Fate/Grand Order Halloween 2017  Challenge Quest VS  Archer(James Moriarty)
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Fate/Grand Order Halloween 2017 Challenge Quest VS Archer(James Moriarty)

August 13, 2019

Extra: The Evil is Gone! Well then, what should today’s lunch be~ ♪ It is the usual, the usual evil plots~♪ Good afternoon, Professor! Hey there, Master-kun. You seem to be having fun? If it’s something interesting, why don’t you cut this gentleman of around fifty in on the action? No no, why don’t you take a seat right over there, please. Shinjuku Archer-san. (He does so, talking about how he likes listening to profitable stories. Then, Babbage appears behind him.) I see, I see. And you like leaking out technology too, I take it? …Eh? Babbage-kun is behind me? This position, could it be that I’m being hunted down? Let us put it briefly. —-Osakabe-hime has confessed everything. Of course, we did not go through just the testimony, but an identification line-up too. Despite Caesar, Paracelsus and Shakespeare being there— It is definite that she pointed to “this guy” with no hesitation. You are the culprit of the Halloween Event, Shinjuku Archer-san! Escape—-!! Fuhahahahaha sorry, sorry! Because Babbage-kun’s Locomotive Form was just so fun— I tried leaking out some technology! But I thought that it was an investment that would grow many times, and return to us as interest— I am grateful that I was born from the leaked technology. But I cannot overlook evil. I am the guardian deity of justice, Mecha-Elichan. I will punish evil without mercy. —as metal. MECHA-ELI PUNCH …Um, sorry… The Three Laws of Robotics… do you know it…? Isaac Asimov… a sinful writer who was the first to state that artificial intelligence had duties, obligations and rights. However, that work was originally written to showcase how to circumvent the Three Laws in the first place. Furthermore, you are not human, but a Heroic Spirit. I have no duty to protect you. Fu, fufu… a justifiable… reason… croak. …Well then. It looks like all loose ends have been tied up at last. Are you prepared, Yuuki? Now, let’s enjoy Halloween till the end! All’s well that end’s well. Fu, fufufu… If my sacrifice alone… can buy the smile of someone else, then I can be in peace… By bringing out such an “He’s actually a good guy?” atmosphere, I can mislead Master-kun…! Croak.

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