Felicia Day & Morgan Webb Master the Art of Archery
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Felicia Day & Morgan Webb Master the Art of Archery

August 19, 2019

[THEME MUSIC PLAYING] FELICIA DAY: Flog, Flog, Flog. I am Felicia Day and
this is my show. If you like it, press the
Subscribe button because I just asked you. Tomorrow night, my friend Sean
Plott kicks off his Hangout at 8:00 show here on
Geek and Sundry. He and his friends talk
relationship stuff as they play through romance-heavy video
games and drink beer. Seems like it’s going to
be a hot awesome mess. So tune in live at 8:00 PM
tomorrow right here on Geek and Sundry, Pacific. And now I’d like to share
my trio mio of the week. Trio mio, you like
that name, Syl? I don’t care. Number one– Resonance is an old school
point-and-click adventure game with a few modern twists, like
you could switch between four different characters
as you play. There’s also a really cool
mechanic called short- and long-term memory banks that
allows you to solve puzzles in really innovative ways. Warning, some of the puzzles
are really hard. So you’re probably going to have
to cheat, just like when I was seven and when I couldn’t
get through King’s Quest III and I called the
hotline and I ran up a $400 phone bill. My mom hid it from my dad. Thanks, mom. Number two this week comes from
tweeter @themightybutton. The Drunken Moogle is a blog
that combines two awesome things, gaming and drinking. They feature recipes, drinking
games, glassware, even a list of barcades that you can
visit and get drunk at. The life-size Transformers
wine rack they’d recently featured makes me want to
become a (ROBOTIC VOICE) Lushamatic 5000. Drinking, drinking, drinking,
drinking. Oh, fun, guys, fun. So much fun. Ah, pass out. Lastly is a web comic
called Wondermark. The art is pulled by the author
from 19th-century wood-cuttings and newspaper
clippings, but the humor is totally modern and biting. In this one comic, Gax,
the penis-necked dinosaur, is with Maureen. And Maureen is concerned
because Gax missed the book club. So she invites a terrier
over to get him out of his bad mood. And he gets angry. It’s way funnier when you
read it, I promise. In the segment this week, my
friend Morgan Webb and I go get our Katniss on,
or our Brave or Green Arrow or Hawkeye. Wow. 2012 is the year of the
bow and arrow, man! I’m here with my
friend Morgan. MORGAN WEBB: In Fullerton. FELICIA DAY: In elf ears. And we’re at Hi-Tech Archery. And we’re going to learn how
to shoot arrows at– not people, but targets,
right? MORGAN WEBB: Yes. Well, we got to shoot targets
first, so that when we shoot people, we aim accurately. We don’t want them to suffer. We want to one-shot them. FELICIA DAY: Let’s go! MORGAN WEBB: OK. FELICIA DAY: So this is Chad. He is the archery– master, is that your title? CHAD MANSFIELD: Coach. FELICIA DAY: Oh, OK. Archery coach. And he’s going to teach
me and Morgan how to– CHAD MANSFIELD: Shoot today. FELICIA DAY: He knows
everything. Chad’s never been on
camera before. And he’s never done a segment
with a girl with elf ears on, so– CHAD MANSFIELD: Two firsts. FELICIA DAY: Yeah. CHAD MANSFIELD: We’ll have
Ahnika demonstrate what you guys are going to be doing. FELICIA DAY: If you had
elf ears on, would you be better or worse? AHNIKA BOONE: This is
your arm guard. It’s going to go on your left
arm on the inside, right by your elbow. And this will protect your
arm from the string. FELICIA DAY: So this could
be potentially dangerous? MORGAN WEBB: I wasn’t
told that before. FELICIA DAY: I had no idea. What are these called? AHNIKA BOONE: Arm guards. MORGAN WEBB: I keep looking
for fancy lingo and there just isn’t any. This is an arrow. AHNIKA BOONE: Now for arrows, I
need to see your arm length. FELICIA DAY: Can
I have orange? MORGAN WEBB: You’re
very demanding. FELICIA DAY: No! I’m just saying if this is the
one time I’ll ever do archery, I need to be branded. Conceivably, are we on
the same elf team? Or are we opposing each other? MORGAN WEBB: I think we’re
on the same team. FELICIA DAY: She’s the
elf authority. We decided downstairs. All right. So I’m orange. What color is Morgan? MORGAN WEBB: I’ve always been
partial to blue, but– FELICIA DAY: She’s royalty. I’m just a serf in
our elf clan. We need to name our elf clan. We’re the Webb clan. MORGAN WEBB: That is right. It is my clan. FELICIA DAY: It’s a clan. MORGAN WEBB: Chop,
chop, everybody! Chop, chop! CHAD MANSFIELD: So now
we’re going to get you set up to shoot. FELICIA DAY: How hard
is this going to be? CHAD MANSFIELD: I’ve had six
year olds do it pretty easily. MORGAN WEBB: So it’s hard, is
what you’re telling me? FELICIA DAY: So we might
not be good. MORGAN WEBB: So we’re going
to fail at this miserably. OK. Continue. FELICIA DAY: But we can be shown
how by a six year old. CHAD MANSFIELD: Maybe. FELICIA DAY: This looks like
more like a bow and arrow that I would play in Mass Effect
is very light. MORGAN WEBB: You could
kill elves all day. FELICIA DAY: You’re going
to kill other elves? MORGAN WEBB: Well, if they’re
trying to take over my tribal land and my elven– if they want Rivendell,
I’m fighting. FELICIA DAY: We are enemies. CHAD MANSFIELD: Put one foot
on either side of the line. FELICIA DAY: OK. CHAD MANSFIELD: That goes
on the little– FELICIA DAY: So this
goes on the inside. OK. Oh, wow. How do I let go of it? CHAD MANSFIELD: Just
open your fingers. FELICIA DAY: What? Whoa! Ah! Ah! Oh my god! That was not the reaction
I should have done. AHNIKA BOONE: So I’m going to
teach you how to pull arrows. This is where all the injuries
happen in archery. FELICIA DAY: Wait. What? MORGAN WEBB: This is
the dangerous part? AHNIKA BOONE: Yeah. So when you approach your
arrows, you don’t want to walk straight into them. It happens a lot. We don’t know why. FELICIA DAY: Are you serious? Looking around me. Pulling. What do I do? I forgot. AHNIKA BOONE: You lay it
up against the wall. MORGAN WEBB: I already
finished my arrows. FELICIA DAY: OK, fine. OK. Look. It’s an elven processional. Our two clans united as one. MORGAN WEBB: That’s the
graduation recessional. FELICIA DAY: Imagine it’s
the body of your fallen lover, Ainwyn. Whoa! MORGAN WEBB: Oh, man. We could beat this Morlock
invasion yet. FELICIA DAY: It would just
be like, slow down, I got to get my bow in. I got to get my arrow in. Just slow down. MORGAN WEBB: Hang on, guys. Just wait a second. FELICIA DAY: Hang on, guys. You’re going to get killed
really good, but just– MORGAN WEBB: I’m also going to
try to stop my heartbeat for a second so that my shot’s
more stable. FELICIA DAY: Whoa! I have to say, no matter what,
you look majestic. Again, again. [GASP] MORGAN WEBB: I can go. I’m just going to go now. I would just like to point out
that I got an arrow into the yellow section. And I’m pretty much good now. I think my archery career has
just hit the top that it’s ever going to hit. FELICIA DAY: OK. That’s enough of it. I did this. To me, I never want to be
confined by a bullseye and have society set the standard
for success for me. So this right here is my
personal bullseye. So that was our archery
experiment. MORGAN WEBB: I only got
hurt a little bit. I’m going to have a nasty bruise
and I’m going to show it to everybody. FELICIA DAY: What will
you say, though? MORGAN WEBB: OK. One of them got me with one
of their orc machetes. FELICIA DAY: Those
are not good. Probably had some
poison on it. MORGAN WEBB: Exactly. But don’t worry, I fought
it off with my superb archery skills. FELICIA DAY: Well, thank you
for coming to play with me. MORGAN WEBB: I enjoyed
myself a lot. Thank you for having me. FELICIA DAY: Yeah. And we are the elven
goddesses. And to wrap up this week, our
question of note comes from Kuruvata, who asks, “If you
were to have a beard, what kind would you have?” Dear Kuruvata, beards,
like glasses, must flatter face shapes. So let’s look at the options. The classic Santa beard, George
RR Martin burly beard, or the beard that killed
all the family members. Is the fu manchu a mustache
or a beard? Whatever. Oh, bubble beard! Heh! These are all great beards. But if there was one beard I had
to choose, it would most definitely be the Dumbledore. If I ever rode a motorcycle, it
would fly behind me waving proudly in the wind. Sincerely, Felicia Day. OK. Kuruvata, your letter’s
on its way. And if you’d like to submit your
own trio mio or question of note, please email to
[email protected] See you next week. Bye! [THEME MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. I just love how you ladies walked away from the target and no worries if there are a few bad shots in your elven world I'm sure a few 1000 more arrows would blend in nicely lol

  2. "Looks more like a bow and arrow I'd play on Mass Effect than on Skyrim".. "oook". I lost it XD I don't know what I just watched, but it was awesome.

  3. I know that you probably won't be reading a comment on a 4 year old video, but if you actually want to master the bow or any type of firearm you will need to inform your instructors the you AIM with your LEFT eye (the video shows you with the right eye closed.)
    There are ways of compensating for left eye aiming of weapons designed for right eye aiming.

  4. This chick is really good at making videos. Like this is over 4 years old and the style is still cutting edge and holds up today. And Fullerton that's cool I used to live there.

  5. I couldn't get through King's Quest 5 as a kid so I gave up and forgot about the game for 27 years until I remembered it existed a few months ago and promptly watched a Youtube video on how to beat it 🙂

  6. I imagine those coaches were despairing in the background, Felicia vaguely pointing at the target and closing one eye was hilarious!

  7. i hate this subscribe mentality.. i subscribe to those i love but get nothing in return.. i pay for alpha and get minimal return..
    Felicia… you are my goddess and i just want more..
    DnD tutorials, behind the scenes shows, "celebrity" Q&A, everything but personal life since that seems over-intrusive…

  8. Just found the Flog. I am really behind. Any way I could see you with the Jack Sparrow beard. Definitely fits your facial structure. By the way both of you make very good Elves. I know it's crazy, nerdy and bizarre but I look at people and it runs through my mind if they have the bone structure to be an Elf.

  9. I had always thought it was normal to grow up around bows and guns. I had never even stopped to consider that someone else may not have had the same childhood experiences. These two may be a bunch of dorks, but still a neat change of perspective.

  10. Am I the only one who looked at Morgan & got more of a Vulcan vibe than an Elvish vibe? Probably the bangs with the ears. Anyway she looks awesome. Arm injury looks like a case of locking the elbow. The bowstring smacks into it at an appreciable fraction of the speed of sound and that will hurt. Keep working at it though – if you can get groupings within 6" or so you're doing ok.

  11. The brunett lived through the attack. She should sing something pretty at your rememberance later.
    "I had a friend. She couldn't hit shit. She shot wildly into the front. Didn't hit anything but air. She is now no more. I will remember her well." Something like that.

  12. day is definitely the whole package beutiful, smart, funny, and talented…the guild was great and she does a great job in the mst3k reboot.

  13. Gah… its going to drive me insane… Ive seen her before I just cant place from where. From a show or something Im pretty sure

  14. come on guys… be fair. They've never shot before. The lesson was likely EXTREMELY basic, due to time constraints (think, they'd have to book the whole range that they used, each lane). And neither of the ladies had a lot of upper body strength… so some wobble and a lack of smooth release is a given.

    Their goal was to have fun. To try something totally new to them. With those goals, I'd say they succeeded with flying colours! Good on ya ladies 🙂

  15. you are hopless and your teachers are awful. I train archery from 2003 and for first 3 months my coach learned me a proper stay, form, how to grab bow… He learned that you can't see a target but if you stay proper you hit it.

  16. Girl, you have almost 40, in your age, I liked to play a games and tv series etc but this is the last time to grow up for a woman. I have not to speak about my hobby in work cos it is childish and weird. Now I can see, it WAS. Play and have a fun like this to 25 or when you are a boy to 35… But after 35 you are just a person with lost life…

  17. It is always fun watching someone who is out having fun and not trying to train. They had no anchor point, just pull it back and let go. It seemed like they had fun and let's be honest when you get that 10, it can feel like a good time to go home. Cheers.

  18. Yo, if you hurt yourself retrieving your arrows from a target you do not belong anywhere near any kind of weapon of any era ever.

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