Finding Your Gaming Channel’s Voice (ft. Strawburry17, The Game Theorists & AviatorGaming)
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Finding Your Gaming Channel’s Voice (ft. Strawburry17, The Game Theorists & AviatorGaming)

August 25, 2019

My voice and my personality developed over time with YouTube. When I started like back in 2010 I was doing like a lot of Call of Duty stuff so I was catering to like an older audience. ‘What’s up everyone, Mr. Aviator here bringing you another commentary”. So I wanted to come across as confident and as adult as I could because I didn’t want to be typecast as that kid that’s doing YouTube, and especially in the Call of Duty community. But now like, I do a lot of Minecraft content and my whole like personality just kind of shifted. “This school is not gonna be bad, Sunny side is the best.” I like now I don’t swear in my daily life, I like, I am just like more like a kind hearted person, with like this bubbly personality because that’s what the content brings out of you and I feel like that the content makes your personality. I would say like the voice of the channel is very much like a heightened version of myself. You know, because I am really enthusiastic about learning. I love geeking out and nerding out about like deeply researching, like the Lore of these games. Or like “I wonder if the physics of that thing will actually happen” and discussing it with friends. But there is definitely a community feedback in those early days where I was either judging based on comments or judging based on overall viewership what people were responding to. He sounds really cocky, he sounds really arrogant. If I saw a lot of those comments I will try to kind of like dial back, kind of like the firmness of my assertions or something like that. When I first started on YouTube, oh it was so embarrassing. I was posting skateboarding videos. I wanted to be like a pro skater back in the day. I wanted to do competitions, I was an amateur girl skater. I changed my content a lot. Meeting other creators kind of changed the way that I found my voice and produce my content on YouTube. I grew up always loving videogames and I thought it was a normal thing for girls to be part of it and like because I have four brothers. But, you know, on the internet it’s not. But on YouTube the majority of the audience is young girls. And we are seeing the shift in the demand for that. Oh I want to hear my voice in a creator, I wanna to hear what that sounds like. That’s what we are seeing, we are seeing the authenticity in these girl YouTubers or gamers who are changing the game.

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  1. I used to try to stay calm and direct with my gameplays until I thought that's not how I would act when I was in an arcade with friends. So this year if I am enthusiastic about something I let it flow through my voice as much as I can without waking the neighbours

  2. I try to act all serious when recording then I all of a sudden sound like a high pitch squeaker who's having a mental break down.

  3. Any halo fans here!
    I upload tons of Halo content so it would be great if we could support each other!
    My name is Enderfoo Enderson but its really a reference to a video that is deleted now.

  4. Can someone please tell me the song they use at the beginning of these videos?
    I love it…I need it…MUST. FIND. SONG. NAME.

  5. I would like to do a colab with someone so I could get more subscribers for my channel!! I've been uploading for 2 years and I've only got 41 subscribers so anyone who would want to do a Minecraft colab with me let me know please!! Channel is Bluemanclarinet3

  6. It really helps to see my favorite youtuber giving advice. Although everyone on here is amazing and teach me a lot, nothing drives it more home then seeing MatPat doing it too.

  7. That's the biggest step I'm trying to work on right now. Developing a unique voice for myself in this awesome community.

  8. this has helped me with my channels voice a lot. I finally got it down with what I'm gonna do with my channel and I am damn right proud of it

  9. Saying things like grow your audience isn't really helping. How do I grow my audience? That's what I wanted to get out of this, "finding my voice" its my voice, I am me, that is who I am online so this just doesn't help. How about the nuts and bolts like what is YouTube ranking videos by, if its number of views then larger channels will always do better than smaller ones and smaller channels will never grow. Its really hard to make headway and if the advice is 'grow your audience' then the creator academy isn't worth my time or I could just ask someone to advise me to 'make a million pounds' and do that instead!

  10. I agree with Zach on the whole swearing thing. I'm currently doing Let's Play videos for Tales of Symphonia and The Witcher 3 and I chose to start swearing in my second video and after doing that I realized that really cuts down on my audience. I'm not going to do that in future videos so more people can enjoy my content.

  11. "I did call of duty stuff, so I was catering to an older audience"
    ..I don't think this person understands CoD

  12. My biggest problem is I started really badly on YouTube… I mean I'm not expecting the world to care about my channel I mean my channel isn't that good it's just I'm trying to find other creators to work with and I can't find anyone who plays the same stuff or any creators that I feel is dedicated. Being a tiny channel and starting really badly hurts ur channel so much

  13. I don't want to talk,I want to be a private youtuber like when a youtuber doesn't want to show themself.

  14. There just seems to be a lot of fluff in this video and not much else, it tells the viewer very little.

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