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August 20, 2019

(upbeat music) – Hi guys, it’s Jordan and today I’m going to be
making a fan slime smoothie! So I have gathered all of these slimes that some of you guys
sent to me in packages. Thank you so much if you did! I’m gonna be turning them all
into one giant slime smoothie! So before we start this video a lot of these slimes are kind of older because I was saving them for a while so if they’re a bit stiff it’s probably because of the cold weather and then some of these
are actually really new so if they’re super runny it
could be because of shipping but we’re gonna mix them all together add some extra activator so at the end if we need it, we could activate it and we’re gonna mix it all together and see what type of slime we get. All right, let’s get started! Okay you guys, so first
slime I’m going to be adding I don’t know who sent this
but it’s such a cool slime so if you sent this, thank you so much. This one catches my eye, it is so cool! Look at how many beads are in here. This must be an amazing crunchy slime. They added in some sparkles and some of these cool, like beads and like, different gems. This is so cool, you guys! You guys, look at that, I love it! So I’m going to add
that as my first slime! It’s gonna be part of the
base of the slime smoothie. Next slime! This next slime comes from
Aubrey and it looks so cool! It’s like a nice hot
chocolate kind of color and it has some blue sparkles
in it and some sequins. Look at that! This is awesome. Whoa! Oh I think this one it’s a tiny bit sticky from shipping but that’s okay because I feel like if it mixes with the other
ones that are a bit more stiff ’cause they’ve been
sitting in the cold weather it will make, like, the
perfect slime at the end. So let’s add this one to the bowl! I love this slime you guys. Look at that! Look at that slime, yes! You guys are so good at
making slime, like how? I don’t even know how. Okay. We’re gonna set it right there, perfect. This next slime comes
from Emma’s Hobbit Slimes look at this, you guys! It is such a pretty color
and it has some glitter and it’s a clear slime which is amazing. As you guys know, I have
struggles with clear slime like, it is so hard for
me to make clear slime and have it not rip or
be like, way too sticky. This is so cool, oh my goodness
look how clear that is. You guys, you guys! Wow. This is amazing. All right, we’re gonna
add this slime right here. That one is so colorful and
bright, I love it so much. Okay, thank you so much
Emma’s Hobbit Slimes! Next we have these four slimes from Edie. Thank you so much Edie,
this is a ton of slime so we’re gonna go this one right here. She also has a slime shop at Alien Slimes which is so cool, look at this! Yes! It’s got some pink and purple-y foam beads oh and it feels like you
added corn starch to this. I love that, like, I love the texture that corn starch adds
to slime, oh yes, yes! Okay, we’re gonna just like, plop it right there, yay. I think this one’s a bit stiff but that’s because it’s
been sitting for a while in the cold weather but it’s okay because we have some, like, runnier ones that we’re going to
add to make it perfect. This slime she sent to Audrey but Audrey said I could
use it in this video ’cause look how pretty that is! Like, you guys, I love that color. Oh yes, oh! Oh my goodness you guys, it’s so glossy! I love this. Okay, click test. Just, got to do this real fast. Guys! You guys. Am I right? Look at that! It reminds me of like,
Sully from Monsters Inc. This slime is amazing, I love it. Oh my goodness. I would have never thought to add, like those color of like, colored
beads into this type of slime ’cause this is like a glossy slime that’s kind of almost jiggly but it holds in all the beads
perfectly and it’s so soft! This is amazing, okay. We’re gonna add it in right here. This is what it looks like so far! I can’t wait to see what color
this is gonna make, you guys. What do you think, what’s your predictions for the final color? Comment down below. My prediction for the color,
I think it’s gonna be purple. So these next two slimes
were to Gertie and Therma and I asked them and they
said I could also use them so thank you, but look. Just because, look at how great
these slimes are, you guys. Just look at this. Oh my goodness. It’s so sparkly and it’s a clear slime that’s so stretchy! How do you do this? Oh I love it! Okay, we’re just gonna go
ahead and add that right here. Wee! (chuckles) I love seeing your guys’ slime creations ’cause it gives me inspiration
on how to make my slime because you guys are
so creative, like, yes. Oh. Guys. Oh, yes! Yes. I love slime so much! Okay, ooh! These next slimes come
from Payton in Philadelphia so thank you so much Payton! So let’s open up this one first. I love the color, it’s like,
this is my favorite color. It’s just a light pink which is perfect and I was playing with this
one, like the other day so there’s a lot of air
bubbles but it’s so glossy and so jiggly, I love it. Oh, I love this slime. Sounds amazing! I love it, okay. This should add like a nice
pastel color to our slime. I’m really excited to
see the color at the end. All right we’re just gonna wee, yay! Yes, I love slime, I’m so excited! Okay, then this one is
called Unicorn Slime and it was to my mom but she
let me use it for this video because I love it so much. Look at this, it’s a
clear pink glitter slime and there’s lots of little, like cool beads on the inside of it. Also, you guys, this is
like the most amazing thing they included a unicorn
charm, like, how cute! That is so, like, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Yes, yes! Okay, we’re just gonna add
this, I love it so much. Also in their package
they included this, like play sand or kinetic sand. It feels really cool so I thought why not add it to our slime smoothie? ‘Cause it’ll give it some texture. So we have some green, little
kinetic sand, play sand and we’re just gonna
add it to the smoothie. I don’t have written down
who this next slime was from but thank you so much if
you sent it, it is so pretty and I love the little
container that it comes in. It’s so cute. This is, like, oh this
slime is so adorable. It is a purple-y sparkly slime, yes? Yes please. Oh my goodness, look how stretchy! Guys don’t feel like
you have to send slime this was just for fun and if you did send
slime, thank you so much. I really appreciate it and even
just for watching this video thank you, you guys are awesome. But look at this slime,
oh it’s so stretchy! Okay, we’re just gonna add it in, look! Oh my gosh, you guys,
the stretchiness is real. This one isn’t really a
slime but a fan sent it and it is like, these little,
I think it’s iceberg or like no, fishbowl kind of beads. Not really fishbowl, there’s two different types of fishbowl beads these are kind of like fishbowl beads and I thought perfect, you can
add it to the slime smoothie and it will give it some texture so that’s what we’re gonna do. Woo! Yes! Oh, guys. You guys. This is gonna be an awesome
slime, I’m so excited. These three slimes are from Amelia. The first one was like an avalanche slime and I opened it, I kind of
mixed in the colors though it has some beads on top and
I think it got a bit stiff from the cold weather, but it’s so pretty. It has like jumbo beads, look at that. We’re just gonna plop it in here. This slime is really
cool, it’s clear slime with these awesome yellow
foam beads in it, like just. Ahh! So satisfying. Okay, just gonna pull it out. It reminds me of lemonade,
it looks so pretty. Not too sticky but it also
doesn’t rip and it’s so stretchy how do you guys do this? Let me know your secret
in the comments down below like, this slime is amazing. Okay, we’re just gonna
swirl it right there. Oh that is such a pretty swirl. This one, I can already tell you is like, it’s gonna be good because it has mini foam beads. If you don’t know, I love
mini foam beads in slime. I don’t make too make slimes
with mini foam beads in them but when I do I’m just like yes! So I love slimes that
have mini foam beads. Oh look at this, it’s like a floam almost. Oh! It’s scented! Oh my gosh, it’s scented
like strawberries! (screams) I can’t even. Oh my goodness. You guys, this smells so good! I wish there was smellevision so you guys could just, like, smell it. It smells just like strawberries, oh! So amazing, I love this. Okay, we’re just gonna
add this right here. Thank you Emilia for the slimes. This next slime comes from
Carly and look at this. It comes in such a cool container. I’ve never seen a container
like that but I love it. It’s like, this sparkly blue slime I think it’s a little bit
stiff from the weather but that’s okay because
we have some runnier ones so it’s gonna just overall
balance out the slime. Ta-da! That’s our slime so far. You guys, there are so
many colors in here. Do you see this? This next slime is a clear slime and it’s so clear, I don’t even know how. Okay, we’re just gonna add that in here. Thank you so much! These two slimes are from
Ellie and Riley so thank you. This one, oh my gosh, this is so cool. They sent me this fishbowl slime because they watched my Etsy slime video and they saw that I got a fishbowl slime that was way too over activated
and not really made properly so they decided to make
me a proper fishbowl slime and send it on over, which
was so sweet, so thoughtful. Thank you so much and I
love the color choices. Like, the pink fishbowl beads
with the blue clear slime. Yes, yes. Wow! Okay. If this is what fishbowl slime is like I actually really like fishbowl slime. Look at that! Oh my goodness, you guys. I love this! Okay, I think I’m starting to
really like fishbowl slime. It might be one of my new favorites. Okay. We’re just gonna go ahead and swirl it right here on top of the beads. Yeah! Okay. The other slime they
sent leaked unfortunately because of shipping, but that’s okay because it was in a plastic bag so it saved, basically all
the slime, which was amazing. This slime is called chewed up bubblegum and I think the name
fits the slime perfectly because the colors are, like, perfect and it has these extra
large foam beads in it which looks like chewed up bubblegum. Yes! We’re gonna add this. This next slime is so pretty it reminds me of the Wizard of Oz. It’s clear and it has
these red little, like sprinkles in it, or no,
not sprinkles, sparkles and glitter and it’s so pretty, you guys. You guys. I hope you can see how sparkly this is. It’s amazing. Oh, there it goes! Added to the slime. All right guys, sadly
this is my last slime but it’s so pretty! It comes from Jack, thank you so much Jack and it is a pink slime
with some glitter in it and I think it could be butter slime also because it feels like
it has some clay in it which I love butter slime
so thank you so much. We’re just gonna go ahead and add this to our slime and our slime
smoothie is complete! Woo! So this is what it looks like on top and on the sides. Wow! It is so pretty you guys, I
kind of don’t wanna mix it but we gotta mix it to see
what the final color is. Okay guys, it’s time
to mix, I’m so excited! I still think it’s gonna be
purple but I have no idea. Let’s go ahead and start mixing! Oh, you guys. Ah! This feels so cool, there are
so many different textures. Whoa. Oh my goodness, it looks like cotton candy ’cause it has the pink and the blue. I’m making this you guys. I wish y’all could feel this slime. Ah! It is so awesome. Who knew putting
everybody’s slimes together would make this epic
slime, this is amazing. Okay you guys, it is really
hard to mix inside the bowl so I think I’m just going to go ahead and plop it out on the table ’cause I feel like that
will be a bit easier to mix. Dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun! Whoa! You guys, you guys, yes! Okay, let’s keep mixing. Oh my goodness. It might be pink. Oh you guys, pink is my favorite color. If it’s pink, this is gonna be awesome. I love this color. I think I was kind of right you guys. It’s kind of pink-y, kind of purple-y. Oh my goodness. I love this slime! Okay guys, this is the final color. I think it’s mostly pink but there’s a tiny bit of
purple in there I feel. Don’t you think? If you guys got it right, comment now and be like, I got the color right! All right, let’s see if we
can make a slime bubble. I feel like we can do
this guys, we got it. Let’s put all of our slimes together to create the most epic slime and make a giant slime bubble! I just love how you
can look into the slime and find so many different
things, it is so cool. Oh kind of! There we go. Made a slime bubble, woo! Yay. Mission accomplished, I’d say. So thank you guys so much
for watching this video. If you enjoyed it, make sure
to give it a big thumbs up subscribe, turn it from red to gray and hit the bell icon
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