Firefly’s Top 5 Strategy Games – PAX East 2018

August 24, 2019

Hi everyone and welcome back to another
Firefly Studios video. This week we’re bringing you our favorite strategy picks
from our recent ventures to PAX East in Boston. These are games that caught our
eye with interesting unique gameplay along with some beautiful
art and presentation. So without further ado, here’s our list. First up is Factorio
from the guys at Wube Software. Factorio is a strategy sim where you land on an
alien planet with one thing on your mind: escape. To do so you must create a vast
industrial factory which will aid you in building a rocket out of a hostile
alien planet you’ve landed on. These complex factories become art pieces
almost and the game gives you a blank canvas and a bunch of brushes, so
to speak, to paint with. Moving on to Frost Punk from 11 Bit Studios. This one
ain’t no breeze, which is funny because set in sub-zero temperatures and it’s a
really challenging game. Subscribe for more quality jokes. In all seriousness, Frost Punk
is a beautiful looking game which forces you to make tough choices
as your city becomes more populated dense and desperate. Frost Punk is mainly
about population management as multpile factions contest for your favor and
every decision you make will no doubt piss somebody off. Kind of like being a
modern politician who doesn’t take bribes, that I’d like to see. Subscribe for more political commentary. Up next is Ancestors Legacy by Destructive
Creations, a squad based realtime strategy akin to the likes of Company of
Heros and Halo Wars, except here you control bands of bloodthirsty
medieval troops. With its low camera, cinematic options and stunning Unreal
Engine visuals, Ancestors Legacy is a riot if you’re looking for more action
orientated gameplay within your strategy titles. Onto Golem Gates by Laser Guided
Games, a unique piece that blends both realtime strategy and card based
gameplay into a weird world of science-fiction horror almost,
Lovecraftian. Golem Case’s gameplay advances and deepens as you collect glyphs,
pickups which will gain you new powers and units, you then play these glyphs
like cards in Hearthstone or Gwen, but in Golem Gates you then see them come to
life and cause destruction on a playable baffled right in front of your
eyes. And lastly but certainly not least, is our own addition to the list,
MetaMorph: Dungeon Creatures, a tactical dungeon crawler where you control a hero
who can move between three different elemental entities in-game. It’s a
fast-paced and bite-sized romp which pits you against loads of enemies, traps
and Lords of Death. It’s challenging, intense and will certainly give you sweaty
palms as you have to think on your feet and react to all
manner of lethal foes. MetaMorph: Dungeon Creatures is
out now on Steam Early Access with the Steam store link in the description
below for both it and all our other titles. So those were our top 5
strategy titles of PAX East 2018. Did we miss any? Post a comment
below and let us know your personal favorite, and as always, if you liked the
video, make sure you leave a like and subscribe here on YouTube
for more game dev goodness.

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