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November 17, 2019

Guess what, what? He got special night because I did karate with him. That was special being able to work out with you dude. Oh my goodness look at how much snow we have gotten. It is up to James’ knees. It’s up to my belly. That was all from last night. I think we got a foot and a half. Charlie what do you think about that? Oh my goodness, that’s the insane. I don’t know if I ever remember having this much snow. So look at Charlie… Charlie found some ice from some snow on the floor, from the ground. He’s loving it. Cute little guy. For some reason I’m feeling like I’m Charlie’s Angels right now. So every now and then a project that we work on for pins and things takes more than one day. This is definitely one of those projects. It’s always so hard coming back the second day because it’s like you’re already kind of like so exhausted with that specific project. Even coming back the second day when you feel great, and you’re like full of energy and you’re ready to go. You still feel like blah…maybe it’s just me. But I just feel like I’m so done with this project. I am so done with this project too. We’re so ready for it to be over, but when it’s done. We’re gonna have a different feeling about it, and it’s gonna be more about yes! It’s finally done and it looks so good, and I’m so glad that I did this… Yeah, it’s gonna be amazing definitely Gonna be awesome. But I’m just so ready for it to be over. Really we’ve gotten so much of it done. It’s really so close. There’s only just a few more things to do. Ready, are you ready, okay? Let’s film, are you gonna put that stocking over it now? All right. That’s funny cuz it’s a dog yeah, I just think of that. Yeah come in here. It’s locked, no it’s not. That looks nice. It looks pretty. Cool huh? Yeah and it will be able to be held up by this wire. This is double. Hey shut that door. I’ve been working on it humongous snow pile in front yard that the kids can now probably make snow fort out off. Snow fort? Yep wow, but first I think they should slide down a couple times to pack it down. And then don’t let them slide down with somebody underneath it. I bet that little sled thing that we made here in the backyard we could probably Get to go all the way down to the fence now because there’s like more. So you could actually have more slope. Their playground is completely buried in snow. See the height of the swing? That’s pretty much how high it is in the front yard, the pile I made. Corn dogs…they are so good to me. The only ones love it corn dogs corn dogs. They are so good to me. They’re good when they’re hot, good when they’re cold. Rebecca when you stand in front of this black wall It makes it look like you’re not holding anything and he’s just floating. Corn dogs… They are so good me. I ordered stuff from wish.com. If you don’t know what that is. It’s kind of like this over overseas China Company that’s kind of like amazon. except it it has a lot of like cheap stuff super inexpensive for a lot of good stuff. It’s kind of risky. You kind of have to like read all of the reviews and make sure that it’s something that everybody or you will give you a better picture of at least what you’re ordering. I can’t remember why I ordered this but I ordered a purple rug and it turned out kind of gray actually. Or maybe it’s gray. I don’t know what color this is. It looks purpley, but it’s also kind of like gray. I need to tell you guys something. What if we had a it up there and we spin it around and we had to a dance party. That would be fun, and it actually turned out super soft. It’s like the material of like a super soft Teddy bear. I feel like if Charlie was awake right now he would be like cuddling up to this thing. He’s taking a nap though. I can eat some yellow paint. Corbin are you working out here? Yeah So I’m bringing this to Mom’s painting something. Hey, I got you some yellow paint. Thank you that is perfect. I know I am perfect. How’s it going in here? I got glow-in-the-dark paint so that I can make it so that you know it glows. Cool I know we’re really cool. I’m excited to show you guys when they’re done cuz they’re gonna look really good. Alright Corbin you’re banging this door. What’s going on out here, dude. What’s going on out here? I want to see what you guys are doing. Mom’s just painting shoes you know the usual. The night before Christmas shoes? That’s right. Are you having fun playing out here? Good, I’m working on editing right now. I just got the vlog done and now I’m working on the pins and things video, the zero that she made. And that video’s done now, so I’m just editing it. It’s gonna be going live today actually. It should be live right now check it out. Alright it’s time to get ready for karate. Yeah, it’s been a long time since you’ve been to karate. I don’t think we went at all in December. We missed the whole month. It’s time to get back into the groove. Yeah, yeah Make sure you can do some. You’re gonna be in the car for a whole hour and actually I’m gonna go play. I’m gonna go karate tonight. My first time my first time ever going to karate. I’m really excited. I’m a little bit nervous because I’ve never done it, but I hope that it’s really fun. And I hope that I learn a lot, and I hope that I do really good. It’s something I know, it’s like a goal of mine ever since I was a little kid I’ve always want to learn Karate, but I never had the will power to do it, I eventually do it now I do. Karate is super fun. I love it. All right put your gear on. Let’s go. Rebecca got a new rug now. Tell me how soft this rug is. It’s very soft. Feel it guys. Wow, isn’t that soft? It is one of the softest drugs actually what I’ve ever felt. Charlie right here keeps on calling it puppy. Are you ready? Yeah okay… This material is really slippery. It’s like her material her shirt. And this rug are just like ultra slippery. I wonder what her hair is gonna look like after this. Do it again. She’s flying. She’s flying. careful It’s like an adult thing, you kids don’t gonna try it. So there when they do. They’re like… Yes I’m an adult and I can do what I want! So I just got done from my very first day at karate. Guess what, what? He got a special night because I did karate with him. That was special being able to work out with you, dude. You’re a good example. So check this out I got my white belt here. This is the first time I’ve ever been to karate in my entire life and I’m really excited about it. James beat me up. Because I went so faster. But every time we did rolls. I was rolling and I saw how fast he was going. He was like at the end whenever I was seeing him. I was pretty good at rolling huh? I used to practice rolling actually because I used to want to do parkour. And so I practiced that same roll when I would practice parkour. Anyway, we did some workouts and some breathing and I felt very awkward and uncomfortable just because my body is not like used to these movements. Like I’m really good at yoga and I’m like got the best poses but at karate it’s like totally foreign to me. But we had fun and we’re gonna do a lot more this year, and I love it.

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