First Trip To The Range | Cabela’s Shooting Park: S&W Performance Center
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First Trip To The Range | Cabela’s Shooting Park: S&W Performance Center

August 20, 2019

welcome to the range i’m Julie Golob the captain of Team smith wesson and in this video I’m going to guide you through your first indoor range experience you learn important firearm safety rules as well as range rules to make sure that your range session is safe and productive the first thing to do when you arrive at the range is read and sign all paperwork you may be required to sign waivers safety certifications and a rental agreement if you’re going to run to done this may take a little time so plan accordingly indoor ranges operate differently and if you’re renting a fire make sure you pay close attention to help when and where you can retrieve that rental also ranges have different rules regarding ammunition if you’re bringing your own ammo you want to make sure that you check with the range staff to make sure that you can use it now let’s talk firearm safety there are four fundamental rules of firearm safety and they are always keep your fire and pointed in a safe direction never place your finger inside the trigger guard until you’re on target keep your finger off the trigger unless you intend to fire always be sure of your target and what is beyond it if you have any questions about these rules be sure to discuss them with the rain chef there are also some specific range rules to follow before entering the range you’re going to need proper safety gear and clothing lion ear protection are always required you may want to double up on your hearing protection and that means wearing both earplugs and earmuffs as indoor ranges tend to be a little bit louder than shooting outdoors many ranges also require that you wear a brimmed cap and that helps prevent hot brass from hitting your face open-toed shoes and low-cut blouses are also strongly discouraged in many cases not even allowed food and drinks are usually not allowed in indoor ranges to help prevent exposure to lead and other airborne contaminants if you brought food and drinks with you it’s best to leave them in your car or in the lobby area you may have your choice of any open firing lane or one may be assigned to you it’s important to remember that your firearm must remain in a bag case or range basket until you reach your designated firing way it’s a good idea to prep your lane before you shoot that means lay out your ammunition load and devices and set up your target before you handle your fire now the ranges target system will allow you to move your target forward and back to your desired distance here’s a little range etiquette tip paying your target only after your neighbor has finished shooting so that they can complete their streak when you’re ready to handle the firearm you want to make sure that you keep it pointed in a safe direction at all times and never aim at the ceiling or the floor you’ll also want to make sure that your trigger finger stays straight and outside the trigger guard until you are on target and make it from revolvers to semi autos in a full range of calibers if you’re renting a firearm you’ll have a lot to choose from it’s important that you can something you’re comfortable with discuss your preferences with a range tab and be sure to ask questions pay close attention to load and unload the fire the unload and show clear revolver it’s very simple three the firearm for the basket and you want to press forward on the cylinder knees and push out on the cylinder to release it from the frame this is the position it will lead to be in to bench the gun semi-autos are a bit more complicated you want to retrieve the firearm depress the magazine release button and remove the magazine grasp the slide of your non-firing hand push with your firing hand at the same time lifting up on the slide lock this is the correct position the gun needs to be into place it on the bench replacing your firearm on the bench or table it’s important to lock the slide to the rear or leave the cylinder open now there’s also no hand-to-hand transfers allowed in the range so if you want to have begun to someone simply unload and show clear placed on the table event so that the other person can shoot it all Range Officer commands must be obeyed at all times now if you see any unsafe gun handling notify Range Officer if you see someone forward of the firing line call out cease fire if you drop something forward of the fire line notify the Range Officer and they’ll help you get it never ever move forward of the firing line drawing from a holster may or may not be allowed at the range can lead to check with arranged a first after you finished with your range session make sure you unload your firearms and place it in your box or in the range basket and then clean up your shooting don’t forget to wash your face and your hands with cold soapy water or special wipes that are designated to reduce your exposure to lead thank you so much for watching remember these important safety rules every single time you shoot they have fun

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