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Finn Hågen Krogh | FIS Cross Country

December 4, 2019

I remember my parents used to take me out skiing, I didn’t like it too much… But my dad used to always compete with me. First we competed to get first to the next tree, the next light pole, anything, then I thought it was fun. Slowly I started to like competition. You couldn’t start in the Ski Club before you were 10. So my mom was arguying with the coach and she got me in two years earlier. I guess it was always meant for me to be a Cross-Country skier. I like competing. That’s what drives me. Of course if you want to win, and I want to win, then you have to train. Sometimes I like it, sometimes not. The sport is always developing, We have Sundby who has reached a high level of endurance and Klaebo is really fast now. You always have to get better at everything. But maybe my biggest challenge is the longer races. I want to be an all-rounder, so I have to do more longer trainings. That’s not my favorite training but I have to do it. That’s maybe my biggest potential to develop. I feel like the Norwegian team is making things very easy, because when it’s low for a few days we just go slow, talk to each other, joke around in the training, and when it’s interval, we go hard. If you just focus on that, I think you can not do wrong.

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