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December 10, 2019

Hello there my name is Marc Marley and I am
a competitive FIFA player. I finished ranked first in Scotland on XBOX
last year and today I’m going to be showing you my top 5 most effective skill moves in
FIFA 20. You have to be a lot more efficient with your skill move this year with the new
chaining system and today I hope that video will help you do that. Now we all know that the fake shots is one
of the most effective skill moves in the game as it can be performed by every single player.
This year it’s still as good as ever however, I’m going to be showing you how to use
a more advanced version of it and in my opinion is the most underrated skill in the whole
game. The tactical fake shot stop is when you do a fake shot and instead of facing forward
you can choose exactly what direction you want to finish your move in.
It can be performed by doing a normal fake shot stop but this time hold RB or R1 and
choose the direction you want to go in with your left thumb stick. You must be holding
RB or R1 before you perform it and keep it held in until your player performs this skill.
This skill move is deadly for creating angles for shots and passes and you’ll not regret
it if you add it to your arsenal. Moving on to an old favourite and that is
the ever-reliable ball roll. Ball roll is an incredible skill move as it can be used
wherever you are on the pitch and can still be effective. Whether that’s giving yourself
an extra second when being closed down by an attacker in defence or opening up those
passing lines and shooting angles when in attack. It can be performed by simply moving
the right thumbstick to the left or to the right of the player. With the defending being
a little more manual in FIFA 20 it can be a fantastic move to use to beat those standing
and sliding tackles. It is also very effective when in one v one situations as you can create
that angle you need to perform the correct shot or you can simply use it to take it around
the keeper to leave your opponent feeling a little bit silly.
The ball roll maybe perhaps the most used skill move you’ll see throughout the year. Another favourite in FIFA is the drag back
and this year is no different. Drag backs are excellent for helping to manage your attacks
in a more efficient manner. They’re great for, once again, opening up those passing
lines and beating defenders all over the pitch. It can be performed by holding in RB or R1
and dragging back the left stick in the direction that you want to move in. I would recommend that
you only do a maximum of two of these at a time as chaining them will result in the ball
going to far in front of your player and you will most likely lose possession of the ball
. A combination of a drag back in the box and near post shot are one of the most deadly
in the game if you can master it. We move onto a new skill move in FIFA 20 and
that is the drag to drag. This is a very cool skill move and you may think it looks pretty
complicated however it’s very easy to perform in this game. All you have to do to perform
this is hold LT or L2 and simply do a fake shot so X and A or X and square if you’re
on playstation. This skill move can be very good for setting up the chance to combo some
skills such as drag back or fake shot directly after you’ve performed it. It also allows
you to stop but whilst doing that you’re still moving the ball so the defender will
not know what direction you’ll be heading in next. This skill should be predominantly
be used in the final third of the pitch. Now, it would have been a bit rude to do a
video on skill moves and not include a five star skill so we move on to the elastico.
This is a stupendous skill move to use when trying to enter your opponent’s box. Although
it’s not as overpowered as it was last year as you can’t chain them, it’s still very
effective in FIFA 20. It is most effective when in a one v one with a defender or cutting
in, in front of your opponent’s defender’s body. Again, I’d only recommend that you do this
a maximum of two times in quick succession and even that may be pushing it a little.
This skill can be performed by rotating the right stick in a circle from right to left.
If you’re in one of those moods where you feel like ripping the piss out of your opponent
then this is the skill for you. Well I hope this video is useful for those who want to know the most effective skill moves in FIFA 20 If you know any skill moves that
are good then please leave a comment down below.

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