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August 22, 2019

– (laughs) It actually works now. Our other one was too deep. (laughs) So we’re just gonna start
swimming and see what we find. Oh I found one already! Oh my goodness I love
this so much! (gasps) It’s so good. (rock ‘n roll music) Hey guys! It’s Kayla from We are the Davises, and today I’m going to be finding Instagram slimes in a bubble pit. My mom is just gonna be hiding
slimes throughout these balls and I’m gonna find them and review them. But first, we’re gonna knock this over. Oh my goodness. Are you ready? Let’s see if I– (grunts) Oh my goodness. (laughs) Do do doo. Can I get the rest out? Perfect! So many balls. Yay! Tyler. – What the heck? Can I come in? – Yes. Jump! (laughs) You missed. It’s so big. – Hold the camera here on the side. – Are you ready for this Tyler? (laughs) it actually works out. Our other one was too deep. – 3, 2, 1. – Wait, you jumped farther. – We made it. – So now that we have all of the balls out of the trampoline, Mom’s
gonna hide some slime. (gentle music) – Oh my goodness. So I have not seen the slimes, so I don’t know what I’m looking for, so we’re just gonna start swimming and see what we find. Oh I found one already! This one is from Slime Astronauts, and it’s Mermaid Aquarium. Okay, so we have set out a slime station. Ooh, it looks like pearly. Oh it’s actually not that sticky. It’s so pearly. Baking soda. I’m excited. (slime crunching) (laughs) Well, it’s not sticky. That’s good. Activator. There we go. Look at it, it’s like a silver pearl, and it’s got green glitter in it. It reminds me of a shiny
medal with green sparkles. Look at that. I give this slime an A+. Good job, Slime Astronauts. Oh my goodness. Oh, actually that looks good. That does not look that bad. Gotta go swim for more slime. There’s so many squishes. I found another one. Slime Alchemist. It looks like a floam. Oh, this is so pretty. Oh my goodness. That’s the floam side, and that’s the bottom. Look at it! That’s so pretty. Let’s see what we’ve got here. Oh my goodness I love this so much. It’s so good. I’m in love. It’s so good. Look at that. It’s so pretty. (floam crunching) This has made me have a
new appreciation for floam. Look at that. Let’s do a slime swirl with this so we can crunch it. It’s a little bit sticky from shipping but I’m too nervous to wreck it. Let’s see what we can do with this. Oh my goodness. That’s good enough. (laughs) Oh my gosh, it’s so pretty. A++ for Slime Alchemist. I love the little hearts in it, it’s so pretty. I found a light up ball. I found one. This one’s so fancy looking. There’s a little bow on it. Gotta the bow off. This is from Slime Aurora, and it comes with a little charm. Look how small it is. It’s birthday cake floam. I don’t know if it smells
like birthday cake, it smells good. Maybe it’s birthday cake. It smells good. It’s so hard to get floam
out of the container. (floam crunching) Baking soda, a little contact lens solution. Bam, look at that. It’s really good. Really crunchy too. I bet if I put this down it wouldn’t move. It barely moves, it’s so crunchy. Should I add sprinkles,
or is that a charm? Should I add them or no? Adding them. ♪ Here’s a few sprinkles ♪ Hopefully that wasn’t for decoration. Look at that. Birthday cake. I really like this one. Very cute. Yay! Let’s go find another slime. I’ll go straight back this time. Is there anything back here? (balls swishing around) Can’t find one. I found one! Oh my goodness, they’re so pretty. This one is another one from Slime Aurora. It’s cute little packaging. I love the packaging. Let’s open their box. Ooh! Okay, this one is Goodie Gumdrops. It’s got little fluff balls in there. Little pom-poms. Then we got cute little stars. They are like the same stars
that are in the slime already. Oh my goodness I’m so excited. I’m trying not to get my hands too sticky, it’s not that sticky though, for a clear slime that
has just been shipped. So this one is pom pom slime. It’s really cute. I love it, it’s so colorful, and it’s not that sticky. It’s still a bit sticky but that’s slime. I’m gonna add the rest of the stars too, so we can get the full effect. Oh look at how pretty! I love this. Mix it all up. This is so cute. Okay, let’s see how this
looks as slime swirl. Oh my goodness, that’s
a weird slime swirl. Don’t mind that. (slime crunching) It smells good, like candy. Yummy. Very soft. Okay, let’s go find more slime. Oh I found one already. Boom, whoa. This one is from Slime Astronauts as well, and this one looks like
an extra goodie container, so we’ve got some extra slime in here. Let’s see. So on the bottom it says it is an extra, and it’s called Goodnight. So let’s see what the slime looks like. A little bit sticky. Oh my gosh. (slime crunching) Okay, with one finger it doesn’t stick. There we go. It’s really stretchy, and there’s little faint
sparkles in it too, if you look closely there’s
little purple sparkles. So that’s nice. It’s just a cute little extra. That was very nice, thank you. And then we got some candy. We got Nerds and a Jolly Rancher. Thank you Slime Astronauts. Let’s find our last slime. I gotta go. One more slime. Where is is? Oh, I see it. It was hiding under the tiger butt. Oh my goodness, this is so exciting. It’s another Slime Aurora. The packaging is just so cute. Peachy pearl. Oh my gosh it’s so shiny, and it came with gold glitter. Oh my goodness this is so shiny, I love it. Mm, it smells good. (laughs) The slimes with beads in it
are always hard to take out. Let me add some activator
to this real quick. Oh my goodness just gotta let go first. Add a little bit of baking soda. Oh my goodness. It’s starting to de-stick already. Look at that. These beads are hard. They’re little pearls, and there’s gold glitter in it too, and it’s really nice and crunchy. Actually, I don’t know if it’s crunchy. It has a nice texture to it though because of the beads. I think this would look really
pretty as a slime swirl. And then, we can add gold glitter on top. Look at that, so sparkly. (slime crunching) There’s the crunch. Mix in all the beautiful gold glitter. My favorites are the
ones from Slime Aurora, ’cause I just love their packaging, and their slimes are so cute. It’s really stretchy, and it’s really pretty too. I think the pearls are different colors. Peachy pearl and this
floam from Slime Alchemist were my favorites. Go check out Slime Aurora
and Slime Alchemist. There’s more extras. I gotta go find them. I cannot find it. Under the tiger? No it’s not under the tiger. Oh, I found it. I found it. Let’s see who this is from. This one is from Slime Aurora, and they got a cute
little green bunny charm. Sorry about my dirty hands. And then we got Twizzler
and just some contacts and how to care for it stuff. Then we have some clear slime. It says add to Birthday Cake but I might leave it ’cause I
really wanna play with slime. Oh my goodness. Look how clear it is. My slime is never this clear. I love clear slime. When I poke it inside,
you can see my finger. I love clear slime. Thank you, Slime Aurora. This is the best, and
I love your packaging, if you’re watching this. Look at this, it’s so clear. So that was the last item
in our giant ball pit. We hope you guys enjoyed this video. Comment down below if you guys ever buy from slime Instagram
shops, and until next time. Bye!

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