Fantasy Football Loser Punishments Gone Too Far
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Fantasy Football Loser Punishments Gone Too Far

September 10, 2019

Calm down, calm down, one final announcement
before we get started here. The unlucky team owner to finish last place, this year, in
this league, is going to have to sport a fantasy loser tattoo. [crowd booing] It could be you
or it could be you. Just don’t come in last place. That’s it. Let the draft begin! We all know that team owner who makes
questionable decisions on draft day. That one guy needs to be punished. Make him
wear a dress, make him get a tattoo, but not a permanent one, a removable one [cars honking]
from available on Amazon [music] Hey big guy! So uh, I’m a
need you come in on Sunday. What! [spits coffee] Get your league’s loser a temporary tattoo
from Fantasy Loser Tattoos dot-com available on Amazon and a licensee of
Matthew Berry’s Fantasy Life. Follow the link below in the description to get
your fantasy loser tat. Also make sure you share this video with your league
mates. If you haven’t already subscribed hit that couch icon and I’ll see you
guys on the next video.

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  1. Just drafted a team, what r ur thoughts? picked seventh overall in a 10 team, standard scoring draft. It was a draft now on

    QB-Brees R5
    RB-Elliot R2
    RB-Miller R3
    WR-Evans R1
    WR-Cooks R4
    TE-Graham R6
    W/R-Montgomery R7


    DEF- Carolina


    Kelvin Benjamin
    Adrian Peterson
    Jordan Mathews
    Jamaal Williams

  2. Some people call em sweater puppies, but I call em kitties. Titties! Say what? I said t to the i to the erahhh

  3. Question : how do you get an active fantasy football league? I don't do mock drafts and last year I had to play in a league with 3 active players. The rest were inactive. It want too fun because the teams were not really competitive, because they never took out injured players, and so on. PLEASE GIVE ME ADVICE ON WHAT TO DO THIS YEAR!

  4. Rate my Draft? 8th pick in a 8 team league. Snake Draft.

    Steelers d/st
    Atlanta Kicker

    Martavis Bryant
    Jacquizz Rodgers
    Kirk Cousins
    Keenan Allen

    Should I make any trades?

  5. Rate my team? 8 person snake draft, did some pick trades before tho:

    Drew Brees
    Todd Gurley
    Carlos Hyde
    Antonio Brown
    T.Y Hilton
    Travis Kelce
    Robert Kelley
    Chiefs D/ST
    Dan Bailey

    Joe Mixon
    Darren McFadden
    Tevin Coleman
    Golden Tate
    Devonte Parker
    Tyler Eifert
    Derek Carr

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