Finally! Top 25 Best Games for Android & iOS 2019 [Offline/Online]
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Finally! Top 25 Best Games for Android & iOS 2019 [Offline/Online]

October 7, 2019

Hey Gamers! Welcome back to IsItThatGame? Your one stop destination for the best android
and ios games out there! I’m your friend ‘Big Smoke’ and this is the
first part of the series ‘Top 25 best Android and ios games of all time’! Before starting the video please let me thank
all of you guys for your amazing love and support. Its all because of you that we are already
hitting 42000 subscribers mark in almost no time!!! And as they say… With great subscribers… comes great responsibility. So for this video We played and tested more
than 100 different smartphone games and here, are our best picks! Make sure to Leave a BIG FAT LIKE if enjoy
this video and now without wasting any time… Here we go again! [PAUSE] So lets start our hunt with an Uber wild-driving
experience! ‘Crazy Taxi: City Rush!’ a nostalgic game
from Sega where you race through the city in your car to deliver passengers on time. But here’s the twist, the crazier you drive
the higher your rewards are! Once fully downloaded, it weighs around 239mb
in size. I still remember the days when I used to enjoy
this crazy game with my equally crazy friends… [*sigh] [PAUSE] next up we have a single player zombie fps
with beautiful low poly graphics! ‘The walking zombie 2’. a descent FPS game with a neat story, dozens
of quests and a lot of shooting stuff with different weapons. Its developed by the Alda games and weighs
around 100mb in size. Here Your main enemies are the zombies who
already control the world. They are everywhere, in many different kinds
and – most importantly – in great numbers. [PAUSE] Next up we have a cool 3D arcade game with
a top-down view: Planet Hunter! Its a fun shooting game with beautiful environments
and intense shooting effects! once fully unlocked, it weighs about 395mb in size. Here you’ll get to explore a lot of tiny planets
which you must save from these nasty little monsters. Each mission comes with a special challenge
for players to overcome along with the many different types of monsters to hunt! [PAUSE] Next up we have a fun 3vs3 multiplayer game
which you can enjoy with players all around the world! ‘Bowmax’ by Pinix Studios! Its an addictive action game where you team
up with two random players to destroy the enemy team of 3 random opponents. It is surprisingly easy to control and features
more than 80 different types of vehicles, weapons and armors. With all that stuffed in, it still weighs
just 246mb in size. [PAUSE] Moving on we have a next-generation competitive
sandbox mobile game. ‘Cyber hunter’. Its a big 1.5GB game by NetEase studio packed
with a lot of different gaming elements. Including survival, shooting, exploration,
Parkour and many more! You can both ‘explore’ as well as ‘fight’
in this sandbox game as all the terrain is open to be freely explored, including 100meter
high water falls, desert temples, and swampy relics. You’ll also get to find lot of futuristic
vehicles, gadgets and weapons! [PAUSE] next up we have yet another beloved franchise
from Square Enix studios. ‘Lara croft Go!’ a unique take on the iconic
heroine’s adventures. Its a turn-based puzzle-adventure game set
in a beautiful low poly world. Here you’ll Explore the ruins of an ancient
civilization, discover well-kept secrets and face deadly challenges as you uncover myth
of the Queen of Venom. With 115 puzzles split into 7 chapters this
496MB game will keep you busy for hours on end! [PAUSE] Next up we have one of the most anticipated
smartphone games in a long time! ‘Call of duty: Mobile’! a heart-pumping head-to-head
multiplayer game with several classic maps and modes from across Call of Duty franchises,
including Call of Duty Black Ops and the original Modern Warfare series. Activision has promised to bring a battle
Royale mode to the game which has already caught the attention of many PUBG and Fortnite
Mobile fans worldwide. [PAUSE] Next up we have a realistic 3d racing game
by PikPok studios. ‘Breakneck’! a thrilling 827MB action game
where you Master your ‘speeder’ and defeat your pursuers in high speed action across
a world ravaged by an alien occupation. Flying at BREAKNECK speed you need to complete
your mission and get as far as you can. You can even Retrace and optimize your route
to improve your distance. You’ll earn rewards for the risks you take. [PAUSE] Next up we have ‘Modern Combat: Versus’. Latest installment in the modern combat franchise
from Gameloft studios. Its a free online FPS with 4v4 online multiplayer
battles featuring a set of competitive team-based game modes. It has arguably some of the best graphics
for an fps game on smartphone. With a big size of 2.8GB it also requires
a relatively faster device to play. But If you’re a fan of FPS battles, this
one is a must pick. [PAUSE] next up we have an epic action rpg game by
the hothead studios: ‘Forged Fantasy’. A game where you can Collect Dozens of Heroes
and Adventure through Fantastic Worlds to Topple the Darkness that Threatens the Realm! It has an Incredible story-based RPG experience
Where you can Switch Heroes on the fly during real-time battles. Graphics are good and the game weighs around
400MB once fully loaded. There are hundreds of missions in the campaign
mode to keep you engaged. [PAUSE] Moving On we have a bloody, turn-based puzzle
game. ‘A way to slay’ by Lalapp Studios. A challenging puzzle game which requires a
lot of tactical and logical thinking. You will face knights, samurai, pirates, orcs
and even the modern mafia. Your goal is to take down all the enemies
without taking a single scratch from them. With a small size of 49MB and hundreds of
progressive levels it surely deserves a shot. [PAUSE] Our favorite horror icon Jason Voorhees is
Back for a Bloody Puzzle Game Horror! ‘Friday The 13th: Killer Puzzle’ Here you
play as jason himself and get to stalk and murder your victims in all sort of locations,
from ski-resorts to high security prisons. It features beautiful cartoon like graphics
and 100+ levels of gut-wrenching strategic gameplay. It weighs around 89MB and includes dozens
of gruesome horror movie Kill Scenes that can be activated through in-game settings. [PAUSE] Next up we have a critically acclaimed game
‘Backfire’ from Green Squid Productions. a non stop demon killing action game with
just One twist: your ship only fires from the back. which makes things wayyy more fun and challenging. It has simple tap to turn controls but brutally
difficult gameplay. With 8 unique weapons, 4 epic bosses and Dozens
of ways to upgrade your ship it takes about 387MB once fully installed on your android
or iphone device. [PAUSE] Next up we have ‘Dead Effect 2’ from Badfly
Interactive Studios. a console quality zombie FPS game with breathtaking
graphics using the latest NVIDIA technology. Along with HDR, Depth of Field, high quality
textures and bloom effects it also has a support for controller. It has a massive size of 3.1GB and can be
played completely offline with 30+ hours of engaging gameplay. With atmospheric soundtrack and movie-quality
sound effects its sure to immerse you into the ESS Meridian. [PAUSE] Next up we have ‘SkidStorm’ from ‘Cheetah
Games’. a multiplayer realtime racing game with eye
soothing simple graphics. It offers smooth controls and online co-op
gameplay. Here, you get to drive the cars and drift
through all kinds of tracks by simply swiping your fingers across the them. once fully loaded it takes around 301MB of
space. With 17 different types of cars, 5 upgradable
parts and dozens of skins, there’s a lot of fun to be unlocked. [PAUSE] Next up we have the golden standard for open-world
action games on android and iOS. ‘Gangstar New Orleans’. A stunning 1.2GB game once again from the
reputed gameloft studios. It is considered as one of the best open world
games for android and ios. With hundreds of vehicles to steal, an outrageous
arsenal of weapons, explosive action and complete freedom to explore this vast city, you have
all the tools to become a real Gangstar. [PAUSE] next up we have a slick sniper game from Eldering
Games; ‘Clear Vision 4: Brutal Sniper’! a 131mb game which might be a bit shy on graphics
but kills it when it comes to gameplay. Its the latest installment in the popular
clear vision fps series. Here you Help Tyler get his hitman career
back on track by making your way through tons of tailored sniper missions and building your
arsenal of heavy guns. [PAUSE] Next up we have yet another simple but addictive
racing game. This time around its ‘Pako 2’ by Treemen Games. Its an arcade driving game where you work
as a getaway driver. Your mission is to pick up your crew from
heist spot and escort them to safety in a dramatic chase against the cops, Every run
earns you money which can be used to buy new rides and locations. Get in, get out, get paid! Thats it! Simple yet addictive! [PAUSE] Next up we have ‘Mars: Mars’! A beautifully simple but addictive game from
the Pomelo Games. While many so-called “professional” astronauts
will tell you things like “No sane person would travel across space on that thing”
or “The fuel on that jetpack lasts about 30 seconds”, here’s your chance to prove
them wrong! In this 180MB Game you have to jump your spaceship
from station to station and make those perfect landings. [PAUSE] Next up we have an endless driving game ‘Hashtag
Drive’ by Pixel Perfect Dude! a peaceful 265MB game inspired by action movies from 1970s
era. As simple as possible, It allows the player
to pick a car, pick a place and hit the endless road full of obstacles. Just like the subway surfers, temple run and
other endless running games here your goal is to break your own records and drive as
far as you can! [PAUSE] Next up we have a fresh new MMORPG by GTarcade
Studios. ‘Rangers of Oblivion’. a 2.3GB FREE game where you get a chance to
become a legendary monster hunting Ranger. Here, you Hunt down the monsters that plague
this once-peaceful land and eradicate the corruption. As you can see it has some heavy graphics
and a promising gameplay. You can also Engage in real-time combat with
a completely unlocked camera and master 6 unique weapon types. [PAUSE] Moving on we have a cool zombie smashing game
from Dogbyte studios: ‘Dead Venture: Zombie Survival’! an offroad car driving game where
you Battle hordes of undead while helping other survivors. With a small size of just 55mb its quite easy
on your phone storage. Here, you get to play the 8 chapters in story
mode and smash countless zombies along with their epic zombie bosses. You can also Upgrade your car and guns and
be more effective! [PAUSE] next up we have a deserving successor of a
massively successful simulation game by ‘Ndemic Creations’: ‘Rebel Inc.’ a brand new game
from the creator of ‘Plague Inc.’ – one of the most popular paid games ever with over
120 million players. Brilliantly executed with beautiful graphics
and critically acclaimed gameplay – Rebel Inc. offers a deeply engaging, strategic challenge
inspired by the complexities and consequences of modern counter insurgency. Can you stop the Insurgency? [PAUSE] Next up we have a Fun and crazy game from
the IceFox Gaming Studios. “Ragdoll Warrior: Crazy Fighting Game”. an addictive combination of simple controls
and crazy ragdoll gameplay. The controls are quite easy but difficult
to master. It weighs around 168MB in size and can be
played online with players around the world along with your friends over the same wifi.
overall its a good game to enjoy with your gang. [PAUSE] And finally Here’s our final game. Please Let me know if you enjoyed this video. If there are enough comments, We’ll be soon
back with 25 more such awesome games. [PAUSE] And now lets wrap our video with ‘Hackers’. A supercool cyber warfare game By Tricksters
studio. Its a futuristic strategy game where you Dive
into cyber space to develop and secure your own virtual 3D network. With high-end cyber combat visual interface
you can research programs, build your hacker reputation, loot or fight for your country
in this World’s first high-tech Cyberwar. [PAUSE] So thats all for today guys! To watch 25 more such awesome games click
the video on the left….And if you love playing fps games click the one on the right. Hope you enjoyed this video…see you in the
next one! Till then this is your friend Big Smoke… Signing off!

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  1. Timestamps:
    Big Love! ❤️

    •Crazy Taxi | 00:45

    •T** W*** Z*** 2 | 01:22

    •Planet Hunter | 01:46

    •B** M** | 02:11

    •Cyber Hunter | 02:37

    •L** C*** G* | 03:06

    •Call of Duty: Mobile | 03:36

    •B**** | 03:54

    •Modern Combat: Versus | 04:20

    •F**** F*** | 04:47

    •A Way To Slay | 05:13

    •F** 1**: K** P*** | 05:36

    •Backfire | 06:03

    •D** E*** 2 | 06:30

    •Skidstorm | 06:59

    •G***: N O*** | 07:24

    •Clear Vision 4: Brutal Sniper | 07:49

    •P*** 2 | 08:12

    •Mars Mars | 08:36

    •#D** | 08:59

    •Rangers Of Oblivion | 09:23

    •D** V** | 09:49

    •Rebel Inc | 10:13

    •R** W*** | 10:41

    •Hackers | 11:04

    •More Games | 11:36


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  2. You forgot game Celtic Heroes as an MMO RPG open world game which is the best in my opinion, better than the Rangers of Oblivion and any other RPG even tho has more than 6 years already and doesn't fits the new 2019 developement limit, and for shooters you forgot about Standoff 2

  3. I like ur suggestions.. Great taste.. But still what people really want is a game like zenonia 5 ..where controls are awesome..especially the flashstep.. N where there isnt much things to upgrade.. Most game developers confuse gud games with only good graphics.. N tonnes of upgrades.. But people actually like is a simple but long story line maps like inotia.. N where there isn't much things to upgrade.. Because it's annoying… Eg To upgrade the power of the gem which is inside the gem.. Which is inside an equipment.. N there r tonnes of equipment n gems too.. ITs SO ANNOYING.. I just uninstall those type of complex upgrade games.. New game came up.. djinn caster.. It a good game.. Not much as zenonia but still came close to a legendary game.. And when it's a top down shooter game.. The dev create an awesome graphic.. N then there is this flaw.. The controls isn't like planet hunter.. It's just auto aims everything.. . Evn games like last day on earth n all would be so great if only it wasn't an auto aim fire.. I mean we wanna feel challenge.. N most importantly.. We wanna shoot who we wanna na actually shoot. .. Games with great graphics are a disappointment this days.. EXCEPT FOR FPS games.. Rpg games r so dumb.. Nowadays..

  4. You kinda missed out on Second Galaxy, eve like game on mobile and with pc client. So clearly ur list not including it, is not done 😛

  5. The whole clip I was thinkin: why do that guys everytime forget to tell about Dead Effect 2? And than it happens, around 6:33 you bring Dead Effect 2 on the Table. Truly one of the best Games in the Playstore. And the most People doesn't even know about it.?

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