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Fastest People in Slow Motion

August 19, 2019

– Hello, I’m Gav.
– I’m Dan. Welcome to the
“Super Slow Show.” Today we have the world’s
fastest card thrower. Oh! Oh! Dan: It just disappeared. Gav: It’s like
a knife did it. And a fast-draw
world champion. Dan: Oh! That was so quick. Gav: That was very quick. ( theme music playing ) – Hey, what’s going on?
– Hello, Rick. How are you? Good. What is your speed record? My speed record? Ah, I can throw a playing
card over 90 miles per hour. What? No. Oh! Oh! Geez, I reckon
I can throw a card. – Let’s see.
– Yeah? Yeah, let’s see where
you’re gonna throw it. I’ll just chuck it. All right, let’s go. That’s really actually
pretty impressive. You try throwing it. I’ve never thrown a card. That’s perfect. That was a… – We’ll just cut that out.
– Yeah, get rid of that. So how did you
figure out that you
could throw a card that far? Well, I’m a magician, so
I always have cards on me. And I was a baseball pitcher. So I put the arts together. And I came up with a card
throw the same way that I would throw like
a curveball or a pitch. Do you think that you could
get a card through the carrot? It’s gonna be really tough
but I will do my best. Yeah? All right, here we go. – Oh!
– Oh! I didn’t even feel it. Like it just disappeared. Looks like a knife did it. – Look.
– That is crazy. Gav: Do you put much work
into your concentration face? Yeah, thanks. That’s the problem
that I have. You should probably
work on that. I can’t. I can’t
fix the face, I’m sorry. Gav: It wasn’t a glance. It actually bounced
off the internals
of the carrot. The carrot looked top. Now we’ve repositioned the
Phantoms over Rick’s shoulder. And we got some celery. – All right, ready?
– Yeah, I’m ready, I’m good. That is like a
really clean cut. I don’t think my teeth
could even get it that clean. Geez. No. Messy. Dan: Whoa, just goes
straight through. – Wow.
– Rick: Nothing. Incredibly clean. Dan: Wow. Gav: I love that. It’s such
a satisfying moment. Dan: Do you reckon you could
got through two of these? Rick: Let’s try it. – Yeah?
– Yeah. – All right, here we go.
– Yep. Oh! Look how much
it’s holding on by. Just a thread. Through two. You say
you’ve never done this before? Never done two before. Oh, lovely. And it’s falling. – Held on by a thread.
– Yeah. Gav: I reckon you could
go through two. And then maybe even hit
a third one. Rick: Do you wanna try? Gav: Just find the critical
celery amount? Dan: Let’s just find
the critical celery
amount, yeah. Okay, here we go. Oh! It definitely stuck in. But that seems
to be the limit. I think it did hit
into it, yes. So it wasn’t inaccurate.
It was perfectly accurate. It just didn’t
go quite through it. So we found the critical
celery protection amount. Whoa! Dan: That was a clean cut
on both of them as well. Rick: I’ve never seen
anything like that. Rick, phenomenal skills. Thanks so much for
showing us your speed. Yeah, it’s really impressive.
I was shocked. Thank you so much for
having me on your channel. Where can people find you? Ah, just check
my YouTube channel out. And you can find
me on there. Cool.
Thanks for coming. Thanks. Next up in our video
of extremely talented
and fast people, we have a man who can fire
five bullets from a handgun
in a second. That’s right. We got fast-draw world
champion, Jon Rivera,
with us. – How’s it going, Jon?
– Good. Pleasure, Gavin. – Jon.
– Good to see you. Dan, pleasure. That was a quick handshake.
I like it. That’s my business. Because stuff tends
to come out of a
gun relatively quickly, we’re gonna use
the V2511 today. We’ll be rolling at
28,000 frames a second. So super extreme slow mo. Super extreme slow mo. – Super mega.
– Okay, cool. Hopefully, the shots will
come in right about a quarter of a second
to 22/100s of a second. To put that in perspective,
you blink your eye at
22/100s of a second. Seriously impressive stuff. – All right.
– Only if I hit. What we’re gonna be
using is blanks. Basically using
black powder. And, of course, there’s some
secret ingredients I can’t
tell you about. We got other powder in there. Really? There’s a magnet at
the end of the gun. And a magnet in
each of the balloons. You boys ready? – Yeah.
– Ready. Oh! I think one of those
was a twofer. I think the last one
was a twofer. – Yeah.
– We’ll count it. Okay, well, let’s check out
that high-speed footage and see exactly
what happened there. Gav: There’s the balloon. Dan: That was, what, five
rounds in under a second? Gav: Yeah. Dan: With a manual weapon
you have to cock every time. I struggle to
do that with a semi. Gav: There’s almost no time
wasted between the hand coming back and
the trigger being pulled. Like it’s always ready. – Extremely efficient.
– Yeah, sure. Boom. Gav: So he missed that. Dan: I couldn’t tell
that that happened. Gav: No. Dan: He went back for it! That was impressive.
He was like… Missed that. Next one, going back,
doing that again. I was like, wha–
what happened? I love how
he had five shots.
He missed one. He’s like
gotta get both. – Got to make this count.
– Yeah. Next up, Dan goes
head to head with Jon. What are your thoughts? – Nice hat, by the way.
– Thanks very much. It’s not so much
a cowboy hat as a sitting
on the porch hat… Yeah. – Keep chewing grass.
– Keep your strawberries in it. Yeah, exactly, yeah. This is gonna be simple. I’m gonna hand you
a loaded .45. Yep. – You’re gonna cock it.
– Yep. You’re gonna point
it at the target. Finger on the outside
of the trigger. And when the light comes on,
all you have to do is
squeeze the trigger. Okay. So I am going to draw
from the holster. Cock it, level off
and squeeze. And let’s see if I
can beat you. Although I do have
one disadvantage. I have to have my finger
outside the trigger guard. Mine will be, too. Yeah, yeah. I have a disadvantage.
It’s the same as yours. All right, fine.
All right. Are you feeling
lucky? Uh, punk? Go ahead and cock it. I can’t hold it.
My finger’s too long. I can’t be inside… The light comes on,
we’re going. All right. Now? Yep. Oh! Did you win? – I did.
– He won. Wow, that’s impressive.
That’s seriously impressive. ‘Cause all I had to do
was move my little finger. You had the whole
thing to do. That was really cool. I’m really fascinated
to check out the footage and see how close
they actually were. Yeah. So this is our V2511
angle, extremely slow. It’s like he’s pulling
the trigger and still moving
the gun forward as the hammer’s
moving forward. It’s like the aim is
still coming into place. And the hammer’s already
going towards the bullet. Yeah. Dan: Whoa! The hammer hit and
it bounces back. And then you see
the round come out. It’s that quick. It’s like a
Newton’s Cradle. The hammer goes and
now the bullet’s moving. He took one look at you and thought I can’t
lose to this schmuck. Why am I wearing
a lab coat and like a wicker
cowboy hat? Gav: You look like Doyle,
the cowboy scientist. Oh, that was so quick. Oh, he smashed you! I can’t believe it! The slow mo makes it seem
like there was such a huge gap. But in real time, it just
sounded like one shot. And you can’t tell
who won. It’s like 200ths
of a second. It’s kind of
embarrassing, really. That’s nothing
in real time. Well, thanks, Jon,
very much for loaning us
your fast-draw skills. I like the way
you did that. – A pleasure.
– Thank you so much. That was tremendous
looking footage. Thank you. I’m amazed and
blown away by it. Hopefully, you enjoyed
that video. Feel free to subscribe
to the Slow Mo Guys. And we’ll see you
in the next episode
of the “Super Slow Show.” I’m gonna practice. Subscribe! Hi, guys. Click here to keep updated
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make with daily videos. Be chaos. I’m even slightly worried
about it, to be honest.

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  1. Gunslinger took multiple takes @ 4:30 balloons are purple, red, orange, yellow, green. Then @ 4:48 they are yellow, orange, blue, orange, green.

  2. Thank you, Gav and Dan, for finding the critical celery amount. No doubt the knowledge will prove indispensable when the card throwers attack.

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    Which means card can use as a weapon. So it should be banned in the malls or have a license when you have a card ?

  5. This is so cool, these guys caused two people to become friends because of this video.

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