Five Become Four: Budapest | Just Boys Ep 5
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Five Become Four: Budapest | Just Boys Ep 5

November 30, 2019

Shut the fuck up, Jack!
Who do you think you are? Why would you say that to someone? Well, that’s when I
started stressing out. Fuck, did they abandon me? Hi. We just talk on the computer
and play games together, but more than that,
it’s a real friendship. We’re going to go all around Europe
with an Interrail ticket. I think everyone
would benefit from it mentally. We all have completely
separate personalities. I suffer with depression. I had a
psychotic episode. ADHD is, like,… I go to counselling. And that’s why
we were brought together. The Gem Tower Defense is fun.
I need to look this up. Because I go to counselling
for my anxiety, quite often. Like… one thing that’s going
to be a little bit difficult is I have a specific thing
with travelling, where I have to plan out routes,
and stuff. Maybe the worst thing is that
something that could go wrong… ..really goes wrong. Like, if one of us
gets completely lost. So, what, hour and 50 minutes
until the pub crawl? Perfect. We went out clubbing in the middle
of Budapest and it was, like, after a pub crawl,
and…it was hell, to say the least. When was the big dramatic night
when Owen got lost? I don’t know.
I wasn’t really part of it. I was just sitting in the
background, talking to somebody, I can’t remember, and Jack was on
the floor. I remember that. So he comes
through on a bit of a slump. I’ve asked Sam to, kind of,
stay out of it. Who were you talking to? All right. Who are you talking to?
Fuck off. Shut the fuck up, Jack. Who do you think you are?
He’s had a few. Tonight, like,
I don’t know what why we fell out. What am I supposed to do? Exactly. And he knew
we have something to do. Yeah. And what do they do? Slow down
and talk to someone on Snapchat. Didn’t know where we were going. Don’t know where we were supposed
to be going, at all. Come on! Stop it.
It’s very embarrassing. Basically, we were really
late for the pub crawl. What he’s doing isn’t Sam.
Or, at least, the Sam that I knew. I just feel like
I’m losing a friend. In Amsterdam, where we were, like,
“Stop doing shit.” No matter what we said,
no matter what happened, you just didn’t listen. And I feel that’s where
it has sort of sparked from. I just have a horrible feeling
he’s going to hit me. Shit! All we did was get drunk. There’s five. No, there’s three
only. No, no, no. I know. Two of them are at the hostel
and they are, like, really angry with each other. Sam… We’ve lost two fifths of our friends
tonight. Who the fuck cares, man? Yeah, I’ll just drink to forget. I go to the bathroom, come out,
everyone’s fucking gone. Everyone’s just disappeared. They must have thought
that I went back to the hostel. CLOCK TICKING So, pretty eventful night. Don’t know how,
we don’t know what’s happened. So everyone was completely split up. There’s fucking Jack? What!
That’s fucking Jack! Oh, shit! Um. Here you are, man. Oh! Guys? Yeah. Guys? Yeah. Us group as friends…
Yeah? Honestly… Sam! Sam got back but Owen did not. ECHO Maybe we ask in Burger King.
Oh, McDonald’s! All right. Full. Is he dead? He’s back at the hostel.
No, he’s not. ELECTRONIC TONES FROM PHONE The thing is, like,
does he know how he gets back? Owen? I was so tired.
It was, like, three o’clock. We were looking round trying to
find him. I just want to find him. This is so annoying. And, then, we just couldn’t. And I was thinking, just sleep, and he’ll be fine. And then, suddenly, I just heard,
duh-duh! I’ve woken up to Owen coming in
through the door with blood all over his T-shirt and smeared across his face. I feel like I could have helped
if I was there. I probably would have stayed
with Owen just because I could help
bring them home. OK? Um. It’s shit. Yeah. Yeah.
And I can’t book my Eurostar ticket. Fantastic, right? I left the club around two-ish to come back to the hostel. Couldn’t find anyone.
Walked for about six hours. I saw the sights, though. And no-one was there,
which was pretty cool. Got into a scuffle
with this Australian bloke. I was fucking drunk
at the time, anyway. Huge amounts of blood everywhere. The fact that
I can’t walk is amazing. How are your feet doing? Terrible. Terrible? They’re all
blistered up, aren’t they? Yeah. I’ll go and grab
some blister plasters for you. From, like, Tesco’s or something.
No, don’t, it’s fine. Might just help a bit, though. Yeah? I’ll carry you around
on my shoulders like you’re Yoda. You whisper riddles into my ears.
I already do that. Yeah. The trip
is basically fucked for me now. # Yeah, yeah, yeah… # Driven, driven, driven… There’s always light
at the end of the tunnel. # music, by music, by music… # It goes, follow your dreams or
live out another man’s vision… # It’s a mixed bag. Part of me
regrets opening up to anyone. It isn’t a personal thing. Like, they’re all lovely blokes
but I just find it so hard to trust anyone, let alone a friend. But I suppose it’s nice. It shows that, as a person,
I’m growing. I’m coming to terms with the fact
that I hardly trust people.

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