Family Outdoor Skills Camp and Deer Hunt for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
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Family Outdoor Skills Camp and Deer Hunt for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

February 14, 2020

The front of the canoe is the part of
the canoe that has the seat further back. So, any questions before we go out? (MUSIC) The Family Outdoor Skills Camp for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Children maybe the only camp of its kind. Young people with hearing disabilities and their families come here to learn outdoor skills and enjoy Missouri’s outdoors together. (MUSIC) This is not just a program for the kids. This is a program for the parents and
guardians of these children as well. The parents don’t know how to do a lot of this stuff. So we’re teaching everybody. You get to see a lot of kids that don’t usually get
the opportunity to come outside and be around the water. They’re new to it. They’re learning. And they just really, really have a good time and that’s
the fun part is just watching them have fun. Most of the time the other camps, the other activities
that you do, you are always making adjustments. You are always making compromises. It’s different here. We all get to participate in the activities with other families. They all have deaf kids, They’re all going through the same things. We all get to enjoy it together. And it’s a diversified group. It gives her a chance to be with her friends and
to go somewhere where she knows she’ll understand, where she doesn’t have to worry that she’s not going to know
how to do it or understand what someone’s saying. She can just be free and have fun. It gives her confidence to try stuff that
she might not have tried before. We look forward to this every year. We mark our calendars. We can’t wait. Now it’s late October and many of the campers are back, but this time to take advantage of Missouri’s special
deer season set aside for young people. All of the elements of a good hunt take place, the hearty breakfast, reconnecting with old friends, sneaking out early to take your position, the patient waiting (MUSIC) experiencing the rising sun, the beautiful fall colors… the adventure! (gun fired) When Rocky don’t understand what I’m saying she’ll look at the translator and I will repeat to the translator and the translator will make
her hand signals and tell her what she needs to do. It’s pretty neat to see the look on her
face. The glow on her face. I wish I had this when I was
a child. It’s pretty neat, pretty awesome. And of course, just like any other hunt… the
stories of the day must be told. I told him wait until the deer turns and he had
his gun on him for probably about two minutes, and as soon as that deer turned to its left, he
shot it, dropped it right in its tracks. We got to go out there and had to
pry the smile off his face. One happy guy.

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