FIFA Women’s World Cup: Marble Edition – Sweden vs. USA
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FIFA Women’s World Cup: Marble Edition – Sweden vs. USA

November 4, 2019

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen for a brand new marble race here on Racelympics. Since the FIFA Women’s World Cup finals are coming up, we are going to celebrate by having a women’s world cup finals of our own! In this quick marble race, we will have Sweden and the states duking it out! As always, I’m your host, Ezekiele M., doing the play by plays for this race. Our first match will begin any second right now! And the gate is released, and they are off down the purple funnel! And round and round they go. The Americans look to have a slight lead, actually, I don’t know about that! As both marbles have the inside corner… who’s going to get it in first? And Sweden takes it down the helix, and down the red plinko maze! the states not far behind down the splitting paths and into those vents, and into the jump! Sweden not wasting any time going through the plinko maze and into the red fu– wait what?! *speechless* The Americans make the perfect hit, and this will cause them the win, much to Sweden’s dismay! That was a great round to start off the finals! The main highlight of this was when the US makes a perfect (voice off-key) hit against Sweden. That play will be expected to be in the highlight reels. Match two is ready to race, we’ve switched sides to intensify the race. And there they go, down the zigzag and into the first funnel! And round and round they go! It looks like Sweden has the lead… with the Americans trying to catch up to them, wait, WHAT?!! Sweden makes a dirty hit there against the Americans, and this will cause her to get the lead! down those vents… and into the jump and into the plinko maze! And with the states being far behind! And the Americans arrive, but I think it’s too late for them! And yes, it indeed it is, with Sweden exiting the funnel fast! Let’s watch as now the Americans finish the course. That was another great match, but the main highlight of that one is when Sweden makes a dirty hit on the Americans to still keep its lead. Not good for the Americans. One more race and that will wrap up the Women’s World Cup! Who will be celebrating and who will be heartbroken? The two countries are now round and round in the first dish. Sweden looks to have the lead, Oh! And the US looks to get the check on Sweden, but no! Sweden keeps her lead down into the red maze, and into the dividing paths. Down the vents, and into the jump she goes. I’m seeing this race right now, the Americas on the track. But–wait I’m getting news right now, saying that the Americas had gotten stuck in the track, and won’t be finishing the course. And as you can see, this is where the states got stuck; the S vent. I’m pretty sure Trump and the American coaches will not be happy about this match. I’m pretty sure their practice was better than this one. And that will wrap up the FIFA Women’s World Cup Finals of 2019. Congratulations to Sweden for winning the Women’s World Cup Finals! Comment down below your prediction real Women’s World Cup finals, and you can get a shoutout in my upcoming marble race tournament! If you want more Racelympics, follow our social media, and if you haven’t already, make sure you subscribe and hit the bell icon, so that you can be the first to watch my newest videos. I’m your host, Ezekiele M., signing off!

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  1. I completely did not realize that the Fifa Womenโ€™s World Cup consisted of different matches! ? My bad!

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