Final Fantasy VII Remake – E3 2019 Trailer | PS4
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Final Fantasy VII Remake – E3 2019 Trailer | PS4

September 11, 2019

[MUSIC PLAYING] These sewer rats appear
to call themselves AVALANCHE, sir. You can have it for saving my life. You think he’s a keeper? On my go. Y’all gotta look at the bigger picture here. Nothing worth fighting for
was ever won without sacrifice. Help me! Marlene? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Have you been a good girl? I heard you’re having second thoughts. I know we have to think big
if we’re going to make a difference… …but not like this. I just… I feel trapped. My turn. Get going. Okay. Got you now. You’re not real. You’re… Cloud. I have a favor to ask of you. Run away. You have to leave. You have to live. You bastard! Hold on to that hatred. [MOTORCYCLE REVVING]

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  1. 전철탈때 총이나 칼들고 타도
    무시하는 서민수준..
    하 ㅅㄲ 나 만렙달고 지금 회사원이다

  2. Tbh I really hope they change the name final fantasy 7 remake doesn’t really sound like a name you would see on store shelves hopefully they change it

  3. I just finished this game last night. And watched advent children. And I’m even starting Crisis core. As someone who vaguely grew up with this game (thanks to my mom always talking about hhis) I’m absolutely pumped for this.
    I’m ready for Cloud performing squats to get wig. I’m ready for Clouds constant shrugs. The date at the Golden Saucer, Vincent dramatically backflipping out of his coffin, Nanaki dressing up a sailor, all these little things I’m so ready.

  4. I like the original version of 7 but honestly, it hasn't aged too well. Im glad we're getting a remake. I'd love to see the older games remastered like this too

  5. It's about time there was a release date for this game, hope all the hype is worth it, it looks like it's going to be amazing

  6. I hope the next trailer drops with the name of part 1. I really hope they don’t just call it Final Fantasy VII: Remake pt 1 or whatever. Seems pretty lame if they did that.

  7. Looks amazing. Appreciate it needs to chnage and grow but hope they don't alter the dialog and small-level narrative completely.

  8. I was so sad that Dawn of The Future got cancelled. But at least I have this to wait for. I will pick this up day ONE!

  9. when part 2 of this remake comes out:
    >meet yuffie,
    >yuffie steals all your materia,
    >you forgot to unequip materia from aerith after she leaves the party,
    >aerith dies, taking your unequipped materia to her watery grave,
    >wutai sidequest cant be completed until part 3 releases,
    >part 3 releases only on ps5, in 2026.
    >you still playing ff7 remake part 2 on plebstation 4.

  10. Am I the only one disappointed that it’s not turn based combat anymore? I would be way more excited about this if they hadn’t tossed that out.

  11. Tifa was supposed to be pretty now she doesnt even look like herself I mean look at dissidia NT she actually looks like herself and then u see the movie acc n she supposed to look like that. Idk Im happy shes in the game but her face she is a different person completely.

  12. Everything is stunning. I know this takes place after Crisis Core but I really want to see Zack, even in just flashbacks. He was my fave ff character ever 💜

  13. Keluar ps2 gw beli ps1 , keluar ps3 gw beli ps2 , keluar ps4 gw beli ps3 , naaaah ,,, keluar ps5 rencananya gw beli ps4 , begitu terus ampe mampuss!!! 😂😂😂

    Teu ngararti??? PADULI TEUING AHHH wkwkwk…..

  14. Cashgrab 12 hour junk! I bet.
    Unless its fsr from their hardest effort yet ff15 that was absolutely underwhelming and maybe worked on 1 year out of the 15 they clained to be working on

  15. Everybody is excited but, are you ready to handle the tears when we get to the part Nanaki knows the truth about Seto and then we see Seto's tear falling down from his stone body???

  16. Wish they kept the original rpg format. I dig kingdom hearts, but this remake should have kept that style. Still buying it tho.

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