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August 30, 2019

Oh goodness, you guys are crazy slippers crazy slippers. I once saw and duck and my hash Browns (weird nerd slipper laugh) What’s up Fgteevters its Duddy here and today. We’re playing this game called muddy heights number one are we’re not doing number two today Well, wait a minute. I got it all right We will do number two in this game, but we’re not playing muddy heights – you get me I’m the charmy gross, but you are gross [watch] your business back there sure everyone make fun of the poop head I’m sorry to be rude everybody, Mr.. Poopy. Ham is to prove your head everybody say what’s up? That’s my boy. We just chilling alright without further ado hill I swear my china me gross for real press spacebar to continue we move poop with a [double] [usD] and we jump with a space bar and we select by and left click I played this for like a half a second just so I can at least know what I’m getting into but really here goes my first try I’m not alive my second try [alright] here. We go. So this guy. He’s like. Oh, he’s on the wall He’s [gotta] go to the bathroom really bad We’ve got some food down here, and I don’t have any money yet We’ve got some secrets and only the egg oppresses go poop so let’s let’s go poop and boom. [I] know what happens [oh], we got a poop meter okay, so I just press spacebar and Now oh yeah. I was a good [poof] in blue. [oh], you stopped in my poof dude Ha ha ha ha I like you [could] try. I’m controlling it. Oh you guys are [all] [squishing] my little poop seriously I Got I killed I’ve killed everybody with my poop Oh, I mean, I knew it smelled bad about anything except bad my goodness. I’m so sorry guys somebody called the ambulance Yeah, I don’t think I think I killed the ambulance – dude My score was [1075] my money awesome. So I get the amount of money Whatever my score is awesome press R to restart now We can buy something oh, so [oh], chili makes your poop first impact larger burger makes you poop greasy making it slide better [ah] Cotton Candy makes [you] [poop] lighter and big burrito makes you poop larger chicken makes you poop moo I’ll make sure poop move faster milk gives you the runs We’re trying the milk are there you’re in go poop. What’s gonna happen? What’s gonna happen. Oh, gosh. Oh gosh [oh], gosh, cause good it boom I’ll set that bad. That’s not too runny. Whoa? slow motion oh Sorry wow [alrighty] my poor poop not all the [guy’s] leg Sorry about that. Why they look like they have drumsticks for legs boom [our] let’s restart. Oh, the milk is gone now. Let’s see what gum gum makes your poop bounce higher and corn makes your poop get a higher score and money ah I’m pretty sure I’m doing a good job of that on my own without the corn [oh], wait a minute the corn I get it wait a minute We gotta check that out corn. Go poop and is it is it [is] it like it Is it is it as it is it is it sorry stuttered. There is it gonna be what I think it? is it is it’s got corn in the poop ah Seriously, [I] just want ha ha ha [ha] no. I’m sucking a tire alright That was [pretty] bad that was pretty bad look at all these guys oh That what? My poof was so bad [I] knocked over a lamp post in the street. Oh Good. Oh my goodness. Look you don’t even see [right] there like all the lamp posts is still in good condition. We can use it nevermind not using [that] one [ah] Let’s try the gum. I want to see how high I can make my my [boob] bounce. This is so gross alright Go poop and come all the way to the top and boom let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s get this cover here, no I get over my Papa he [smooshed] me What have you done to my boy? [I’m] sorry man. [you] [want] me to get them back Is that a yes [ok] you like this game? You’re still saying yes. Do you know you’re supposed to be saying now [oh] game is the poo be easy silly. I chicken makes you poop move faster. Go poop and Oh man, how fast how fast is too fast boom well you know oh oh no imma get him [oh] Look it in the face get his face now. No ah my poop. Just ripped outer space oh, [I] I’m making these people on the other side of the street [slim] alright, I know I’m so sorry guys. I know what to do now this time. We’re not going to try anything special. We’re just gonna We’re just going to give him a regular [poop] where we we’ve got [a] poop on someone’s head you ready Ant and come on come on. Come on. Come on go up [ah] [Mr.]. Oh Sorry about that. You guys might want to take it back that you [guys] hear that congestion [my] throat water This guy’s in so much pain here the quest. This is land on the head quest and boom [alright]. Come on. Come on Come on. Come on no Is it is it not possible? Maybe it’s not possible to land on someone’s head come on Let’s try this let’s poop on the head no. No no okay. [okay]? I feel go go. Go. How we do this We do it we can do it. Oh gosh. It’s flapping its wing It’s a flappy turd Alrighty so come on flappy bird. Go flappy, but if I hit the bird We gotta hit the bird hey, come on go go ah So the bird kind of slows down a little bit. So you got a name it just right like this like this like this yeah That’s crappy – oh the flappy bird I killed him flappy bird with a flappy turn what? This game is great. You agree with me back there He’s in agreement with me. You love this game. Now. Don’t you? You like to see birds fly out the sky yeah this guy is a nut It’s got nuts in his poop what that’s groans Why I to go there daddy fly to go there [all] [right], so then there’s flushed window cleaner dump the dump in [Brown] fruits We’ve already done in the mouth cockadoodle poo. Messy business soil lamp and torrential turd. [I] think it’s time for a big burrito Let’s go poop on the window. We need to get fast for this ready in Boom come on back come on the head to [being] oh Dump the dump. Oh excuse me. Oh Sorry so much gross so much gross [in] this in this video We got dumped a dump we didn’t get window cleaner all right you guys want [something] make sure [if] [poops] first impact larger maybe we can better hit the window with an Impactful poop boom impactful poop and boom doesn’t count serious it got a little on the window Didn’t account then count [oh], sorry about that guy There’s so much money like what else can I do with all this money unless I must be like the master Pooper which [measure] is a good thing Is it a good thing? It is well, and he says he you know. It’s to bow before your poop master What kind of window do they want? [alright], wait. Maybe it’s like on this window. Oh [sliding] down the side of a building oh [come] over for [tea] late. Oh Sorry, I just got all alice and wonderland on the river restart and go poop alright seriously you have to become a window cleaner Aunt yeah that had to be that wasn’t it Seriously. Oh yeah, you gotta have to want to eat at that table. I’m I’m sure you want to go back to that restaurant Wait the restaurant serves [poob]. That’s kind of strange They’re like very inviting to the poop community all right. [God] candy makes you poop lighter Oh does that mean I have more time to control it no no no no no no that was bad. That was bad Seriously seriously. [oh], oh, oh get this guy yeah slip slip slip slip slip slip slip oh Goodness you guys are crazy slippers crazy slippers. [I] want [sun] duck and my hat [browns] Flushed I don’t know what flushed is we’ve got one thing left burger. Make sure I didn’t even read it [all] right I’m not Gonna Lie I flushed Oh, maybe the sewer we need to aim in the sewer come on sewer come on sewer come on to a bull was that it What made the [whole] [place] I know? It’s still going I was gonna say it made the boss capsize But then I [realized] we’re not on the ocean so I made the bus flip over. Oh, oh, whoa. Whoa. It was a ghost bust It was a ghost busting at saturn. Yes, good Joke he approves he approves bus went through the wall And I’m chilling with iterative ghostbuster. There’s so many like weird puns in this game. It’s Disgusting it’s disgusting And I’m wet. I’m I can’t I can’t I can’t buy anything [alright] brown fruits. Oh there must be a fruit stand down here Oh, I see it. Come on. Come on. Come on Come on, guava come on Gua Gua malicious guava Licious gravel is just yeah [brown] fruits I didn’t leland guava around here. Oh I’m so sorry all the good babies head of entire [hee] there should be a past tension bummed that dude bummed his head on the tire, right? [let’s] [alright] webster, and tell him what’s up because they’re a little [old-fashioned] with their tenses and stuff I Refresh we’ve got one thing left window cleaner. Do not know how to do are we in Chinatown Okay So we’re [in] chinatown. This is uh I’m a tourist I’m a tourist in Chinatown And I’m pooping all over the city just great [ah] they’re never [allowed] me back. This is the last thing window cleaner Maybe I splat the window of a vehicular Transportation device boom That was it and we’re not quite done yet that guy’s got a broken arm Oh, that was a nice slide slip slide slippity slide. I got so much [pooping] You got some in your eyes seriously guys gotta clean up right a little bit right there alright guys well, I made it up to a score of 23,000 I Knocked out all the secrets. I’m so sad this game is over. This is like I didn’t think I can only play this game one time why am I not heard about this game till now? Kind of gamer am I I’m such a fake game. That was a mouse. Did you see that that was a? Poufy mouse up suck [hey] [whoopie], I got poop running down my back right now. [oh], [God]. Oh Goodness guys that’s so gross. [I] gotta go change. I’ll be right back alright guys. Poopy guy. He couldn’t be here So he’s [dead] there is he’s so cool. Man that you got so much swag look at him You see what I’m saying When I grow up, I want to be just like you poopy head Alrighty guys what we are done. Thank you so much for watching Muddy heights this is disgusting I wish I can like get that duck right there Hey poop on the duck, but it won’t let me Alright well guys. This is wait. Ah nothing say can I poop on myself? [let’s] see it go almost hello, it’s David [I] Almost pooped to myself and go nothing no, not quite. Where’s his head? Oh there it is Anyways, [oh] yeah? Oh yeah? Oh, yeah, that guys aren’t even smackdown yet there it goes. Oh, you’re [squishing] materials go smitten Thank you guys so much for watching we’ll check you later Make sure you thumbs up and like if you want to see muddy heights part to get this video to 1 billion Views that’s right. I’m trying to beat Justin Bieber’s baby, baby one more time always that britney spears. Okay? It’s just called baby Yeah, not one more time, and what does the fox say and Gangnam style? I’m pretty sure we could do that who doesn’t love poop right? I’ll see you guys later. I gotta go do some stuff

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