FIS Behind the Scenes: Mini World Cup Tour | FIS Cross Country
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FIS Behind the Scenes: Mini World Cup Tour | FIS Cross Country

November 19, 2019

The Mini World Cup, presented by COOP, getting started here in Toblach, Italy. We’ve got about 75 little kids that are about to take part. The winner, gets an automatic entry in the 2028 World Cup season. Just kidding, but that would be kind of cool if we could do that. But it would be so interesting to see who out of these kids maybe one day actually puts on a World Cup bib. You can see the energy, they’re excited to be in the same place where their World Cup idols will start the Tour De Ski tomorrow morning. Yes, it’s very beautiful. Yes, it’s very cool for the kids that they can see the pros, during the race and also try to get an autograph. Well we would like the kids to feel like the big ones, that’s why we provided all the installations and create the whole atmosphere for them, to just feel like their idols. To see how the kids have fun with racing, it’s amazing. I always try to be a good example, to keep going. So I hope that one of those kids in some years will be on the top racing against the best athletes. It’s important to us but also for Pellegrino, because this is the future. We want a future in Cross-Country skiing. It’s really important for this circus!

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