Final Fantasy XV – Tokyo Game Show 2016 Trailer [EU]
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Final Fantasy XV – Tokyo Game Show 2016 Trailer [EU]

August 31, 2019

Noct, killing you as a mortal will bring me scant satisfaction. Claim the Crystal’s power. Arise as the True King. You’ve come for the boats? That’s the idea… Well, they’re not going out. And who are you? I’m an impatient traveler, ready to turn ship. Perhaps the peace treaty is to blame… “Insomnia…falls”? Huh? This your idea of a joke? “As treaty room tempers flared, blasts lit the night sky. When the smoke about the Citadel had cleared, the king was found…dead.” The hell’s going on? Where are you? Outside the city, with no way back in. Ah. “Ah”!? That’s all you have to say? What are we supposed to do? What about my dad? And Luna? Why does the news say I’m dead? His Majesty…has passed. What happened in the Crown City wasn’t some one-sided attack— Your old man waged war in there, with an eye to take them out. A king is sworn to protect his people. Yeah, but he only saved me. Shouldn’t a king protect more than just his son? How long will you remain the protected? Why couldn’t he tell me? He saw me off with a smile! They say no other is worthy… Yet here stands the Chosen King, feeble and foolish. Don’t test me. It occurs to me I never formally introduced myself. Ardyn Izunia, at your service. The Imperial Chancellor. With what strength I have, I will support Noctis. They’re not your bodyguards, they’re your brothers. Trust in ’em. The Oracle and King should stand together always… for it is they who safeguard our world. I offer you my solemn vow. On my honor as Oracle, I will not rest until the darkness is banished from our world and the Light is restored. It is in receiving mercy that men offer praise, and in shedding grace that the gods solicit worship. How could this sorry excuse pass for a king? Shut up! Don’t do this—! I get it, alright!? I get it! Then get your act together, dumbass! I ask not that you guide my wayward son, merely that you remain at his side. Wheresoever you should go, the line of Lucis goes with you. Walk tall, my son.

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  1. I'm gonna cry. All these characters are SO DAMN INTERESTING and fascinating. The game looks gorgeous and I really hope for a well written story. This… will be an amazing journey, I know it. I'd buy a ps4 only to play this, I really hope to find a ps4 at a good price when the game will be out 🙁

  2. Some of the translations are horribly wrong… Otherwise it's a great looking trailer and i'm waiting for this Game since almost 10 Years now…

  3. It is really awesome, but I don't understand why the scene where Luna gets up from her chair isn't in CGI juste like in the Dawn trailer… Don't you think that"s too bad ?

  4. when the trailer started it gave me goosebumps but once cid smiled and said that he should trust his brothers it took it to a whole new level. add the change in beautiful music! damn this trailer is a whirlwind of feels, and how many shiva's are there?

  5. The two month delay better be for game being polished and not to waste on adding Microtransactions like SE Europe did for Mankind Divided. I will not buy this game if I see that they are in.

  6. Knights of the Round are 13 heroes.
    Noctis is going to obtain 13 Royal Arms.
    => Noctis will be able to summon Knights of the Round after getting all 13 weapons!!!


  8. Can anyone explain how FF XV ties in with FF7 with Cloud, Zack and Sephiroth era is it a prequel or sequel in a storyline sense, i can't find anything on google thanks

  9. Le trailer existe en VF, postez-le s'il vous plaît, on est presque à la sortie du jeu et on a eu 0 vrais trailers en VF (celui où y a que Regis qui parle compte pas)

  10. Tabata: How long have fans waited for this game?
    Fans: Erryday!

    Tabata: and how long should they play ffxv?
    Design Team: Erryday!

    Tabata: and what days should we promote ffxv?
    Marketing Team: Erryday!

    Tabata: and when players finish the game, new game plus will be added. So when you are done playing erryday, you can relive it all again….


    Final Fantasy XV:

  11. ha… the hairstyle for the main character…seriously I don't get why japan thinks homeless people's greasy bedhair looks cool…
    only if they could fix that, then I would bsolutely love the game

  12. that black guy in he BG at 3:06 felt so out of place in comparison to all these other anime-looking characters lmao. Also, I highly doubt that Ardyn guy is the final villain. That would be massive amounts of stupid of Squeenix spoiled that, like, they can't be THAT incompetent. It's been a long time since I've played a FF game, but it seems like the final bosses end up being some crazy mutated monster that used the human villains as puppets for their big plan to destroy the world or whatever.

  13. Can you please release this trailer in English? Not everyone is a waifu and I would much rather spend my time glamouring at the gorgeous graphics than reading subtitles. Also Ardyn's English voice is incredible.

  14. Anyone know if this is on PC? This is is like a real fantasy and like open world. I'm so hyped for dis game, but I'm broke ;( xD

  15. The old man at 2:30 is that Cid??

    dude this game looks good, sucks that this trailer isn't in English and that I can't play it because I don't have the system but oh well.

  16. Im jealous about the comment whos playing everyday! But i will use all my Vacation and Sick leaves to also play every day! YEEEEYY!!! :))

  17. 23 more days people be patient….. who am I fooling, I could barely sleep at night thinking in a matter of a few days this game will finally be in my hands

  18. the best way to show something false of a game. all the trailers have the 90 % of thing totally false because you cannot see that scenes in the game. thank you square enix to give us a game unfinished and different. you cheated all of us

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