(First gaming video ever) ROBLOX gameplay guava juice empty game. With intro
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(First gaming video ever) ROBLOX gameplay guava juice empty game. With intro

August 31, 2019

Recording your supposed to put edance no no no no try this / / edance / / / e and then a dance space ha yeah it’s cool all right
yeah all my recordings this is so cool I’m even shaking my big butt now where
do we go next? Ok let’s let’s walk around come on come on woooooooooooh woooooooooooooh
I’m recording it I’m recording too let’s go to the playground or something oh look at this look at this look it is
dude look at these they can get some hats hearts you can just step on it oh my god
you get everything get everything I don’t care if I’m ugly
Oh oh my god help me help me help me help me help me help me help me help me
hey get the chicken dude how do you bake me off I’m gonna go reset reset other is
it okay now let’s get the chicken to be
alive they have one colorful you know it’s about these what these are buddy
are you sure yeah I’m gonna copy I’m stuck in the playground where you remind
you need do you need another box r63 how many is this but do you wanna
get I think I’m gettin pikachu i look so naked come on show me the shirt I look Nate
dad there’s a few do I look naked that schnitz
inappropriate oh good thing good thing is better no I
don’t need shirts did you change yours but this easy just need to jump or booze
I got some Orbeez come here follow me to be here
yup here and just step on the Orbeez and you’ll get slow wait someone’s with us
it’s called super got a pen yeah we yeah I guess we both have roll box except you
ouch I don’t know these guys give it copying us I don’t even know with a
stranger can I get an on they get this stupid thing
wait we have like wine here hello what can I get you look we have a wide Center
thing I don’t know what to get you one this is so cool right
wait how did you get the wine did you get one okay I’m you know we haven’t
tried the house party and you know yeah okay the P I left okay hurry up oh man
come on faster faster almost there yo yo get out of me wait I think I’m stuck I
think I’m stuck help me I need to go out though my mummy and daddy oh my god it’s
lonely okay now we’ll let you know let’s just climb and shit oh how did you get
out oh that super gunner friend is back yeah see you over here you just saw him
oh yeah what’s up we got nothing oh don’t touch the quality it’s better
you’re gonna die that Baba juice said it watch it
wait they have us slide maybe it works look you’re gonna die
whoa whoa yeah it’s cool whoa what’s this markiplier yeah how do
you think mister picking off what do we use this participate with this says 250
500 what happens when you pick it oh my god you can move then you can move it yeah it’s awesome
we have a house hey there I am gone shot and my BFF it’s my platinum falls and
bye oh my god why are these so many gloves look at the
house I think there’s a bathtub bye bye it’s totally gonna be a bathtub
in here you know I think I said that bathtub I would remember this house
I thought about Bob oh you’re following me I just recording you’re still recording five nights at Freddy’s mvgame
yes go 5 MP day

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  1. Ok guys its already 12:10 and im not yet sleeping because im still editing my gaming and challenge
    videos also im not sleepy im the only one awake so guys here’s the new thumbnail bye!

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