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First VLOG / GamerGirl / RonaldOMG

August 24, 2019

(upbeat music) It’s Karina, it’s my first vlog and if you haven’t seen my gaming channel, go check it out, GamerGirl and ronaldOMG, my brother’s channel and SIS vs BRO. And today I’m just gonna take a trip, a road trip, to a place, I forget what it’s called, and then I’m gonna take a plane to California, which is gonna be pretty sweet. So there’s my suitcase. It’s pretty tiny, but it holds everything a girl needs on a plane. So Ronald are you excited? I’m so excited! Look at him dance. His feet are moving. He’s so excited. Meet ya in the car. Best hiding spot ever. In the trunk.
(kids laugh) Hope no one’s gonna close it. I just thought about that. Oh no what cha gonna do? So we’re on the road. To the airport.
Yeah. Now we’re at the airport. We’re just dropping off some of our luggages and we’ll be doing something else. Are you ready for takeoff? I’m ready for takeoff. So now we’re in the lineup to get onto the plane. Really excited right? Yeah. 11:00 PM, Captain speaking. I’d like to welcome you. Flight duties, we’ll be pulling in approximately. [Flight Attendant] In a few minutes, we will be offering a beverage service. We have a variety of complimentary drinks, as well as alcohol and beverage. So we are arrived at Chicago. Now we’re gonna take another plane to California. The last flight was one hour long. This one is five hours, which means ta-dah. But I’m pretty sure I got a better one. Me too. Ta-dah! Welcome to California. This is how Ronald travels, with his hand over his head. Ronald show your face. Ronald! Hi there. Hi. We arrived at California. Now we just need to find a hotel to stay in. (upbeat music) So we got a car, we got an apartment, and I think it looks pretty nice. But they ripped us off. Yup they ripped us off on the beds. Pretty nice right? We just went to sleep ’cause we were so incredibly tired. Now it’s right in the morning and I wanna show you the view ’cause I think it’s pretty nice, right Ronald? Yeah. All right. Look at it. I mean I’ve been higher, like on the CN Tower, but this is incredible. It’s just like a ghost flying around. Woo! Noel. So we hope you like this video. If you did, smash that like button. And subscribe. And we’ll see you all next time. Bye!

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