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FISI Quiz | Gioca con noi la staffetta mista del Biathlon | FISI Official

November 29, 2019

Welcome to the FISI Quiz. Today we are with Lukas Hofer, Domink Windisch, Karin Oberhofer and Dorothea Wierer who won the bronze medal in the Mixed Relay at the Sochi Olympic Games. We have ten questions for them to see who knows their own sport the best. Here we go. At what age did Magdelena Neuner win her first World Cup event? 18…18…18…18 No, 19. I was unsure between 18 and 19. That’s a shame. The second question: how many events did Bjorndalen win at Anterselva? 15…12 Oh dear, that’s very difficult. I don’t know. 12. Let’s hope I am not wrong, but 14. The right answer is 15. The first point goes to Domink. I knew it. Which Italian came closest to winning the general World Cup? Favre…Favre…Favre. Nathalie Santer. Only Dorothea Wierer missed out! The fastest was Lucas. I got one at least. What a shame. The fourth question: who won a World Cup event in two different locations in Altoatesine area? Passler…Passler…Passler…Passler Well done everyone but Dorothea was the quickest. Finally. Where was the first World Cup held? Anterselva Sodankyla Sodankyla if that is how you pronounce it. That strange place. No, it was Ruhpolding. Oh dear! Never heard of it. At the halfway mark Lukas, Domink and Dorothea have one point each. Let’s move on. What was the year with most Italian victories in the World Cup: 92/93, 93/94 or 91/92? 92/93 91/92 92/93 This is a new lesson for me. Time is up! 93/94 so no points. Which nation won the first women’s World Cup: URSS, Sweden or Norway? Norway Norway Norway Norway so Karin gets a point as well. It is all level heading into the final three questions. The first biathlon gold medal was awarded when? 1928, 1948 or 1960? 1960…1960 1948…1948 1960, so Domink was faster than Karin. Which Italian has won the most junior titles? Wierer…Wierer…Wierer…Dorothea You are all right but once again Domink was the fastest. Come on! The last question: which Italian has won the most World and Olympic titles combined? Passler, Zingerle, Pallhuber or all three? This is difficult. Zingerle I think it is Pallhuber. Passler I don’t want to make a mistake… Passler No! Oh no. I know absolutely nothing. The right answer was all three. All three? All three. Lukas, Karin, Dorothea all finished level on one point. I lost. Well done Domink. You have won with three points. I won, yes! You were the one who knew them! When you are ready we will repeat the history of the biathlon. Yes you all soon. You won the quiz, now I will see you on the course.

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