We got entertainment! We got the cray!
Oh! Fireworks! Let’s go! – No sponsorship offers.
You know why? ‘Cause last time,
the ad interrupted me. Not doing it, so we’re
gonna finish there. – Oh, [bleep]. I forgot
this is the scary parts. – So basically, all I learned
from that first one was don’t take any scrap.
Don’t do it. – Why is nothing coming up?
That’s so weird. This game is just
gonna get into my head. – Let’s just throw
some audio back here. Just, if there’s anything star– ♪ (boisterous music) ♪
– Oh, [bleep] me!! (laughs) ♪ (boisterous music) ♪
– Marty! [Bleep] bitch.
You get out of here. Wish I had a [bleep] computer
without a virus. (abrupt shrieking)
– (screams) Oh my god! – I guess I haven’t
let any animatronics in my thing yet.
I kicked the other one out to the alley.
I said, “Nope, you’re not allowed here.”
So maybe that’s why. I haven’t let anything in yet. – Oh! (groans in frustration)
He’s right next to me! And he’s gone. – Faster! Jesus Christ!
This is the slowest computer, everything, upgrade.
There’s nothing. Nothing’s being detected. Unclogging. (laughs nervously) (abrupt shrieking)
(screams) WHY?! – It’s quiet. And I don’t know if it’s because
my animatronics are just a trash can and a broomstick.
– Nothing? All right. (abrupt shrieking)
– Oh! Oh, [bleep]. – (robotic voice) Gather again. – Oh, it’s that
stupid [bleep] bear from the– Oh, the scrap bitch.
– Do a task, look at your motion detectors,
and the vents next to you, and then do some more tasks. Okay, nothing there. (abrupt shrieking)
– Oh! What the hell?! I was doing–
I had a strategy this time! There was a strategy,
and that doesn’t do [bleep]. You can’t win these games!
It’s impossible. – Last one, baby,
then I’m out! I’m [bleep] gone!
I’m outta here! – He’s not here. All right.
Let’s just– oh! (groans) He was there.
The last second, it showed me he was right there.
Oh, no, no, no, no. Okay, back. Log off!
– All right. I’m loggin’ off. ♪ (upbeat 8-bit music) ♪ – What the [bleep] just happened? – (FBE) You did it!
You survived the two nights. – What the [bleep]?
– I’m learning! Holy balls. – That was really weird,
’cause i really thought that there was gonna
be so much more going on. But I think it’s just a–
it’s a decision-based– like, if I would’ve salvaged more, then I probably would’ve
had more problems. – I went for very safe,
because I watch horror movies, and I’m the person who yells,
“Don’t go in there!” And I said, “No,
don’t let any of those fools in.” – I liked that even though
it was the sixth game of Five Nights at Freddy’s, they tried to do something
different with that. So even though
I maybe won’t want a seventh Five Nights
at Freddy’s game, I will appreciate it
if it’s different from the last six. – Thanks for watching us play
Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator on the React Channel.
– Don’t forget to subscribe. We’ve got new shows every week.
– Bye, guys! – Hey, everybody. Derek here,
one of the React Channel producers. What do you think
of Five Nights 6? Did it deepen the story?
Did it add to the lore? Or was it just a waste of time?
I wanna know what you think down in the comments.
Give me your theories!

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