Fastest 4 Coyote KILL SHOTS Ever – BowHunting Deer Lighted Nocks
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Fastest 4 Coyote KILL SHOTS Ever – BowHunting Deer Lighted Nocks

August 15, 2019

Music by:Kevin MacLeod ( Song “Impact Moderato” Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 and Tristan Tyrcha the song is: “Path Of Zimmer” ATTENTION ALL ANTI HUNTERS!!! There WILL Be Several Coyotes KILLED in this video SO LEAVE NOW BACK to SpongeBob!!! I DO NOT WANT TO READ YOUR IGNORANT COMMENTS!!! Fastest 4 Coyote KILL SHOTS Ever – BowHunting Deer Lighted Nocks A few Coyotes had been showing up on my trail cams far too often for my liking! So I decided to eliminate a few of these predators! this particular brush wolf entered the Sanctuary while my deer were feeding in the soybeans. These does and fawns spotted the vermin and quickly exited to safer haven waiting for it to get in range for a clean slice waiting … waiting … almost there SLOCK Coyote says: YELP!!! SLOOOCK!! Coyote says much slower: YEEEELP!!! these dirty Dogs came in from the opposite direction a male and female prairie wolf, pissing all over everything marking their territory … like it’s theirs or something! I want the Yote in back so I don’t educate the other waiting … waiting SLOCK!!! Coyote cries out: YELP! the coyote in front doesn’t know what happened and this fawn killer expires quickly Slow motion: SLOOOOOOCK female Coyote cries out much slower: YEEEEEELP!!! One less deer killer to harm the deer herd! Just a few days later this canine came in quickly SLOCK! Canine cries out: YELP! SLOOOOOOCK!!! YEEEEEEELP!!!! We’ll call this mangy coyote: Chirich the trickster figure of Arikara indian mythology The good Lord delivered on my prayer for animals that are going to die anyway that year. waiting … waiting!!! SLOCK!!! SILENCE? SLOOOOOOCK!!!! LOOK UP @ TOP LEFT OF THE SCREEN @ THE 2 DEER THIS MANGY YOTE WAS CHASING 10 minutes before he gets sliced! Spectacular Deer Hunting footage of multiple Bowhunting Coyote,Brush Wolf,Prairie Wolf Kill Shots with Lighted Nocks from one awesome tree stand Captured ONLY on #HawgTV

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  1. I don't believe in killing any animal no matter what the animal is. That is for Nature to kill or be killed. And if I had to actually kill an animal? It would have to be a real great reason why. I don't believe that even animals should kill other animals, but that's Nature!

  2. HawgNSonsTV2 , come to Brazil to eradicate corrupt politicians , here you hunt councilman , congressman , governor or even president to hunt at will, has so many that you will not even be able to put everyone on youtube, hundreds of them , are stolen by political thugs corrupt in Brazil , it is a pity that there is no death penalty for these cowards.

  3. I'm 68 and I've been hunting, shooting and killing animals for 58 of those 68. I love the woods, I love guns, and I love hunting!! LMAO!! The only good coyote is a dead coyote!!! Kill 'em, and grill 'em!!!!! The coyote you kill today, saved three deer this year.

  4. Are you allowed to kill 4 of them in one season ? I love hunting but I think one per year is enough, I dont like poachers.

  5. HawgNSonsTV2 , I will be very honest with you, I do not like seeing animals being hunted , I respect you, anyway , we are all born with free will. We just need to be careful about some attitudes not empobrecermos our spirit !

  6. tu es fier de tuer la beauté de la terre ?
    Après on vient se plaindre de la disparition de certaines espèces

  7. man I like watching hunting video but man shooting them dogs hit me hard I know when you kill them they do not go to waste but you can see the pane they are in as you shot them I like seeing the smaller game kills best

  8. that sad i am literally crying over that why would you do that i totally agree with all the people who said that is ssssoooo sad dont kill animals you are taking a life it is horrible you evil peop?e i dont care if you think opisite it is mean i have over 100 reptile woloud you kill them and it is crull

  9. I'm just wondering, if you know, that every single animal can feel pain as much, as you, and every animal wants to live as much as you? I think you should think about it. Because you seem to be a psychopath and you should get some help.

  10. Y u r killing innocent animals.if same thing done to u r family will u accept. its cruel dude.killing animals make u hero.shame on u

  11. very clean kills, you have much more mercy than a coyote killing a deer. half these silly liberals dont know the feeling of an honest days work and wouldn't understand how rampant the coyote population goes without us i lose 5-13 of my goat's per year, my pets they have names my kids pet them, and i will defend them, fences dont work!

  12. I don't know but at the start with the 3 deers and the first kill there was a sign with ED in red but the rest was cut off, it's on the tree

  13. if you shot them with a gun it be move better so they do not suffer as much but I will give the video a like any way

  14. I love bowhunting and your videos, but too many pop ups obscuring the view. Also, god doesn't answer prayers. If he did, he would be constantly needing to make alterations to his plan to accommodate everyone's requests.  Why would god deliver you a coyote for entertainment, when people pray that they don't starve, and end up starving?

  15. if you going to kill them next time do a 1 shot don't make them suffer they are living things to how would you like being shot In the side then left to die …. killing one person saves 4 deer

  16. You are a wise and skillful hunter. Good job, buddy! I respect all your efforts to hunt predators. Keep up the good work. I hunt coyotes in SC on a regular basis and it is not easy. To protest is to demonstrate one's ignorance of wildlife management. You've done the right thing four times in one day and I know you'll do the right thing to fight for human life, too. Go do it again… ASAP.

  17. I don't mind the hunting bit, but you get a dislike for putting annotations up that block the whole screen for the duration of the entire video, plus you slip a desperate self-plug into every comment you make. If your videos are good you don't need to shove your other content down your viewers' throats.

  18. HawgNSonsTV2, I will be very honest with you, I do not like to see animals being hunted, I respect you, anyway, we are all born with free will. We just need to be careful about some attitudes not to impoverish our spirit! Come to Brazil to hunt corrupt politicians, you go straight to heaven!

  19. HawgNSonsTV2, sorry for intruding on your videos, but honestly I think the most cruel and destructive animal on planet earth is man! Big hug. Peace to men and animals!

  20. Enigmatic Index, in a lot of places coyotes are a pest. I was deer hunting once and my hunt was ruined because of the amount of coyotes running around and howling in the area.

  21. I know it looks brutal!
    but think about the past…
    humans have been doing this for 10,000 years!

  22. Killing innocent animals for no reason, that's so sad!!! What if somebody decided to kill your kid or somebody you care about for no reason, you'd be mad, right?

  23. Great shooting. Love seeing those fuckers die. Keep lettin those arrows fly. Much respect from this Wisconsin hunter.

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