Find Your Slime Ingredients Challenge!!!
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Find Your Slime Ingredients Challenge!!!

August 28, 2019

Hey guys, it’s Karina.>>It Ronald from,>>Sis VS. Bro!>>And today we’re playing Find Your Slime Ingredients
>>Challenge! So basically our parents hid 8 slime
ingredients inside gloves around the downstairs part of our
house except this room. I hit you in the nose,
very sorry Ronald. [Laughing] And we’re gonna try to find them. We’re gonna take turns. We have five minutes. We don’t have to take everything
we see but once you put it inside our basket… We have to use it! We’re gonna have to use it
and then we’re gonna mix our slimes inside this bowl.>>Oh, yes!>>And you guys are gonna comment
down below! Who has the best mystery slime.>>So there’s only one thing to do left. Rock, paper, scissors!
Who goes first! tan, tan, tan, tananananan tananan! Okay. Rock, paper, scissors!>>I keep on picking
scissors like every single time.>>Okay, I’m gonna go first.
I’m excited!>>So here’s your basket, Ronald.>>And let’s begin!
>>Let’s begin!>>Okay guys, I got my basket ready. Let’s go. Okay. What’s over here? Nothing, nothing. Nothing. Okay. Okay, okay. Next area. Okay. This room. All righty. Okay. Bathroom. In here maybe? Okay. I found a glove. I found–
Oh, I feel an activator. Okay. All righty. Okay. There’s one glove down. A bit more. We didn’t check these shelves. Nope. Okay. Uh, seats, seats. This is Karina’s gloves. Okay. Okay. All righty. Okay. I have no clue where this stuff is. There has to be a glove here somewhere. Only one glove? What’s going on? Oh, okay. Okay, we got something,
we got something! Glue, I think? Or activator? I can’t tell. But the first one has to be activator. Okay, okay, okay. Here, here, here. It’s open. Um… Oh wait, wait, wait, wait. wait, wait I see something. It’s very, very special. Okay, this has to be activator. One of these has to be activator. Okay. Oh, another one! Let’s go! Okay, this is glue, I think? I don’t know. Hopefully it’s a good color. Um, okay. I feel like the kitchen has nothing. Okay. I.. I went everywhere! Where… Should I… …go? This is very… …hard. Okay, maybe somewhere here. Okay, okay, okay. Okay. Um… Maybe… I don’t know. I have no clue, where this stuff can be! Um.. Uhh… I’m scared! It’s gonna run out of time! Oh, no! Ohhh! Okay, something has to be in the kitchen. I don’t feel like searching
all these shelves. Ow, that hurt! This is probably gonna take forever. Okay… Um… Maybe up here? Nope. Uh… Fridge? I don’t think so but, maybe. No. I have no clue where this stuff is. Okay. Wait a second! Um… Activator! The time just ran out! So I got five gloves that’s not bad.
But I missed three very sneaky ones! Okay, so the first one… Who would put that there? Honestly!
Who would put that there? Second… Somewhere here… I thought like, “No, it won’t be in there!” But guess what? It was! All right, and the third one. This is the most ragiest one ever. I mean I found one in the living room,
not too shabby. But who?!
Who puts that in there?! Okay, now it’s Karina’s turn.>>So guys, it’s my turn,
I hope I’m gonna get all 8! Let’s go! Found something, um…
it’s pink. Feels like glue, I’m takin’ it. Oh, not there. Is it in here? Nope. In the kitchen! To the kitchen! Oh, no! Is it in the fridge? Maybe? Where can it be? I only found one so far! Found gloves but I didn’t
find any ingredients in them! Mom this is so– Mommy! Where are all the ingredients? No. No! Where can it be? Oh! There’s one in here! It’s activator! It’s feels so watery. Okay! Let’s go. Maybe there’s one– some in– Nope. Let’s go into Ronald’s room! Oh, no! Found one! Feels interesting, I don’t know what it is. I think it’s glue. Okay. Nope. Not underneath the bed. Not in here. No. Nah. No– okay. To the guest room! No! Found one! Feels like sand! I don’t think I want to take this one! Okay. I gotta go, go, go, go, go! Nope, not here! Okay. Where should I look now? Oh no no no! Found one! It’s probably glue, or activator
or something. Found one! I don’t know what this is,
I’m taking it, though. All right, um… No, not the sink! Oh, that’s it? How many did I get?
One, two, three, four, five! I got five! That’s pretty good, I think. Oh, I’m tired now! So guys I found six slime ingredients
but I didn’t take one because, I don’t think it was very good. The other two… One of them were in here… I didn’t check in there… And the other one… …is in the guest bedroom. Here in the drawer. I wish I took those! They feel like really squishy, like glue! But at least I got five! So guys, we both have five ingredients! This is my sixth one
that I chose not to take it. So at the end of the challenge,
we’re gonna open it up and see if I made a good decision!>>I think it’s rice, let me feel.>>Feels like sand.
>>Oh, yeah. Oh wow.>>So now I’m gonna open these up,
put them in the bowl, and see what we found.>>Oh, yeah!>>I want to start with my blue one. All right! Snip, snip, sni– Ooohhh! It’s blue glitter glue! That’s pretty!>>Wow!>>So my first slime ingredient
is pretty good! I’m happy about it.>>Okay, so now it’s time for my
ultimate turn! Let’s get s–nipping! Oh! Pink!>>Pink!>>It’s such a pretty color!>>Oh, yeah! Sq—ueeze!>>Okay, guys.
The first round was pretty good! I got pretty good blue color, and Ronald got a pretty pink color.>>Oh, yeah!>>All right, so my– for the second round
I’m gonna pick this one. Okay, let’s find out
what this glove is hiding. I could sort of see through it,
I think it’s gonna be kind of a dark color. All right. Let’s see… Oh! It’s purple!>>Is that glow in the dark or just regular?>>It’s just regular, I think.>>That’s loads!>>Loads. Oh, yeah! Boom bada boom boom boom! That’s beautiful! I love that! All right, your turn, Ronald.>>Okay, so I’m gonna pick this blue one
and then I’m gonna do my activator. Alrighty. Please be good! Ooooh!>>We got the same one!>>Oh, yeah! Okay, so that was pretty decent!
I got the same color as Karina!>>All right, so the next color
I’m gonna pick, I think, is this white one. I think it’s gonna be shaving cream. No, not the green one,
because the green ones definitely glue. Do all my glue first,
and then the shaving cream. Cut you up!
I hope you’re gonna be a pretty color. Oh, Pink! Oh, I’m gonna have this like,
a beautiful like purple, I think.>>I think mines gonna be better. Hahaha! Okay, so now it’s my turn! I’m gonna be doing the activator because it’s so satisfying,
and I just need it. It’s gonna be like a big splash! Ahhhhh!>>It’s a fountain!>>I called it. Plug open! I was correct! I am pretty happy! Okay, so! Karina, now it’s your turn.>>All right. I think I’m gonna do
my shaving cream now. All right! That’s definitely shaving cream! So satisfying! Look at that! All right!
We’re gonna snip the others… And let’s squeeze! Ooooh! That’s so satisfying! Love it!>>Okay so I got two choices, and it doesn’t matter what I put in first. This is, I guess, more liquidy? This one’s more liquidy,
so I’m gonna put that in first. Liquid goes with liquid. Okay, what is it? Green glue?>>Yellow!
>>Yellow!>>Oh, I feel like that’s not
gonna mix well!>>I shouldn’t have took it! And now let’s squeeze! Oof! Oof! Alrighty! There you go!>>So, so far, I am loving my slime!
It’s blue, glitter and blue, purple and pink. Time for my last ingredient
which is activator. All right! Snip– Ohhh! That was unexpected.>>Oopsies!>>All right, that’s done!>>Okay, for my last ingredient
I think it’s blue but I’m hoping it’s a good color. And if it’s not blue,
please be something good. Oooh!>>Pink!>>We got two of the same things!>>Okay, my scissors are all pinked up. Okay. It’s kind of messy. Okay. I’m gonna plop this… …and sque–eze! I don’t want much of it
because I don’t know. I just don’t want much. Okay. Whip!>>So guys we are ready to mix up
our slimes but before we do that, comment down below,
what color do you think our slimes are going to turn out? I think mines gonna be
purple with glitter.>>I think mine’s gonna be
very pinkish and purplish.>>Okay! Let’s mix it up! All right, let’s mix this baby up. All right. So nothing seems to be
happening at the moment. It’s just a bunch of shaving
cream at the top. All right, I think it’s
starting to mix together… Very watery. I think it’s too much activator.>>Oh yeah.>>You have the same
amount of activator too.>>Yeah, but I have more glue.>>True.>>Okay, so let’s mix mine. This actually might be too much water too. Actually, I think it’s perfect.>>Slime! Slime! Brilliant slime!>>So easy to make so I
make it all the time.>>You? We! So guys we’re gonna continue mixing our
slimes so we can do a slime reveal>>in 3, 2 1! So guys, these are our slimes. Our slimes are very, very similar! Mine has some blue glitters
and Ronald’s has some pink glitters. That literally the only
difference I see. Alright, but let’s dump these slimes out! All right, out you go slimey.>>Okay, mine’s going out.>>Oh!>>Oh wow! So my slime is this purple
color mostly on the pink side of purple but this is really pretty. And I have some blue glitters
in there and it feels like gel also kind of feels elasticy. It’s really nice, really nice,
I like it. If you think my slime’s the winner,
comment down below, “Blue Glitters”,>>Now, I have to admit this is gonna be
one of my favorite slimes I ever made. It’s so stretchy. You could do so many cool things
and once I spread it out like this… Oh my! It feels so satisfying! I’m gonna pick it up… Oh my!
I love this slime so much! So if you think mine won, comment
down below, “Ronald won. Obviously.”>>So guys we both love our
slimes but now it’s time for you to decide which one is better. The blue glitters or the pink glitters? And now it’s time to dump
whatever’s in here into here, and find out if I made a good decision.>>All righty.>>This feels like it’s
gonna be a hard to cut. All right.>>Whoa!>>Did you make a good decision?>>I think I did actually
because this will feel weird inside of slime.>>And plus it’ll feel so crunchy.>>This feels like sand. I mean that’s kind of cool
but I don’t really want it in my slime. So I think I made a great decision. So guys comment down below if you
think I made a good decision or not by putting
that weird blue stuff into my slime. We hope you enjoyed this video,
if you did, smash that like button and we’ll see you all next goodbye!>>I really love my slime!>>Me too!

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