Finally! Top 50 OFFLINE Strategy Games For Android 2018 | No Internet? No Problem! | [PART 1]

September 10, 2019

Hey Gamers, Welcome Back to IsItThatGame! My name is Vikrant and I’m really excited
to start my new gaming series…Top 50 Offline Strategy Games For Android! In this series, we’ll see some of the the
most popular games as well those underrated gems which surely deserve more attention!
so you ready guyz…Lets Get Started! So the first game on our list is “Lara Croft
Go”. A 496MB Game Developed by the reputed Square
Enix Studios. It is a beautiful turn based puzzle adveture
game. Where you encounter deadly but beautilly crafted
enemies which you must outsmart or escape with your strategic skills and Tactics! Next Up on our list is “Alien Creeps Td”. A 95MB Tower defense game developed by outplay
entertainment limited.  This TD is designed with the alien invasion
theme and it fits really good! You get to play 50 devasting levels where
you unlock powerful new towerd to fortify your defense! And now! we have something very sleek and
minimal! ICE The Minimal real time strategy game. Its beautiful, Its addictive But Its surely
not so simple! Here you control your ant like army and capture
the connected enemy bases! This game was developed as a part of “Ludum
Game Jam” (Tournament) In just 48Hours! Now beware guyz! Our next game is not for lighthearted people!
“Plague Inc.” In this Popular 50MB game your Ultimate goal
is to create a plague which is able to wipe out every human being on the earth! So here you use your evil skills for the epic…MEGA
KILL!!! And next up on our list is, “Hills Of glory
3D Europe” In this 60MB game You are teleported to the epic Battle locations of World War
2 and you must defend your base against the hordes of enemy forces with your cool military
disposal! and dont forget to drop some bombs on their heads when you want to! Next up we have…”Defend your life”  A hilarious
40MB TD where you fight for your own life in your own human body! Crazy I Know! You must protect your crucial body parts like
heart, kidney, lungs,etc aginst the hordes of dirty bacterias and viruses! Sounds cool right! Yes It Is!! And finally! time for the final game of this
video! Plz hit the like button if you are enjoying
this video and don’t forget to subscribe as the part 2 is coming out soon! So lets take a look at this Mindbending Game!!! “The Door Kickers”
An epic 423MB strategy game which requires lot of quick thinking and analysing abalities! Here you coordinate your SWAT troops to reach
the hostage room before the bad guyz get to press that trigger,Which requires lot of planning! And trust me there is nothing more satisfying
than seeing your plan execute perfectly! So guyz i hope you enjoyed Today’s video,
hit the like button if you did and dont forget to Subscriber…Thanks for watching, see you
in the next video… this is your friend Vikrant…Sighning off!!!!!!!!

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