FIRE AND ICE by Alfred Dunhill
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FIRE AND ICE by Alfred Dunhill

November 15, 2019

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  1. this is like the ultimate commercial for MENTAL focus, karma seeing oneness and to let go of the self – almost like the pranayama and yoga and the bhagavad gita all rolled into one…as soon as you think about the RESULT you miss it…

  2. Introducing our lastest film "FIRE AND ICE".

    Follow Lee Jackson’s incredible discipline as an Olympic Biathlete in our latest Portraits of Achievement biopic.

    Watch the film now:

  3. I saw this as an ad on another video about shooting, I was so impressed with this one I cannot even remember what I was initially watching.

  4. Great advert, the only thing I would say is bad about it is that the focus isn't on what Dunhill is selling so it feels a bit disjointed when the advert links you to the website.

  5. Great narrative, perfect editing, compelling cinematography, nice use of natural sound to transport the viewer to Lee's world.  The piece gave me such an intimate insight into Lee's mind.  One of the best short movies I've ever seen!

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