Find Your Slime Ingredients Challenge!
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Find Your Slime Ingredients Challenge!

August 26, 2019

>>Hey guys its Karina
>>it’s Ronald from>>Sis vs. Bro!>>And today, we’re playing
find your slime ingredients gloves>>Challenge>>Part two.>>We already done this before–>>I found one in the living room,
not too shabby, but who– who puts that in there?>>You guys seem really liked it. So we’re doing again
except in our backyard. So our parents hid eight gloves
of slime ingredients randomly around the backyard and we have five
minutes to find as many as we can. After that, we’re going to put
all our slime ingredients in here, find out what we got
and make a slime.>>Oh yeah.>>You guys are gonna comment
down below who has a better slime.>>Oh yeah.>>And we don’t have to take
every single ingredient we find. We can feel it and be like,
no, we don’t want it. But if we put in our basket,
we can’t take it out. Alrighty! And guys by the way,
we got new merch! This is one of the the shirts
its light pink. It says OMG fan club and it has
these glitters you can feel and its so nice. And this is also one of the shirts
that says “Do you like popcorn?” and the popcorn is 3D, feels so cool.>>I got another “Do you like
popcorn?” but in a way better color and also Hi Peeps, my favorite shirt. Hi Peeps in red. I also have a blue shirt
but says hashtag sis team. So if you’re on my team,
you gotta get this shirt. Again, the glitter is like feely
and you could feel it and it’s so nice.>>This is another shirt,
Game On Ronald OMG. It’s all blue. It’s really nice. And I have one more shirt
a purple one of sis team. I love this one. I think this is my favorite one. So guys, if you want
to get our new shirts go to
before they’re all sold out.>>All right, let’s get things
started with rock paper scissors. Who goes first? [singing] Rock, paper, scissors shoot! Rock, paper, scissors shoot!>>I’m going first.>>No.>>All right, so I’m gonna go first.
Meet you guys in the backyard. Okay, guys, I’m ready. I got my basket ready. So let’s start 3 2 1 alright. Gotta find one. Maybe its underneath. Chibi’s underneath, but no gloves. This one looks funny, Yes, I found something, its activator. Found another. I don’t know
what this is. I think it’s glue,
I’m taking it. All right. I think I saw something in here. Alright,
its definitely glue. Alright. Is there any in the bushes? I don’t see anything in there. Maybe here. Found one. What is this? I’m taking it,
I think its glitter. I don’t think there’s any in there. I see one. I think its glue. Alright, I’m taking it. [inaudible] the other side. Found one! I’m taking it,
I think it’s glue. Alright. 1 2 3 4 5 6. I need two more. Maybe there’s some down here. Where is the last two? Maybe here. Found one! How could I miss this? I think it’s– This one definitely feels like glue. I’m taking it. There’s definitely at least
one in the floaties, right? I don’t see one in there. I’m missing one. Where is it? I’m missing one. No. No, where is it? Can I go over here? Can they hide things over here? That doesn’t count. That backyard. [inaudible] I’ve searched everywhere. Oh no. Where can it be? Chibi do you know where it is? Do you know? I don’t think he knows. Definitely not in there. Where can it be? I definitely don’t see
any in the bushes. Where can the last one be? Definitely not the tree. Where is it? Maybe it is down here. I’ll look carefully. It’s not down there. Where is the last one? Its impossible to find. Oh, that’s it my times up. Okay guys, I got seven gloves
but there’s one more, and I can’t believe I missed this one. It’s over here by the purple
flowers all the way on this side. I didn’t know notice it. It definitely feels like activator. I wonder if I have activator
on here as well. I hope I do.>>Okay guys Karina found seven
so I’m going to find all of them. Let’s get started. Okay. Hello Chipoo, do you smell any gloves? Okay. Hey, one glove down. I think that’s activator
which is pretty good. In the chair. In the chair. Inside the plant? I don’t think so. I’m not sure where it can be. Okay, another one. We’ve got two so far. Pretty decent,
not decent enough though.>>I think you have to speed it up.>>Any glove here anywhere here? I don’t think so. Alrighty, nothing here. Another one. Okay,
3 out of 8. Not too shabby. Not too shabby,
but not too good. Okay. Nothing here. Nope. Where can it they be? Where are they? We got three, and I don’t
know where are the rest. I have no clue. Where can they– George, Chibo do you know? Oh in here, obviously Ronald. Nope actually.
They are not in there. Where can it be? Oh my!
What is this? What is this? What? Okay, I think it’s
shaving cream, which is good. Okay, I plopped that in. Wow,
I thought that was a flower. Oh, another one. Okay. Another one here. Its sandy. I’m not going to take it. I’m not gonna take it guys. Oh, that’s time. Okay, I guess I found five,
I found four but I left one. So that makes it five. Okay guys turns on one that I
missed was literally right here. I was looking here a hundred
times, I missed it though. That was the one that this is just
yeah, but it’s glue and I think I already have glue so it’s pretty
decent and the next one, right there. Very very, I don’t know. I don’t even know what it is. Actually, I think it’s glue
or like I don’t know shaving cream but I already
have shaving cream. And the last one right over here. I actually don’t know what it is. It’s another glue or
shaving cream. Alrighty guys, I found
four and missed one. So I basically found five and yeah,
less colors equals better slime. So yeah.>>So guys now its time to
find out what we got. I have seven and Ronald has four.>>But guys remember less is
more, so that means I’m gonna win. Ha ha ha.>>All right, I’m gonna go first. My first glove I’m gonna cut
open is this one, I think. This bright pink one. All right got my scissors.
Let’s see what it is. Shaving cream. I have a lot of other gloves. I feel like exactly like this. I feel like I have
a lot of shaving cream. Squeeze. Oh that’s satisfying. Squeeze its insides out.>>Ooooh. So guys first I’m gonna
cut open this green one. I’m hoping that
it’s a nice color glue. Please be red. It’s silver.>>Silver is cool.>>Yeah, it’s pretty decent. Now, it’s the moment to squeeze. Alrighty.>>Okay, so I think I’m gonna do this one. I’m pretty sure this is glue because
look there’s blue glitters all over this. So yeah, I think
this is blue glittery glue. Let’s see. I was right!>>Is it glittery though?>>Yeah, it’s glittery. All right time to squeeze.>>You forgot that finger.>>Oh, I did forget that finger.>>It looks like clouds.>>Yeah. It does actually, look at that. That’s so pretty. Squeezy, squeezy, squeezy.>>Alrighty, I’m gonna open my next one. I think we need to open
my activator. Karina prepare. It’s gonna happen very– [screams]>>At least that one wasn’t a
fountain everywhere.>>Yeah good thing, good thing. Alrighty. I don’t have to squeeze for this one. Alrighty, that is good. My activator is added. Oh, yeah. Swag. Okay. So next I’m going to
open is this blue one here I’m pretty sure this is glue
because it’s kind of squishy, but it’s not liquidy enough to be activator. So I’m gonna open this one. Red. Eew. Red with the blue. It might make purple though. A dark purple?>>With clouds?>>Yeah. Maybe it’s going to be cool. I don’t know anymore. Okay, guys, I’m not sure
how this is gonna turn out. My best guess is a dark purple,
but I don’t even know about that.>>So guys looks like I might win it
and hopefully this is shaving cream because it feels like it
really really does. Yeay. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah Oof! It didn’t get to my eyes
because I have glasses.>>Explosion.>>Shaving cream and silver
glue is a pretty nice combo. Spray or squeeze. Oof, oof, oof, oof.>>Oh, okay guys now I need
something to brighten up this bowl. I think I’m gonna go for this. Kind of feels like glitter
or sand or whatever. I took it so I gotta use it.>>That’s the exact same
one that I did not take. I did not take this one.>>I think this is actually
gonna be pretty good though.>>I think it’s going to
be exact same as fine.>>Golden glitter. This is so pretty.>>No, it’s not.>>Sprinkle everywhere. I’m happy about this. Maybe I just saved my slime,
gotta cut the thumb, of course.>>Were you thinking about not taking it?>>No. All right, there is a pretty big
mess up in here but I like it.>>Okay guys, it’s my last glove. It’s a pink glove and I’m
pretty sure its glue. So hopefully it’s a nice color. What is happening? Yellow! Why?>>It looks like pee. Eew.>>Alrighty, I think it’s all
squeezed up and now it looks ugly.>>It looks like a raisin.
>>Yep. Okay, I’m going to put it here.>>Okay, so I have three more left. Which one should I pick? I’m gonna go for
this bright pink one. It’s definitely glue. Oh, I’m nervous about this.>>Come on, come on, please.>>Ooh bright pink. This is definitely going to be purple.>>Why? Oh, why?>>All right squeeze this bad baby. Squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze. Think I almost got it all out and I think
this is almost turning into a raisin. There we go. No it’s my go again. I’m gonna go for this one,
I know this is activator. I want to do activator last. I feel like it. I just feel like it.
>>I just feel like it.>>All right Blue.>>Why does Karina
got all the pink and blue?>>Oh, this is nice actually.
>>It’s not nice.>>I have such
a good feeling about this. This is probably gonna be
purple with gold glitters. It’s kind of a weird
combination, but I like it. Comment down below what you
guys think this color is gonna be? All right squeeze. Oh, yeah. All right done. And now it’s finally
time for my activator.>>All right, what if it’s not
activated what would you do?>>Ah, it went all over me.>>Only two drips
went on my thumb. So guys we added in all our
slime ingredients and I think mine is gonna turn out really cool. So I have blue glue, I’ve got pink
glue and I got gold glitters. Let’s just forget about the red
glue, nobody needs to know about that.>>Hopefully it takes over. [chuckles]>>No.>>And mine looks like someone peed
on snow which is pretty decent, I mean it’s way better than that. Obviously. That means I’m gonna win. Okay guys now it’s the moment
we’ve all been waiting for. To mix! All right. I’m going to mix mine first. So let’s do it.
Three, two, one.>>Please be red, please.>>Oh, wow. There’s a lot of glitter here. Maybe we should have
only added half. Right? Wow, it’s like a glitter tornado. Oh, wow. This is hard to mix. Okay.
So now it’s my ultimate turn.>>I’m going to start mixing it 3, 2, 1. Oh no, I am scared. I am very scared, please no. It smells like pee.
I’m just kidding.>>My slime is just one glittery mess. You can’t see a single
color other glitter. So guys, we’re going
to keep on mixing, and we’re gonna do
a slime reveal in 3, 2, 1. So guys we are back.
This is my slime. It turned out to be entirely gold. Gold literally took the entire thing over. I don’t see any other
colors other than gold. It’s not really stretchy at all. It just rips apart. So yeah, but the color
is really nice. So if you think my slime is
the winner comment down below, #GoldTookOver.>>Okay guys, this is my slime. It’s all a poopy green color. It’s very not stretchy at all. I guess less is not more
I guess less is worse. It’s so rough. I think it’s even more rough than Karina’s, and plus it has the worst color. But if you still think that I won
because I so did comment down below. I don’t even know. #PoopyGreenColourFTWBoys And now it’s time to check what
this thing has in store for us.>>All right, get your little container. All right.
>>It’s covered in shaving cream, but it’ll do.>>But who cares? I think it’s the same
as yours Karina.>>I think so too.>>It’s gold.>>No, it’s not.>>It’s weird. Rip it.>>It’s silver.>>No! I guess I made a bad decision. Yeah, you did. And guys here’s an update
on our little new kitten. He’s so sweet. He wants to play all the time and
when we woke him up for the night. He’s always crying like. Meow! [imitating cat sounds] But we can’t let you out. Cause Chibi will eat you. Wait come back here.>>Chibi’s liking him a little
bit but still trying to eat him.>>Yeah. Alright you want to go out? Wait don’t step on the glue, alright?
buh-bye. So guys, we hope you like this video. If you did,
Smash that like button. and we’ll see you next time, goodbye!

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