Farming 2.0 news, fertiliser, new admin commands | Rust update 17th January 2020
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Farming 2.0 news, fertiliser, new admin commands | Rust update 17th January 2020

January 19, 2020

Greetings survivors and friends, Shadowfrax
here with your weekly enlightening on all things Rust development, and as we move further
into the dark and salty depths of January, things are starting to pick up with multiple
projects being worked on.. First of all, as I mentioned, and will mention
again, next Thursday 23rd of Jan there will be a mandatory update to add what looks to
be some Lunar new year content including – but not necessarily limited to – fireworks..
Which should be a cheaper option to the ones we have currently.. and they’re being handled
on a branch called boomer_iteration.. ok Not sure on whether these will be free or
a paid item.. But I’ll let you know as soon as I find out.. And of course, in case you
were worrying about it, the mandatory update won’t be a forced wipe.. That’ll happen as
usual instead on the first Thursday of Feb. And what exactly will be in THAT update hmmmm?..
Will there be cars? It’s hard to tell because so much work still seems to be happening with
them in the commits log.. I tell you what.. they’d better be amazing after all this wait..
I’m starting to experience burnout over them.. Midi support works now I’m pleased to say!
What you need to do currently is create a new folder called ‘instruments’ in your Rust
install folder (only on staging at the moment), put your midis in there… Then once in game,
and with an instrument in hand of course, all you need to do is type Instruments.playrecording
followed by the name of the midi, in the f1 console to start emitting notes! Which means
stuff like this is a lot easier to achieve now… I mentioned a branch called Farming2 last
week was being worked on, which will see a rework to plant genetics, and breeding.. plus
some new items such as fertiliser and compost, talking of which you may or may not remember
me showing you this model of a composter back in 2018, that has been in CONCEPT LIMBO ever
since.. and I’m not sure if this is still going to be used.. but apparently many items
will be compostable, and different items will produce different amounts of fertiliser, which
will boost growth rate.. And here’s just an idea.. but fertiliser in
the wrong hands and with certain other ingredients can sometimes.. open doors for you.. If you
know what I mean.. Might give more incentive to create that huge pumpkin farm.. or abattoir..
As far as I know though this is just about food.. As well as this, it looks like we’ll be getting
some new life stats, to keep track of our accomplishments.. and failures.. such as headshots,
flight time, player/animal/scientist kills, number of hours spent reeeing etc etc There are some new admin commands, useful
mainly for cinematics.. which I am into of course.. Player.wakeup – Wakes a sleeping player up,
and Player.wakeupall – Causes all sleepers in the server to stand up. Useful for waking
bots up after a server restart.. Inventory.copyto – Copies a players inventory
to the player in front of them And Inventory.equipslot and Inventory.equipslottarget
can be used to put certain items into player’s equipment.. But what I’ll do is leave the
details of how to use these in the description if you’re interested..
From the commits it looks like hit detection & Hitboxes are being worked on as part of
the the skeleton optimisation branch.. And we’ll have to wait and see how that improves
things.. And in the f1 menu, you can now search for
an item at the bottom, instead of trawling through the tabs at the top.. I’ll have more info for you next week no doubt,
so make sure to subscribe, smack the bell for what it’s worth and leave me likes, comments,
second comments and whatever else down below.. Follow me over on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook,
Discord and my steeeeam group, plus support me on Patreon and I’ll catch you all soon
but in the meantime keep calm and stay rusty cheerio

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  1. Server has wiped! Connect or search for Shadowfrax's Ye Olde Pie Shoppe in community tab

    My links:





    Steam group:



  2. Surely a combination of bones and charcoal make decent fertilizer… It does irl (very simplified but its a vidya game), and would give pvp sweatbuckets something extra to do with the spare supply they inevitably have of both

  3. You showed the update on the instruments folder and I put a midi file into the folder and do the command but then it says how it’s not a .rec how do I get songs to have .rec and to work through the folder method pls help (edit I’m retarded and it’s on staging)

  4. I think melee weapons are kinda under powered/boring in Rust. A modular melee system, similar to dying light's, would be cool to see. Like weapons that would inflict fire, electricity, or rad poison damage. I mean we already have incendiary/explosive bullets so I don't see it as a far stretch.

  5. I can’t believe how unbelievably out of touch facepunch is with their players. RUST IS A PVP GAME NOT A SURVIVAL GAME, BUT A PVP GAME.

  6. Earlier today i was talking with my friend and i was just telling him about all the memories i had in rust when i first got it back in 2015, to think how far rust has come sense then. I love the game, it is my most played game on steam. I have met so meany people on it, and all those people are amazing people. Anyways i just want to say thank you ShadowFrax for being an awesome rust updater over the years. You truly are one of my favorite rust youtubers out there.

  7. basically stopped playing RUST to play Miscreated instead. shame i really did enjoy RUST, but what killed it for me as a solo player was the tool cupboard tax upkeep update forcing me to grind every day just to a wall from breaking. i don't have the tiiiiiime!

  8. Whilst all these extra times are great, most of the servers are full of immature 14 year gang of boys who just need weapons so they can kill others. May be some servers have basic weapons or no weapons.

  9. Thanks for making these, it's good to have some insider info. The game is fascinating and I keep playing it, despite being a third class citizen because Linux 🙂 but I hope progress will eventually be made on the subject!

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