Fireworks Safety Tips : How to Shoot Roman Candles
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Fireworks Safety Tips : How to Shoot Roman Candles

August 19, 2019

Hi, I’m David Hunter with Expert Village.
Today we’re going to be talking about fireworks, the different types and safety tips. Now we’re
going to shoot a roman candle. This particular roman candle, if you read the instructions,
tells us that we can hold it in our hands. Now understand 90% of the roman candles other
than California candles and so forth, you cannot hold in your hands. The instructions
are very important to read. This candle tells us that we can hold it in our hands. Okay
and remember, not all roman candles you can do this. This is from the safe and sane from
Brothers. This item, all the roman candles that are like this that you can hold in your
hands, hold them like this, hold the bottom away from your body, take the fuse. We checked
all the areas, and we’re going to hold it just like this. You can safely hold this item
in your hand, but again keep it at arms length away from your body for your safety to enjoy.
We want to remind you again, that not all roman candles you can do this. Most roman
candles you have to place in the ground, or in a metal pipe, or the big tube that we shot
from earlier. Now remember, you’re holding an item which
is just like a sparkler, it’s very hot it can burn. So as it starts to go out, you would
need to lay it down on the ground and leave it alone. Lay the item down and walk away and it will
safely go out.

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  1. I'm confused, you didn't explain the whole thing right! How do I hold the dynamite stick, like a hammer grip or just two fingers will suffice? And after it goes out, am I supposed to pick it up or just leave it there for my dog to play with it? Also, how did you made it into that sweater? Please respond, I'm lighting the fuse as I type.

  2. That is a roman candle firework, however, it malfunctioned that's why it was burning itself like a sparkler.

  3. WHoa thank you. I nearly made a mistake without your help.I own some that that I couldn't hold in my hand. So thank you for this educational video

  4. You guys are so mean…this man is on here trying to make a safety/informational video and all you can do is be a bunch of immature pricks. Get lives. Seriously. All he's trying to do is keep people safe.

  5. You're supposed to hold it in your hand and shake it in the air. They're fireballs, nothing like a sparkler.

  6. Thank you, expertvillage, for explaining this. We saw a hand-held Roman candle-looking thing on the show Billions on Showtime. We had never heard of fireworks you could hold in your hands. And here you were with the full explanation! Again, thank you.

  7. that's the gayest shit I seen all day and I been hanging out with my gay friend all day and he ain't even that gay lol

  8. this is bull shit I just went to a fukin fire work store that's is not a Roman candle thumbs down

  9. roman candles if you hold one you can feel the charge reduce ner the end less powder means less chace of people who dont listen dont lose as many fingers its like a gun might hold 60,000 psi but ammo is only 45,000 psi

  10. That is not a roman candle…it's a firework that claims to be a roman candle so they can charge you more. If it doesn't shoot aerial fireworks it's not a roman candle.
    Either way, if you ain't shooting a roman candle from a sand filled can, and you shoot from your hand, wear fire resistant BBQ gloves and goggles. And if you're new to Roman Candles…better be ready for the power.

  11. What the fuck! Retard just wasted a minute of my life you fuckin dork. That’s a Mexican Jumping Bean!

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