Feature Friday #1: Raw Data
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Feature Friday #1: Raw Data

August 22, 2019

Hello everybody and welcome to VRKADE’s
feature Friday, where we showcase VR news, games, updates ,and a little bit more.
Let’s dive right in. Raw Data: this game has been on the market since July 2016
when the developer Survios set out to create a team of people who could create
the first fully immersive VR experience. The game itself is set in Neo-Shinjuku
in the year 2271. The massive and seemingly benevolent
Eden corporation basically owns the world while the elite hacker resistance
movement SyndiK8 … (Struggles to say SyndiK8) has unearthed the sinister reality
behind Eden corps newest line of robotic products… I’ll give you three
guesses for what’s wrong with them… yep you play as one of SyndiK8’s top spies,
your mission: infiltrate Eden tower, steal one geobyte of data, and get out alive.
(maybe) And by doing so bring Eden Corp down to its knees. The game is one of the
first great VR experiences to date and one year after its release,
Servios released update 0.7 which came out with a few new perks… and new bugs.
(cant find the menu to actually start the game.) Although they had and have a
two-player mode for their campaign storyline which was fun, and sort of
hilarious to look at and smack your friend in the face with your limp fish
floppy hand. The new update released a new PvP player mode where you could you
know… smack your friend in the face with your limp fish floppy hand. I swear
it’s the best part. two teams, Eden Corp, and syndicate, (still don’t know how to
pronounce that properly) fight to the death for control over a data tower. Once
one team controls the objective for longer, BAM. BOOM. You got yourself a win.
currently it’s five versus five, one of the largest vr multiplayer servers i’ve
actually seen. As a side note this is huge and actually all of VRKADE’s
current stores have at least 10 Bays so if you wanted to bring in a group of ten
and play with your friends, you could have all the floppy hand battles you’ve
ever wanted. The update also came with a bunch of new maps, levels, and a new Archer
character. So if you ever wanted to be ninja, or hit your friend with a sword, I
think you know where to go. Be sure to like our Facebook page for all the
latest VR news. For VRKADE this has been Kyle Ledyit with Feature Friday.

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