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August 28, 2019

– So, ladies and gentlemen,
this is filling your pool with 1000 glow sticks challenge. I’m about to dump these all in. Before I do that, go down there,
smash a like on this video. Subscribe if you’re new. Team Morgz. Let’s do this! (dramatic bang) (beep) Hello guys, and welcome
back to another video. Today the challenge king is back. Now you may be saying, Morgz, what is that rattling in your merch? It’s the Prank King merch,
but what’s in the pocket? My answer the that is, bruh, my merch is filled with glow sticks. Look at this we got white
ones, we’ve got green ones, we’ve got yellow ones, we got blue ones. Dad, do you know something about green? We got a green one, brah. But trust me, guys,
you’ve seen nothing yet. Over here we have absolutely
loads of glow sticks. These bags have like
100 glow sticks in them. We’ve got all these right here. We’ve got all these on the table here. And you guys have been
asking me for ages now, “Morgz, what are you doing
with those glow sticks?” And tonight, I’m gonna be showing ya. And believe it or not, guys,
I didn’t buy these just to hold them all and look at them all. Today what we’re gonna be
doing is filling my pool with all of the glow sticks. We’ve saved it until nighttime so that this is gonna look dope. It’s gonna be lit up, it’s
gonna be filled with them. This is gonna be the craziest
video in a long time. Now guys, if you’re new to the channel and you’ve never seen my
face on your screen before, I’m Morgz, A.K.A., the Prank King, A.K.A., the Challenge King. I just do crazy stuff, all the time. This is the home of the craziest videos you’ll see on YouTube. So if you’re not already
subscribed, go down there and – [Darren] Subscribe. – Smash! That “Like” button. Hit that like button, guys. And also, bro. How many likes are we
thinking for this video, Dad? We need a big target. We need a target that’s
gonna make everyone go (blubbering noises) – [Darren] 25,027. – 25,027 guys. It’s a crazy goal. And one more thing, guys. If you haven’t already,
remember, go get your merch. I’m wearing my Prank King merch today. Dad, are you wearing your merch, brah? – I’m still wearing the same merch. – [Morgan] You’re still
wearing the same merch. – You said I’m not allowed to take it off. – [Morgan] Where can they
get it from, though, bro? – They can get it from
the Morgan merchandise dot com forward slash. – (shushing noises) (beep) So guys, this is an idea that’s obviously never been done before. I’m all about creating new things. Doing new things. Doing
the craziest things. No one has ever filled their pool with glow sticks, as big as this. Here at the Morgz channel,
we do crazy stuff, and set records, and today,
we’re doing it in style. Now usually, the smart person
would bring a team to this. The smart person would bring a team to crack all the glow
sticks, open them all up, and put them in the pool. Today we are a two man band. Me and Dad. We’re doing all this by ourselves. No messing about today. We gotta crack open every glow
stick, rip it out the bag, and then crack it, and
dump it into the pool, before they all die and
lose their colour, guys. It’s gonna be a crazy challenge in itself getting them in the pool and then we gotta look at how it is. And then obviously, we’re gonna
be getting in the pool, bro, so watch ’til the end for that. – [Darren] We’re gonna do what? – We’re gonna be getting in, bro. – [Darren] What? – I see you got your swimming
trunks on still, bro. We’re gonna be getting in. So guys, that is all. Are you guys ready to start? I am ready. We’ve got all the glow
sticks here, as you can see. We’ve got a variety of colours. We’ve got a variety of types. We’re gonna rip all these open. We’re gonna furiously get them all dumped on the table in their packages, and then we can start opening them all up and getting them in the pool. Wow, the first one right here. Yo, the first one right here, bro. What I’m thinking — – [Darren] What colour is it? – What colour? It’s a blue one, bro. The first glow stick. Yo, we gotta record the first one, bro. So we got them here, and then, do we — (gasps) Bro. – [Darren] What’s the stuff around it? – I’m not sure, bro. – [Darren] It’s for
putting around your neck. – This is for team Morgz! (splash) The first glow stick is added
there to the pool, guys. That is the first one of many. Drop a like if you’re excited,
subscribe if you’re new. We’re gonna go get them right now. – [SpongeBob Narrator] Five minutes later. – [Morgan] So boys and
girls, we’ve just opened them all out the packet. This is what we’re
dealing with here, guys. We’ve got an entire table
filled with glow sticks. Dad, what are you thinking? Any comment from you? Oh! He’s drinking, bruh! He’s whipping out the drinks! (beep) So, bro, where do we start? – We just gotta start
opening them, don’t we? – [Morgan] We just gotta start
opening them, haven’t we bro? We gotta do it. We just gotta do every
single, oh my, here we go. The first cut. Oh, yo he’s snipping it. There’s another blue one, bro. Another blue one. – Talk me through it. – [Morgan] Talk you through it. So you whip them out. Crack it, bro. Wait, wait, wait. Maybe. Maybe we should go for formation. Maybe what we should do is open them all and crack none of them, and
then crack them all, bro. Yo, Morgz with another phenomenal idea. Let’s do it that way, guys. So we can then crack them all. We can get four at once, bro,
and just crack them, bro. Let’s do it, let’s do it that way, bro. Yo, another one enters the pool. We got two blue ones in there right now, making a little bit of an impact. This is gonna be good. (beep) Okay guys, so we’ve got a little bit of a plan of action right now. We’ve got the first glow
sticks here, as you can see. We’ve just done about the first 20, guys. We’ve got absolutely loads left. But the way we’re doing it,
I’m opening the packets, and then Dad is cutting the strings off of all the glow sticks. And then once we’ve got them all ready, we can start cracking them. But I say guys, we cut to a little bit of a time lapse, guys. Three, two, one, let’s do it. (smooth beat) (beep) So guys, aw, 20 minutes later. We have just been crapping. Crapping. Crapping open glow sticks? (beep) Guys, we’ve just been cracking open glow sticks for 20 minutes. We’ve got, aw, we’ve got
an entire table full, bro. We’ve got green, red, orange. We’ve got purple, we’ve
got pink, we’ve got blue, we’ve got white. We’ve even got white ones here. Oh, no, that’s a blue one. Yo, out of nowhere, bro. So we’re gonna do, Dad, we
gotta give these one crack, and then they’re ready. So we’ve got blue, Dad. We’ve got red. What else have we got here? We’ve got green. We’ve got pink, orange,
bro, don’t forget an orange. Don’t forget orange. Oh, wow. That’s a crazy one. That’s like, white right there. But what’s that? Yo, the orange is like, crazy. Yo, so, guys, these are
the colours we’ve got here. We’ve got loads of different colours. They’re all bright, they’re all good. – [Darren] Yellow.
– Yellow, bro. We got a yellow one as well, guys. You got to give them a bit of
a shake after you do em, bro. You gotta, yeah, you
gotta give em a shake. But yeah, guys we’re gonna
get started right now with the glow sticks. Let’s do it. (beep) Okay, boys and girls, the
glow sticks are ready. Look, oh we’ve got the last one here. Bam! Look at that, guys. Check at how much these things glow. They literally take over the
entire lighting of the video. There’s so many of them, guys. Look how bright this is, and then, bam! You’ve got the glow sticks. I’ll tell you what, put
my face next to these and they’ll make my
face that colour, guys. We’re gonna load them all
up into a bag right now so we can dump them all
into the pool at once, guys. They’re actually shining through the bag, which is gonna be epic. But yes, we just did so many glow sticks. We got probably like 1000 here. So dope, guys. So cool. These things are awesome. Whoa, it’s like you’re
carrying a bloody disco ball. Check that out next to you, bro. It’s absolutely crazy. Yo, he’s shaking it up, look at that. Look at that, look at him shake it up. We got all of them in there. You can see them all,
you can see the red ones, the pink ones, the blue. You can see the green, the
yellow, all the different colours. Take it over to the pool, Dad. So what I’m saying is I grab
that bag, go around the back, and then just dump it in, bro. – Just go around back.
– Just dump them. No, I’ll do it, I’ll do it, bro. So, ladies and gentlemen. This is filling your pool with
1000 glow sticks challenge. I’m about to dump these all in. Before I do that, go down there,
smash a like on this video, subscribe if you’re new. Team Morgz. Let’s do this. Oh my god. Oh! They’re all at the top, and
then you got some at the bottom. That is so dope they’re lighting up there. Yo, look at how they’re
spreading out, bro. How flipping cool does that look? That is so dope! You’ve got like a layer on the bottom, and then a layer on the top. That’s so cool! So guys, as you can see,
half of them are floating, half of them have sank, which is so cool, cause you got like, a bunch
of them on the bottom, and then a bunch of them
spread out on the top. That is so dope. Check them out as they float, guys. How cool is that? Yo, you gotta just get in bro, I think. I think you just gotta do it. – What like, now? – [Morgan] Like right now, bro. – Like, in that? – [Morgan] In that, bro. In that. – You’re wearing that? – [Morgan] No, no, no. Wait, wait, wait. (grunts) Oh! (laughs) Yo, he’s in there! He’s in there! Did you see that coming, bro? Yo, look at that. He’s swimming with the glow sticks. He’s swimming with the glow sticks. That is so cool. Yo, so guys, we’ve just
clumped them all in a corner, and check out how cool that looks, guys. Yo, more in coming out of nowhere. This is so dope, but bro, I
think I gotta join you in there. I gotta join you in there, bro. Let’s do it bro. (beep) (upbeat music) (beep) – [Darren] Right, Morgz. I want you to go down, and I
want you to swim on the bottom, until you swim back up with
at least five in each hand. – Each hand, bro? – [Darren] In each hand, bro. – Aw, yo. I see em — – [Darren] Three. Two, one, go. (splashing) Aw man, he just covered
the camera in water. (beep) Oh, let’s have a see. Have you got five in each hand? Let’s count them down. – Yo, bro. – [Darren] I think he’s done it. – One, two, three, four, five. One, one, two, three, four, five. Six, seven, yeah! How about making this
into a proper competition? How about I go down, see how
many I can get in my hands, just see how many I can collect in total, and then come up, and then you do it. – [Darren] I like it. – As long as you want,
all about your breath. – [Darren] As long as
your breath, yeah okay. – [Both] Three, two, one. – [Darren] Go. (dramatic music) I’m worried, I’m worried. He’s got a youthful lungs. Oh, oh dear. That’s was an early rise. What are we saying? – Yo, come over to the side, bro. – [Darren] I must say, it is looking good. – So I’ve got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, bro. Do you think you can beat 17? Comment down below “Team Dad”
if you think he can do it. Or comment down below “Team Morgz” if you think 17 is enough. – [Darren] Are we saying double or quits on this treasure hunt? – No! No more money on the line, bro! No more money on the line! (beep) Three, two, one, go! Oh, the elegance on that. Yo, the elegance on that
dive, you gotta take that into consideration. Maybe bonus points for that. He’s gone into the corner like me. I’ma grab him. I’ma grab him. Oh, can’t get him. I can kick him. I’ma kick him. I’m kicking him, I’m kicking him. I’m kicking him, I’m kick his hands. He’s still down there. Oh, you’re kicking me. No! – You cheat! – [Morgan] No, I didn’t cheat! I didn’t cheat. I didn’t kick you. Bro, you got in my way. You got in my way, bro. So count it down, bro, do
you think you’ve got enough? – [Both] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20. – Oh no! He one by three! By three, bro. That’s ridiculous. – Oh, gone and done it again. – Yo, looks like dad
is the glow stick king. The glow stick master. I can’t believe it. By three bro, so unlucky for Team Morgz. We will win a challenge eventually. Team Morgz, we will win
this, keep believing. How about now, a different challenge. How about now, we go under and
we both have to race to see who can get the most of one colour. No, no, no, we both pick one colour, bro. So we’re fighting for
the colour underwater. So I say we go for yellow. – So it’s any – [Morgan] Any yellow, yeah. Free for all, boy. – On one breath? – [Morgan] On one breath. Oh, he’s feeling — Yo,
there’s no one over there, bro. He’s clearly analysing, he’s analysing. I say we do it, bro. – Okay. – [Morgan] Let’s do it, let’s do it. Let’s prop up the camera. (beep) Alright, are you ready, bro? Three, two, one. (splashing) (suspenseful music) Ah, couldn’t hold my breath. Guys, I couldn’t hold my breath. How many have you got? How many you got? – Six. – Three, four. Yes! Eight! Eight, bro! Three, four, five, six, seven, eight. – No way, look. Hold on, how many did you say? I was all wet and but
I’d nearly forgot them. Eight! – What?
– Eight. – You’ve got eight? – Yeah. – I’ve got eight. Did you just pick two up? – [Darren] Yeah. – You pick two up.
– [Darren] Yeah. (laughing) – Guys, we’ve got a legit,
no faking around over here, a win for Team Morgz. (beep) Well then guys, that was filling my pool with loads of glow sticks, guys. If you’ve enjoyed,
remember, go down there, with your glow stick,
or just with your hand, and smash that like button, guys. And also if you haven’t already,
remember to go down there and subscribe to the
channel for more crazy challenges like this. And also, guys, comment down
below in the comment section what you want me to fill my pool with next or if there’s any crazy pool
challenge you’d like to see. Comment that down below. And finally guys, remember,
if you haven’t already, go get your merch. I mean, I would be wearing
merch if it weren’t in the pool. Go get some merch, guys. Join the merch squad,
hottest squad on YouTube. Well guys, I really hope
you’ve enjoyed the video. I hope to see you in the next video, and thank you all so much for watching. On a quick note guys, I am
also going to be doing 31 days of Morgz this December, which
is gonna be absolutely dope. And it’s gonna be a challenge, guys. So comment down below if
you’re excited for that. And as always, I’ve been Morgz,
you guys have been awesome, and I’ll see you in the next video. Peace out. If you enjoyed the video,
then remember to subscribe to Morgz’s channel. And don’t forget to leave a
like (laughing) Thanks for watching. Peace out.

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