Feminists & SJW’s VS. Video Games
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Feminists & SJW’s VS. Video Games

September 5, 2019

Are video games too sexist? How aboot racist? Including some asking if the game industry
is sexist. Games community is at each others throat when
talking about the subject of race. Racism in video games: The New Norm? And some countries are responding to what
they view as sexism in video games. The more time a teenage boy spends playing
video games, the more likely he will be to develop sexist attitudes. Too many games they say, perpetuate a culture
of sexism and misogony. Can video games influence racial stereotypes? Saddle up, internet, were going there. Here we go again. Same old shit, dog just a different day. Here we go again. You know how niggas do when we play how we
play. Here we go again. A mans gotta do what a mans gotta do. Here we go again. In the War Against Video Games we learned
that theres always something destroying society, and we learned that violence in video games
had massive amounts of coverage and research over the course of 40 years. There was something to be said about violent
media affecting the minds of people, yet it overshadowed the sexism & equality debate,
but the attacks on gaming from feminists and sjws have had extensive coverage in the last
5+ years. Sexism and Racism has been a topic of debate
on the video game industry since the 1980s. Although it never got that much attention
back then, but as the industry continued to grow and with the advent of the Internet allowing
anyone to easily have their opinions seen & heard, the issue of Sexism, Misogony, & race
in gaming, started popping up all over media websites, game journalists, on YouTube, everywhere. The combined might of Feminism, the Social
Justice movement, and the idea of Racial Diversity and equality, was enough to bring up serious
questions on the ethics of the video game industry. Are some video games sexist towards women,
or racist towards certain ethnic groups? Is it even a real issue? With so many articles, videos and opinions
floating around cyberspace, join me, as I seek to understand both sides and settle the
battle of Feminists and SJWs vs. Video Games. In order to understand a current issue, we
have to look back at what potentially caused it. We cant just look at WWII and be like, eh
just a bunch of pissed of Germans wanted to rule the world and kill jews, and that, children
is a complete summary of the 2nd World War. Theres more to it than that! So to understand why Feminists and SJWs have
been attacking the game industry, we have to look back at the origins of that industry. This part might not be as entertaining or
fun as the rest of the video but goddamnit this is the most critical point of the whole
issue. Its important to understand that video games
are a business, and any business worth their salt is going to identify the type of people
that purchase their products. Then theyll market and advertise to appeal
to those consumers, to the demographic. For example, my channel is entirely based
on video games, which is why youll never see me make a video on fucking leather belts or
something. LEATHER BELT? AUUUGHH! The target audience for video games back in
the 70s & 80s was predominately young males, teenagers, back then Arcades were tailored
towards this demographic, as you can see in this archive footage of gaming arcades, the
people playing the games are almost entirely boys, teenagers, and a few adult males. One of the big breakthroughs in broadening
the gaming demographic to women and girls was Pac-Man. Toru Iwatani the creator, intended the game
to attract women to arcades, and it was successful, spurning the sequel, Ms. Pac-Man. If the game industry only appealed to one
gender, theyre missing out on 50% of the population and money they could be making. A study done in 1982 found the percentage
of male to female gamers was 80% male to 20% female, roughly. As the years went on, higher percentages of
women played video games, recently a statistic has been circling the web claiming women make
up around or more than half of the gaming population. But this statistic doesnt mean weve reached
a point where gaming as a whole has an equal target demographic. Because whats REALLY important, is understanding
which genre of games male and females like to play. I want you to pay attention to this chart
that lays out the percentages of women who play which genre of game, notice that only
2 of the genres listed, are predominately played by women. I didnt even know what Match 3 was before
this video, but its a genre of games where you… match 3 tiles… yea theres a genre for that. So applying this chart to the gaming industry,
it should be apparent why most games are marketing to appeal to men. By understanding how the target audience for
video games has changed over the years, and how it is currently, we see why video games
were marketed and created with the male demographic primarily in mind. And how gaming culture has shaped into what
it is today. Remember this fucking chart because its goddamn
important. Are games racist? Yea… Mario, that is like a stereotype that runs
around inside of your Nintendo, man. This study, showing that playing video games
for Caucasian college students could result in racist thoughts and behavior. The first scene is the black dude just getting
his ass kicked, specifically by a white dude! Sometimes I believe the hype man, we mess
it up for ourselves and blame the white man. But dont point the finger you jigga-boo, take
a look at yourself ya dumb nigga you. Whats happening to the video game industry
right now, has been happening to Hollywood and the film industry for the last century,
though not nearly as extreme. The same complaint made against Hollywood
is being made against video games. There isnt enough diversity
What in the hells diversity? For movies this had merit as discrimination
and inequality was rampant in the film industry. Dont get me wrong, its important that games
and movies have a unique cast of characters, to represent different types of people. A diverse pool of people can bring interesting
perspectives to the table. But its not as simple as checking off the
black, asian, and Mexican boxes for characters. This creates tokenism, which is when a form
of art or a story specifically inserts diverse characters for no other reason than they feel
they have to. Not because it fits the framework of what
theyre trying to do. Ironically enough, when games do feature diverse
locations or settings, they play the race card if there are or arent representation
for race X. As in the case with Left 4 Dead 2. What does Hurricane Katrina and setting the
game in New Orleans have to do with one another? And what do they have to do with racist undertones
in video games? Now I speak for myself, but I imagine most
non-racist, non-sexist, people would agree. When I watch a movie or play a game, I dont
think to myself, Oh hey, this has a black, lead character,
thats diverse, thats good. Im more interested in the writing, the cinematography,
the sounds, the music, the dialogue, the character itself. Unless it relates to the subject matter of
the story itself, I dont give a fuck about the color of their skin. I just want to be entertained and if possible,
see a culture or idea Ive never seen before. See the real problem is seeing a lack of diversity
as a problem. When you boil down the quality of any art
or a narrative down to a gender or % of skin tones you see in that art or narrative, you
are making the diversity quota an issue. Take this stereotypical hipster, Also some
reasons as to why GTA V is actually objectively sexist! First up, reason one: 3 male leads. Wha-? Objectively sexist?? Ok is Charlies Angels objectively sexist? That features 3 female leads. What kind of fucking logic is that? You got 3 lead characters, one of em isnt
female? Boom. Sexism! Its about discovering who your character is,
and theres a lot more to that than skin color. And the same goes for gender, sexuality, religion
and all those other facets of diversity too. Some of the games that have come under criticism
from a lack of diversity or racism will just blow your fucking mind. You get to choose what torture device you
get to use on the random brown guy. So you can either electrocute him or waterboard
him or pull his teeth out. Its nice that you get to choose how to hate. The racism has shifted from overt caricatures
to overt actual, real-world racism. Yes, some games do have stereotypes, but the
mere depiction of a stereotype doesnt make a game is racist. If youre playing a game and you think the
characters might be racist stereotypes, ask yourself, Is this meant to depict a greater
image about the characteristics of an entire group of people? Or is this just a simple, easy way for game
developers to create diverse characters? Or is it just meant to be funny? The whole point of making fun of stereotypes
is to allow us to laugh at ourselves. Everytime white dudes pass out around each
other they always do some borderline gay shit when the guy is asleep. These racial characterizations are spot on,
again and again! Even in some of the less prominent races. The Spaniards, for example, are portrayed
as effete be-clawed homosexuals in colorful spandex. Just as they are in real life. So when people get so butthurt over this kind
of stuff, I think its a sign of insecurity. Its only racist if it was made with racist
intent One of the most controversial was Resident
Evil 5. Which was based in Africa and had you fight
against zombies with dark skin. Yet the way SJWs reacted to this, it seems
to imply we cant have video games set in the continent of Africa, because doing so is inherently
racist. The most racist game I played recently was
probably Resident Evil 5. The bad guys in this game, which are all just
Africans with spears, literal spears that theyre chucking at you. Its in Africa, its been in Antacrtica. Its been I think, in Spain? Its been in the Midwest. Wasnt racist then, why should it be racist
now? Its in Africa. Have fun with the game! Play the game! If location can make a game racist, then why
isnt the Jewish community in an uproar over games that take place in Germany? And heres another question, if they made the
indigenous people of the villages in resident Evil 5 white, wouldnt you have still complained
because the game was inaccurate? And the developers failed to depict the people
of the villages in a proper manner? Of course you would. That would be something to complain about! Take Witcher 3 for example, made by a polish
game developer, based on a novel written by a Polish man in Poland, who based that novel
on Polish mythology and Euorpean folklore. Now Witcher 3 came under fire and criticism
because it features an all white cast. You wanna know why there arent any black,
asian or mexican dudes in Witcher 3? For the exact same reason that African movies
feature mostly African people. Action packed movie!!! Or Chinese films feature mostly, you wont
get this Chinese people! Because any piece of art is going to reflect
the culture from where it originates. Remember when I talked about target audience? Well the majority of people in America are
White, the majority of sexual orientation is straight, and the majority of people who
play hardcore games are Men. So if you use your handy dandy notebook and
tally up the numbers, youd see the reason why so many games have straight white male
protagonists and characters is because thats the goddamn demographic! Well I want you to guess the demographic population
of Poland. J-j-just take a guess! Take a second. If you guessed 98.5% White, youreright!! Skin color does not define culture. And thats the point I want to me, culture
in video games is more important than skin color. Ill say this once more, skin color does not
define culture. But this article by polygon seems to think
otherwise. Reviews have lavished praise, perfect scores
and awards on it. While some reviews have mentioned issues such
as sexism, none I read mentioned another crucial misstep: Not a single human in the game is
a person of color. And its tied to a central issue here that
gaming as whole needs to face: Concerns of minority groups are not only ignored, theyre
so often not even considered. Yes, according to, Tauriq here. Representing people of color is an issue the
entire gaming industry needs to face no matter what country you come from. Because fuck your nation, fuck your culture,
fuck your history give me diversity or Ill write a shitty, racist article about it. Almost every Witcher 3 review I came across
was written by a white man WHO GIVES A FUCK? Are you here to review the game or just be
fuckin racist? “Historically accurate” is another common
defense for many awful actions in fiction. WHAT?! ARE YOU SAYING CHANGE HISTORY?! FOR THE SAKE OF DIVERSITY! WHAT FUCKIN PLANET DO YOU LIVE ON? This goes to show no matter what you do, someone
will be pissed off about it. So who would DICE rather piss off with Battlefield
1? Historians & fans of the series? Or a bunch of butthurt, blathering babies
that want to see history changed to include women in a war that they barely even fought
in? Who would CD Projekt Red rather piss off? The Polish nation, the people and mythology
of Poland? Or some fuckwit dingos that care too much
about skin color? Tauriq Moosa saw a game gaining massive praise
and attention, and he saw nobody talking about the lack of colored people, so he was like,
B-b-but what about people of color?! YOU RACISTS! You dehumanizing racist fucks! You want equality? How many Polish video games are there? That you know about? Guarentee for 99% of gamers, this is it. This is Polands video game industry. How many people of color have you seen in
video games, HUNDREDS! So rather than rejoice, like this guy, in
the fact that the Polish nation can take pride in one of their works being so critically
acclaimed, by the WORLD! This backwards asshat of a man, tries to self-victimize
himself and disregard the nation of Poland. Obama doesnt even play games and he recognizes
the accomplishments of the Polish people in making the Witcher games. This article is a perfect example of how SJWs
can get so wrapped up in their own ideology, that they dont realize what theyre writing
is racist, culturally insensitive, virtue signaling propaganda . That attacks the very
diversity it seeks to promote. I bet most of you watching this right now,
never actually thought to yourself, hey I havent seen a (insert skin color of person
that isnt white) in this game. You know why you dont think that? Cuz youre a normal person that doesnt look
and judge things based on skin color. Isnt that the point of equality? To highlight the fact that we are all equal? That we are all human beings? That skin color is irrelevant? If so, why does it matter what the color of
anyones fucking skin is?? America has a big history with race because
we are a very diverse country. But as Morgan Freeman wisely said: How are
we gonna get rid of racism? Stop talking about it. Stop making it an issue. Stop trying to put race into every discussion,
into every piece of media and art. Stop trying to make race an issure. People are so concerned about diversity that
theyll write page after page, article after article why not just write a diverse story? I think a lot of these people spend so much
time behind Twitter, that they forget they have two hands, they have a brain, they have
the ability to create, to design, to explore, to imagine. They have all of these tools at their disposal,
but instead of actually taking the time to put their money where theyre fucking mouth
is, they sit behind a computer screen and complain. These types of articles are systematic problems
of game journalist ethics, and their resort to clickbait and cause controversy around
popular well-known games. Is there a lack of diverse people from different
cultures as video game characters and in the industry? Perhaps, but its not really an issue, thats
just the demographics of America. Now if you want to change what video game
companies appeal to, youd need to change the demographics, and good luck with that. But it seems to me like these people want
to change the way our culture and other cultures & countries create art, to fit their own standards
and ideologies of diversity and racial acceptance and that seems far more damaging to society,
then a lack of diversity ever could be. Because the more you make an issue of race
and color, the more you make race and color an issue. Despite the number of articles and videos
Ive gone through, its hard to even understand what it is Feminists and SJWs want from all
the commotion theyre causing. What really is the end goal or the vision
they are seeking? Ok so youre tired of seeing sexy women in
video games, so you want unattractive women in video games? Why? You want unattractive men in video games? Why? Its art, you can make your characters look
however you want. I feel retarded even having to say this, but
people like things that are attractive. You want more diversity in the skin color
of characters? Ok, how much more do you want? How are you gonna get it? So they want more women and colored people
working in the industry. Alright, so why are you not directing your
articles towards the minority groups you want represented? Why arent you trying to convince them a job
in the game industry is something to be desired? Theres a reason certain jobs are dominated
by a specific group, women just arent as interested in engineering as men are. Is the engineering industry sexist women arent
interested in it? Fuck no. People like different things and there is
no perfect harmony of equality that can be achieved in every industry across the globe. Im constantly wondering what the goal is. An equal amount of men & women, Colored people
in video games, making video games, playing games and promoting them? Is that even realistic? Its hard to find a feminist or SJW that can
articulate their points in a way that gamers can empathize with and still be somewhat respectable. But at least there is one, the factual Feminist. Are there video games that are ripe with sexism? Do they promote a culture of misogyny and
violence that must be dismantled? Well, my answer is no. As far as I can tell, there really is no tangible
end goal for these people, its all about pushing an ideology, conforming people to that ideology,
begging for attention, clicks, views, and virtue signaling. You see so many of these videos and articles
dont actually provide a solution or a means to get there, its just bitching and moaning. In the quest for diversity and equality, it
appears what feminists and sjws want games to do is pretty straightforward. More women in strong roles, ethnically diverse
characters and protagonists, , armor should not be lingerie, etc. I think that sounds reasonable. But looking past the surface value of these
blanket statements and actually listening to what these people want, becomes an indecipherable
paradox. And there is so many layers of irony its hard
to wrap your mind around it. You cant portray woman as victims of violence
or abuse. You cant portray women as being violent or
abusive. Cant portray women as sexy. Women in the industry cant portray women as
being sexy. You cant not portray women at all. You cant portray a woman being rescued by
a man. You cant portray black people getting killed,
you cant portray black people killing. You cant portray any stereotype. You cant have a game set in the continent
of Africa. You cant not portray people of all the different
skin colors and genders, regardless of if it makes no sense within the context of the
game. Would you like it if we only made games that
were approved of by every single person on the planet? Thats a good idea, huh? But if that were the case, I guess game production
would stop in its tracks and no game would ever get made again. Well if we listened to these people, what
can we do? Thats the thing, theyd never be happy. Because most of these Feminists and SJWs are
complaining about video games to an American audience, but then try to take games from
other countries and apply American principles to those. Whats that? Japanese companies are making games showing
scantily clad women playing VOLLEYBALL? S-tereotyping people from other nations? QUICKLY! AMERICAN PRINCIPLE CARD ACTIVATE! Well as you probably noticed most of the people
who criticize video game content for being offensive or problematic tend to be Americans
speaking to an American audience. But since American studios are not responsible
for producing so much of what gets criticized, it seems to me that any criticism that fails
to distinguish between American studios and Japanese studios is deeply unfocused and unproductive. Ironic how the stereotypical American policing
the world is trying to control what game companies from other nations put in their games. Youre becoming the American Stereotype that
you dont want represented in video games. Yet you believe you own the world, that because
your American, your sense of morality is better than every other country. All these propositions from Feminists and
SJWs is just restriction. silencing certain expression of speech, which
ironically is against American principles. And the most ironic part, is all these Feminists
and SJWs complain about the sexism, racism, yada yada in video games but at the end of
the day who do they expect to fix this problem in a male dominated industry? Theres nothing more hilarious in my book when
someone bites off more than they can chew, and blames the food when they choke. It takes a special type of thinking to believe
you can attack and harass a group of people and call yourself a victim when they swing
back. Let alone against a community of people that
have been attacked by mainstream media, by politicians by their parents, by just about
everything. Thats what so many of these feminists and
SJWs do, is constantly play victim to the point that they actually make it a profession. After all, Brianna Wu is making 40% of Barack
Obamas salary for simply existing, so this harassment narrative is working quite well
for them. But Ill take a note from Sarkeesians book:
when women constantly portray themselves as victims, it disempowers them because now they
need to be saved by someone else. And they cant deal with the threats they face
on their own. Coincidentally, Ill be discussing Gamergate
as well. Look, nobody approves of death threats but
if youre gonna publicly insult and demonize millions of gamers and the industry they love,
you cant act shocked when you get threats like that. These people didnt attack you first, you attacked
them, you werent doing anything then you attacked them. Not to mention, its the fucking internet! People on the internet are GAMERS! If you dont want to be harassed, dont incite
the wrath of the internet. The logic of Professional victims is something
like this, Im sure this is a fallacy in some philosophy book, the I am being targeted and
harassed by many people of the side I am opposing, therefore you should take my side, because
youre an empathetic human, and these barbarians are threatening me. You know, theres an age old saying, dont talk
shit, if you cant take a hit. You suck Hulk Hogan dick and you fucking suck
Hulk Hogan ass. This is why societies have their own form
of checks and balances right. When someones talking shit outta their mouth,
society checks that person so they dont wreck themselves. Right, but if the person is so arrogant and
self-absorbed that they cant check themselves, their gonna wreck themselves. Theres also the famous story of The Boy Who
Cried Wolf, and it particularly applies to the case of Brianna Wu. For those that dont know, Brianna Wu is a
professional victim, and shes actually a dude, real name, John Flynt. Yup shes a real fucking Frank Fontaine, and
a con artist who perpetuates harassment towards himself for personal gain. Now dont take this as a knock against trans
people, because the point is John Flynt uses his experience as a woman to justify his terrible
actions and gain support through donations. With the amount of evidence showing his false
flagging, creating accounts to harass himself, and narcissistic way of tying every tragedy
back to him, its hard to take any possible death threat against him seriously. And this is one of the spearheads of the Anti-Gamergate
Movement. Why should anyone believe this death threat
wasnt fabricated like the others? John Flynt had brought on the wolves so hard
so many times, that now hes being harassed by people because he faked being harassed
and is trying so hard to become a victim. Its a self-fullfilling prophecy. At least death threats are exactly what they
are, but this maliciousness is far worse than that. Purposely inciting hatred and diverting police
resources away from actual issues all for the sake of what? Equal representation in video games? Or is it more likely self-gain. Then weve got Zoe Quinn, another con artist
who once again takes on multiple aliases. Eh she did a little bit of porn here, but
you know, that doesnt matter. Because her corruption and the shittiness
of her character has been well exposed and documented. Like John Flynt, shes got a shady as fuck
background that if you want to know more, check the description for a link. Of course, theres Anita Sarkeesian, and fuck
me Im gonna spend time dissecting that turd basket. But you know people like this really make
me appreciate Jack Thompson, though an irrational, single-minded guy who was wrong about pretty
much everything he said and did. At least he was straight forward, and sometimes
actually had good intentions; he wasnt a fucking snake like these witches. He wasnt a self-victimizing cunt, just a dude
fighting the wrong battle. Now the optimist in me wants to believe that
many of these SJWs and Feminists have good intentions, but people like Brianna Wu, Zoe
Quinn, and Anita Sarkeesian make me think those people with good intentions are doing
it for nothing more than selfish, personal gain. When youve got this type of representation
at the top of your movement, it makes everyone else look like shit. And thats the real tragedy of these self-victimizing
lunatics. At the end of the day, this was a war waged
by feminists and SJWs, they brought the fire, but we had more fire. Any positive message that couldve actually
done some good in the world and in the game industry, was shoved behind a mess of pathological
lying, manipulation corruption, hatred, and narcissism, this resulting in their attempts
at making the game industry more inclusive and representing women more fairly, utterly
meaningless. Gamergate was successful and the people that
opposed it so fervently were exposed as the narcissistic, hate-mongering bigots that they
are. Im going to briefly talk about some of Anitas
videos, but more importantly how the greater message behind her work is inherently flawed
and inconsequential. This brings us to one of the core reasons
why the trope is so problematic and pernicious for womens representations. Woah woah woah, look Anita, you want me to
get my fucking English teacher in here? Because English must not have been your strong
suit, if it was youd know that a trope is a storytelling tool. The tale of how Krystal went from protagonist
of her own epic adventure to the passive victim in someone elses game, illustrates how the
damsel in distress disempowers female characters. Alright, so does the Wimpy kid trope disempower
boys? Do you see anyone making a big fucking deal
about Urkel? Does the dumb muscle trope disempower men? No its a type of fucking character. So the damsel trope typically makes men the
subject of narratives while relegating women the role of object, this is a form of objectification
This is a form of objectification, because as objects, damseled women are being acted
upon. What about Zelda? Shes a damsel in distress and even in that
role shes the title of the game, not only that, sometimes she fucks shit up! How about Bastilla who starts off as a damsel
in distress, she is labeled as a prize as a slave, but again she fucks shit up! And shes not a prize for just a male character,
you can be a female character too! She even becomes stronger when she turns to
the dark side and is still damsel in distresss. How about Princess Fiona? Shes a pretty badass damsel in distress. You see you cant just take a single trope
from storytelling, and suddenly start to say, NOW! Its implementation in video games, is disempowering
women or a specific group in the real world. Why the fuck was it not doing that for the
last 5,000 years? Its all about how the storyteller uses this
trope, not that the trope itself is the problem. The heros fight to retrieve his stolen property
then provides the lazy justification for the actual gameplay. You know, at least I can partially agree with
Anita here, because in many cases it is lazy. But when the demographic is primarily men,
theyre going to naturally be appealed to this trope. Because they have that inner fantasy of rescuing
a woman of being a hero themselves. Its not about sexual objectification. Its not about the disempowerment of women,
its about overcoming a challenge, feeling proud of that and saving someone. So while it is a somewhat lazy and overused
trope in video games, its not inherently sexist, its all about what the storyteller or artist
chooses to portray. There is no single storytelling mechanic that
is detrimental to society or disempowers people. I appreciate the thought, effort and research
that mustve gone into making these videos. I can really appreciate that. Games need to be fun before they can tell
a good story, so I understand why games have a lazy justification. But this series is nothing more than an analysis
of the damsel in distress trope in video games. All these videos that took $160,000 dont mean
diddly-dick if you cant prove or show some kind of point, which was your goal. But theres no prove that this trope is damaging,
theres just hearsay. How could you even quantify the damage this
causes? Its like that South Park episode Cartoon Wars,
if you allow one group of people to dictate what is and isnt ok to use in storytelling,
in art then every other group can do the same, until storytelling becomes a stale art restricted
only by what will or wont hurt peoples feelings. All this does is advocate for restrictive
storytelling. Try and think of the game development industry
as a big club house with Boys Only written on the front, right. Even if its by accident nerd culture does
manage to exclude women and LGBTQ+ people in a bunch of different ways. Were saying gaming can no longer be this little
boys club anymore. One of the biggest points people like Sarkeesian
make is that gamers want to remain a boys club. Or that we dont to include other people with
differing sexual preferences or whatever. This is so far from the truth of what is at
the core of the gaming experience. Which is being an all-inclusive club. For so many years, gaming was looked at as
a thing for nerds, geeks. The stereotypical 35 year old man living in
his moms basement was paraded around as if it represented all gamers. They used to get bullied for being nerds and
games like Dungeons and Dragons were a source of refuge for these people. They could enjoy the things they loved with
other people that felt the same way, and not worry about being discriminated or made fun
of. Not worry about their parents scolding them,
or what the news media was saying. To just have fun playing what they loved. The idea that we dont want more women or people
of color playing or making video games is just absurd. Thats why we like seeing hot women in video
games because we wish we had girlfriends, that played video games with us! So no straight male gamer would EVER look
at a girl that plays video games as something bad. I mean if I had girlfriend that played video
games? Man, fuck making out, having sex and all that
gay shit lets go play Halo, dude. Lets fuck shit up in Dark Souls, lets play
a Mario Kart drinking game. This flawed concept that gamers were harassing
women because theyre sexist and dont want them in the industry was the basis of the
anti-gamergate position. And the reason for their self-victimization. Which is why Not Your Shield became a movement. Anti-gamergate was using minorities and women
as a shield and saying they were on the side of those minorities. Its the gaming community that is that has
risen up because it is tired of being lied about and slandered by its own press. Realistically, unless youre playing Dota,
League of Legends, or Call of Duty multiplayer. Gamers dont care if youre gay, what color
your skin is, or if youre a girl. All we care about is having fun and sometimes
EEEYYYYYYYEAAAAAAA!!! Gaming is a medium that people of all walks
of life can meet and make friends online. People from different countries, or with disabilities,
social outcasts, you know everyone can have a home in gaming if theyre a good person at
heart. And they share their love with others. In fact the world of games is rich and diverse
and theres room for everyone! So why give young women this discouraging
message, that theyre not wanted? So no, we dont wanna be a boys club, we want
diversity, we want to meet people from different countries, of different ethnicities. What we dont want, is a social ideology infesting
and restricting the hobby we love. Now lets wrap this up and talk Real Shit. Just as it was with the War Against Video
Games, the idea that video games and the industry itself is racist, sexist, homophobic, pro-genocide
or whatever, has no real concrete evidence or proof. Its the exact same problem as before, you
got these studies that say gamers become more X after playing Y and answering the question
Z. Because correlation always proves causation,
doesnt it? Like this graph, showing per capita cheese
consumtion and the number of people who died by becoming tangled in their bedsheets. Or this one which clearly shows that margarine
consumption is directly responsible for the divorce rate in Maine. Because correlation always implies causation. Simply put, there are no statistics, research,
or proof that could lead one to reasonably believe video games cause racial or sexist
thoughts, and itd be an even farther stretch to imagine any sort of trope, stereotype,
or lack of diversity in a video game having real world consequences. Would-be game reformers need to connect the
games they criticize to negative world consequences. They need to show, not dogmatically assume
that video games make people sexist. The burden of proof rests with them. Heck, even when Anita and John Flynt went
to the UN and wrote up a report on cyberbulling against women, the UN after publishing the
article, retracted it because the evidence presented in it was cited from bogus studies
and discredited research. So if youre good enough to get to the freaking
United Nations and you still cant make a case, Im sorry but youre shit outta luck. And I can see the good intentions and well-meaning
opinions of some of these feminists and SJWs, and quite frankly Id like to see more diverse
stories and games. Different points of views we hardly ever see. I think there is a genuine value in there
that should be tapped by the gaming industry. I think you can be more diverse and represent
women in a way thats good, without having to cave to all the ridiculous demands. It all just comes back to: what do artists
want to do with their work? What do they want to achieve? And I think its great when games put their
characters in roles much different then what were used to. Its always nice to see something refreshing
that breaks the mold. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these
sjw feminist articles and videos are just so ideologically driven and intent on changing
the gaming industry, rather than these people being passionate game makers that want to
add more of what they want to see. They cant, and havent reached the gaming audience
because of the way they articulate their points. Its a vicious cycle of complaining about X,
but not actually doing or writing anything that would encourage people to change X, then
when these peoples ideas are criticized they hide in a shell, play victim and soak up as
much sympathy as possible like a parasite. All while hiding behind the cover of saying
gamers want to be a boys club. Its non-productive, it distracts from real
issues, and aside from getting a few laughs from these lolcows, its just a waste of time. Im sure tackling the discrimination of gays
in Russia or role of women in Saudi Arabia is a much more important issue than what color
of skin or what clothes video game characters have. This quest for equality and diversity wasnt
a highly publicized issue until just a few years ago. It wasnt an issue, until it was made an issue. Until gaming itself was attacked. To summarize, Ill go back to that great quote
from Penn. To try to blame Shakespeare and the violence
in Shakespeare and the violence in art for violence that happens in the real world, is
something that has been tried for years and is always wrong. It really is as simple as that. Blaming media and art for violence, racism
and sexism, has been tried for years and is always wrong. After GamerGate, many of these SJWs and Feminists
had faded into the abyss of obscurity. The views on Feminist Frequency were down,
the PBS channel stopped uploading videos, and though some games and developers were
affected by their ideologies, I believe, video games will revert back to being the art form
they were always meant to be. Yeah someone sent nasty words on the twitter,
can we get the FBI to investiage, perhaps? No, you know whats sexist? You know whats a tiring plot device? You, Anita. Something being offensive is entirely subjective. For example, your obsurdly thick-rimmed glaess,
they offend me they offend me greatly! Youre not actually bashing and killing and
doing terrible things to women! Its a GAAAAME! Its a video game! This totally proves that video games cause
sexist attitudes. Thats why there was absolutely no Sexism in
the world before video games.

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  1. ___________UPDATE 8/28/17___________

    This video was previously taken down for Hate Speech, which of course was bullshit. But because of the help of TrustedFlagger, he was able to get the video back up for YOUR viewing pleasure! So big shoutout to him, thank you all!

    The War Against Video Games continues! In this epic finale, course it ain't a trilogy but hey it's still epic so ENJOY!

    Time Stamps for the video!

    Intro: 0:00
    Current Events: 2:23
    You’re Gonna Be Diverse And You’re Gonna LIKE IT (Racism): 5:14
    What Do SJW’s & Feminists REALLY Want: 16:52
    Death Threats! Harassment & Victims! Oh My: 21:46
    Trope Vs. Stereotype – Know The Difference: 27:01
    Boys Club: 30:43
    Real Shit & Conclusion: 33:47

    What are your thoughts or opinions on the matter? Let me know in the comments below!

  2. My mother had her cousin over recently. His family mentioned how fair doesn't mean equal. For example, if I was told I could not wear glasses because I didn't need them, nobody can. If I couldn't, why could they? Equality is not how to make things fair. Yin and Yang is a prime example. We shouldn't try to make them the same and instead embrace each side. It's like looking at a two separate weapons in cod. We could complain over how one kills faster and the other handles better, or enjoy each weapon and use each for certain situations.

  3. If only the hipsters at Buzzfeed and any other article publisher actually understood “LOGIC” because this is just getting out of hand. At least the Factual Feminists have solid reasons according to the actual issues regarding the freedom between both sexes and not what it may be resembled in a video game. Those I praise. But those who get mixed up in their own ideologies are just hypocritical and stupid.

  4. 17:20 "attractive" que Ewan as Obi Wan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111

    And don't be too hard on Anita…. Having said that, I'd love to be hard on Anita myself. 😉

  5. 8:18
    Oh so Trevor picked up a black guy from the street that has valuable knowledge to the FIB, that may help them target a mole in the company just to torture them?

  6. Factual Feminist is a good source since the woman running it isn’t like the ugly fat ones.

  7. 0:24 the more time a teenage boy spends playing video games the more likely he will develop sexiest attitude
    Me:no I don't think I will

  8. "That's a lot of hardware John… what are ya plannin' to do?"

    "What you taught me to do…"

    "Eliminate the feminists."

  9. In any situation no matter how ridiculous it may be, If an individual started the fight or argument in the first place, they have no right to put themselves in a position as the victim. you either stand your ground by your statement, acknowledgment or you just give up and face the ridicule.

  10. Me after I built my own house in Minecraft: Oh God! What a good day! It is time to *rape women, kill people especially transgenders and black people!!

  11. what did that picture say.. uhhh samus aran is a woman deal with it cant read other part # samus to hot to be trans and shes is of the time where trans was not trend but joke : ) think it still is

  12. Feminists & SJWs: Present an illogical argument
    Ghost: Tactical argument nuke ready for deployment Act Man
    Act man: Launch

  13. Guys have a hobby that keeps them away from girls malicious intent.
    Girls hate this fact.
    Girls use malicious intent to destroy guys hobby.

    Typical women.

  14. The biggest problem in the west right now is female self indulgence.
    Women believe they are as powerful as men and they are destroying civilization as we know it and not for the better.

  15. Everyone that complains about this shit is a retarded american. Almost like the rest of the world has half a brain when it comes to this.

  16. Accidentally clicked on a Actman vid and before I get 10 seconds in he's already cussing and blashpheming!
    This is very dangerous, sir!

  17. I love how most people that claim games don’t represent people of colors or homosexuals are straight white males. Just wanted to point that out

  18. Actman, I love you for including an Iron Sheik bit. Followed up with the Grand Master flash quote. You’re fucking dope.

  19. SJW and radical Femenism- is ignorance and fanatism. Basically, it's ok for this group of people. They usually very easy can be offended since lack of self-confidence and extensive emotions. Again, it's a kind of fanatics. No matter- it's a trend just like others. People wil get smarter and will become adults. And rational thinking will overcome.

  20. Plague doctor guy: sexism, racism and all that never existed until video games were made
    Me a low tier historian: lol funny joke tell me another one

  21. 31:52 amen bro, i wish i could share my love for video games with more of my female friends. Truth is, they have just been raised in a culture that tells them they shouldn't like video games as its not the "lady like" thing to do. It's a shame because they limit themselves and blame it on gamers putting up walls.

  22. Your inclusion of Who Shot Captain Alex as an example of an African movie was fantastic. It’s such a hidden gem of pure joy. The VJ commentary is so hilarious.

    And as we know, the Polish people don’t at all have a long, long history of oppression at the hands of foreign conquerors. Nope, not at all. Only by the Austrians, the Prussians, the Russians, the Germans and the Soviets. And I’m sure there’s some I’m missing.

  23. I welcome men, women, LBGT, communist, capitalist, liberal, democrat, conservative, libertine, black, white, yellow, red, maroon and the whole spectrum of colours, abled, partially – abled, alternatively abled, perfect, flawed, lost, found, heathen, christian, muslim, buhddist,pagan,and all spiritual beliefs, carnivore , vegetarian, vegan, even gingers – to enjoy the world of video games with me, because we are, truly all the same. If you're from the Planet Xzzuntharrzze 3000 however, you can fuck right off !

  24. One of these days, I really wish you earn a title as a "Gamer's Hero" for being one of those that constantly stand up for us, and make 44 minute discussions just to keep our side of the entertainment world head high. And for the most part, you actually make sense and are speaking exactly what we would say.

    Who else agrees with me?

  25. women: where were the women in battle field 1?

    also women (but in the world war) : audible cowering while trying to survive

    men: but that's history.

    also men (but in the world war) : fighting, dying, murdering possible friends and going through the hell that is war

    men: you should thank us.

    Fucking love this guy and channel

  26. I know this is an echo chamber of anti sjw pricks I don't see what the big deal is with criticising video games for sexism and racism. These are good conservation to have. You all are getting way to salty and butthurt over this. Remember when white actors and actress would wear black or brown faces in old films. When we had conversations we fixed Hollywood racism and sexism….. eh for the most part anyway. If there was a game where you play as a neo nazi and you go around killing black people, Mexicans, and jews and yelling racism slurs like nigger, spic, and kike would you all wanna defend that!?

  27. Doom is so Racists i mean you kill Demons !19234123501
    Thsis IS SO RACIST AGEAINST DEMONS !)341021u13o9rw0ß14ßr



  29. I currently own 22 games for my PS4, and 10 of them have female playable characters. In 6 of those the female IS the main character! So I don't see what these crybabies are bitching about.

  30. For the black dude getting tortured in gtav then pulp fiction is racist, because the main characters are torturing and killing a few mexicans because they had a "problem with themp"

  31. I noticed that rust was mentioned in the witcher 3 article. I found the article used in the video and they praised the fact that most everyone is forced to be black in the game 2/3 are and thats not a problem. I personally dont care about that when Im trying to make a play, but the problem is that they chose one of the most toxic games out there and praised it for diversity. They clearly never played it or they wouldnt have praised it.

  32. Me: Kratos was black and there were no black Spartans…satisfied?

    Sjw/feminists: why couldn't Kratos be a woman? " makes diaper needs to be changed cry"

    Me: damn I thought I had that just can't win with these people.

  33. People use racism to get attention even the media does it… some people are only known cause they talk about racism, or else we wouldn’t even hear about them…

  34. EA: Doesn’t add enough lead women characters

    Feminists: WhERe ArE The WoMeN

    EA: Adds women to BF5

    History Buff: WhY aRE tHEre wOmeN IN WWII

  35. That guy at the first three seconds… I don't know what it is about that mustache and haircut. I just know I want to punch him in the throat. I have no idea why. I just want to punch him.

  36. You couldn't be more right about it all, keep up the amazing videos and I very much appreciate all of your content and input.

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