Family Night Routine – What we do Before Bedtime with Adley and Baby Bear
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Family Night Routine – What we do Before Bedtime with Adley and Baby Bear

August 25, 2019

– Eight, nine, 10. – [Dad] Whoa, my boot fell off. Maybe it was my arm? – [Adley] It’s a arm! – [Dad] Oh no. We’ll fix it don’t worry. – Dad the Poppy song. – [Dad] The Poppy song? – Uh uh. – We should do jumpsuit because
you have your jumpsuit on. – Yeah. – [Dad] Should we do that? – It’s under my jacket. – Adley was asking me, how
we’re gonna start the vlog, ’cause I just got in the car, ’cause we’re going to tumbling. ‘Cause she said, dad are we vlogging? I said, I’m not vlogging today. And she said, please
can we vlog gymnastic? So, now we’re vlogging,
and welcome to another– – Best day ever! – [Dad] Okay here we go. Are you ready for this mom? (upbeat music) Are you ready for tumbling? – Yeah. – I’m ready to watch you tumble! Let’s go! Adley likes to listen to
Jumpsuit by Twenty One Pilots ’cause her tumbling suit, why does she call it a jumpsuit? Are those called a jumpsuit? – No, I think they’re
called like a leotard. – Why does she call hers a jumpsuit? – [Mom] I have no idea. – So she is like, I
want the jumpsuit song, because I got my jumpsuit
on and I’m about to tumble. – I wonder what I’m gonna learn. – [Dad] What do you
think your gonna learn? – I don’t know. – [Dad] You’re getting really good at all your stuff, huh? – Yeah, I’m gonna jump in the snow. – [Dad] Hey! Gotta stretch your legs
and get ready for tumbling. Big steps. Whoa. Good job. Yeah, yeah. Go go go go go. – [Mom] Hurry, hurry, hurry. Lift your feet. – [Dad] Alright, you’re ready. Go for it, go for it, go for it. – [Mom] Hey watch your steps. – She’s so cute, I love it. (upbeat music) – Over, all the way over. Awesome! (upbeat music) – She swung on the rope,
she was nervous about that ’cause she didn’t want to
fall on the foam blocks. (child screaming) I can’t tell if this like is
a real drill they’re doing, or if they’re just being weird. – Guys look how tired Niko is. Do those kisses make you sleepy? – He’s so tired. Oh I love him so much, he’s so cuddly. – Niko’s teething and not napping, huh? – Look at his teeth
guys, can you see them? – I think we should get some of these mats for the house, so we can practice. – I thought we have one. – No, we just have a flat one. – Oh the angled one. – [Mom] Yeah. – Let’s get tumbling mats. – It will be fun.
– That’s fun. I like tumbling. I wanted to do tumbling when
I was a kid, but I never did. – Me too.
– Wanted to be better at flips for snowboarding, and stuff. – [Mom] Yeah. – [Dad] Did you get a treat? – Yeah. – [Dad] Hey, you did awesome!
– Yeah. – [Dad] Adley, how are
you so good at tumbling? Have you been practicing at home? – Yeah. – [Dad] What are we gonna do tonight? – I got fun question. – [Dad] A question? What’s your question? – I want to play with barbies. – [Dad] Play with barbies? – [Mom] That’s not a question. – That’s a fun idea, but Adley, you said you
wanted to vlog tonight. What should we do for the vlog? Do you guys got any ideas? Leave some comments of fun things we should do for the vlogs. – [Dad] Adley, what do
you think we should do? – I got another fun thing to do. – [Dad] What? – Let’s make pancakes. – [Dad] Pancakes? That would be fun. – Yeah. – We’ll keep thinking
of what the fun thing is to do tonight. We still have a couple
hours before bedtime. So fun incoming. You have any ideas? – I’ve got a good question. – [Dad] What? – Let’s play barbies. – [Dad] Stop, we’ve been going around this roundabout forever. One more lap, babe, right
when I started filming. That was like our third
lap around the roundabout. Adley was loving it. – This is when I see Elsa and Anna. – [Dad] I know, aren’t you so excited. This is our first time watching
the vlog, are you ready? – Uh huh. – [Dad] Get a bite first. – Pause it. – [Dad] Okay, pause it. Oh my gosh, we put on your gloves? So you didn’t freeze
things like Elsa, remember? How excited were you to see this vlog? – So excited. – [Dad] So excited, who made it? – Nick. – [Dad] Yeah, do you
think he did a good job? – Mm-hmm. – [Dad] Okay, let’s watch. Oh, you’re so cute. – I tooted. – Alright, you got, you tooted? Ew. Alright, you guys can
watch us watching the vlog. You guys are watching the vlog, watching us, watching another vlog. If only this vlog could watch you somehow. – Don’t you put that evil on me. – Heard the boys. – The boys came, yeah. – Boys. – Hi boys. – That’s too loud,
mommy, we gotta be quiet. – Yeah mom’s feeding
Niko, we gotta be quiet. Good call. – The tractor. – Yeah. – We played hide and seek. – Did Elsa make it, do you remember? – Yeah, she did. – That was so fun. Aw, you gonna give her a hugs? You’re so lucky. – We were all like warm hugs! (beep) – Hey, we found Holiday. Aw, remember when the lights came on? Nick, I like the princess
music, that was (pop), it made that moment special. It’s ov– (beep) – It’s over, its over guys! – It’s over guys, we tried
to do that time-lapse twice, and my camera just turned off both times. – Why? – Your watching it again! – A no! – You stinker! – I can’t even do that. – How did it do it then? – I don’t know. – You did it. What do you want to watch? – Let me show you how to get another one. – Watch her navigate this stuff guys. – I know how to get a new one. – [Dad] Okay. – You push that, look at this one! – What? – Look at this one! Vlog never seen this one. – [Dad] The vlogs never seen that one? – No. – [Dad] So what’s it about? – Eggs. – [Dad] Eggs? – Look, look. – [Dad] Yeah. – Look it, I had the blue out one. – [Dad] Oh my gosh. – Let’s watch it. I know let’s go play barbies! – What? Adley, you are like two different people. Half of Adley was really really
ready to watch this vlog, and then the other half just kicked in, and we went to barbie mode. Do you want to do barbies? – Yeah lets play barbies guys, let’s go! – Alright, hey, one more big bite. Good job. Barbie time, you guys are just
hanging out with us tonight. Normally its like a daily vlog. This is like an evening vlog, you get to know what I do
like, right after work, until bedtime. This is our family night routine. Adley makes all of the routine videos, we’ll do our first vlog routine. Mom and Niko are in there. We gotta be quiet because
Niko’s trying to sleep. – Maybe we try to shut the
door so we can be loud. – [Dad] Yeah, we can
shut the door to be loud. That’s a fun idea. Oh I still have my shoes
on, I gotta take those off. – You can’t kick me with your shoes on. (Shaun laughing) – [Dad] I can’t ever kick you. Hey will you help me take my shoes off, I’m holding the vlog. – Yeah, let me film. – [Dad] Oh you’re going to film? I was just trying to trick
you into taking my shoes off, but okay. Are you doing a good job filming? – [Adley] Yeah, look it. How I’m holding it. – [Dad] You’re holding it so good. – [Adley] I’m big and strong! – [Dad] Good job, alright should we– – These are Niko’s toys dad. – Yeah, the vlog helped us get that. Yo I read through the comments, so many people watched that
video like six times and stuff. I wonder how many views it has now. Brandon, pop up that video,
I bet it has lots of views. That’s all because you guys. Thank you. You bought Niko his first
little toy room area. And then the letter things, they didn’t even stay in Niko’s toy room because we’ve been using them everywhere. This vlog’s really dirty. Alright, I want to play some barbies. – Yeah. Barbie. – Pretty, who do you want me to me? – The daddy. – [Dad] Got it, yo what’s up, I am the daddy around these parts, if y’all need daddy, know who to ask. That’s me, hi, nice to meet ya. Hi what’s your name? – Arial. – [Dad] Hi Arial, I’m your daddy. Hello, hello. – There’s a tail.
– What? – There’s a tail too. – [Dad] Who’s gonna where
the tail, you or me? – Arial. – [Dad] Your a beautiful mermaid. Oh now your just a human. – It I broke, I can’t wear
it now, can you fix it dad? – [Dad] Who do you think
I am, tall chicken? – No. – [Dad] Tall chicken just
always fixes my computer. – Lets set it over here. – [Dad] Good idea. Oh hey, what’s up? Look at my dance moves. (upbeat music) – Watch my dance moves. (gentle music) – [Dad] Oh yeah, yeah so you
want to dance party with me? – Yeah. – [Dad] Okay, lets do it. – Let me go turn the colorful lights on. – [Dad] Oh yeah, colorful
lights are on, oh yeah Oh yeah, I’m dancing. Oh wait, is this a slow song. Hey, do you want to dance with me? – No its a fast song. – [Dad] Okay. (Shaun laughing) I love you so much. Lets just keep that
personality forever, okay? Alright, well what do you want to do now? – Its time for bed. – [Dad] Of course it
is, oh my gosh let’s go. Whoa, how did you jump up there? Wow your crazy, I gotta
take this elevator. Made it. What’s up, goodnight. – [Adley] Hey there’s a spot for him too. Morning time. – [Dad] Morning time, coming on down. – [Adley] You knocked the light down. – [Dad] Oh sorry about that. I hope you got the warranty. – Do you know how to jump down? – [Dad] No will you teach me? – You stand right here, and jump. – [Dad] Jump. Hey, that was fun. Do you want to jump off bigger stuff? – Yeah, we can jump up bigger. – [Dad] Holy cow I don’t dare,
do you think I can do it? – Maybe we can jump off. – [Dad] No way the roof? Oh my gosh this is like
title and thumbnail stuff. – One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Whoa. – [Dad] My boot feel off. Maybe it was my arm? Oh no. We’ll fix it, don’t worry. – Fix it. – Okay, hey man, sorry about that. Shouldn’t have jumped off the roof. There’s a pin here. Nope, that’s a, is that
like a piece of food? I think that’s a piece of
food on my thumb or something. Yo Brandon, I think this is broken. – Yeah. – Its okay though, we can fix it. I’m gonna operate on him, and he’ll be just fine in the morning. Sound good? We’ll put that by the broken tail. We’ll fix both of those. – Today’s vlog, we’re
gonna, its my dads birthday. So we’re gonna surprise
him with some food. Look, there’s so much food. Were gonna, so were gonna surprise him. Okay we’re gonna, surprise him, and maybe he will be so happy. Okay. Let’s do it. Were going, were going. Start the car. We’re here. Daddy! We’re here. – [Dad] Hey. – I got the vlog. – [Dad] You got the vlog? Hey. – I got food for you. – [Dad] Oh and food. Is the vlog on? It is on. Babe, she turned it on. – [Mom] I don’t eat
potatoes, I’ll take the corn. – Daddy, what will you take?
– How’d you know how to turn this on? What will you take? – [Dad] I want a potato or a mushroom? Can I have cereal? – Okay. – [Dad] Thank you. Hey Niko bear. Eat the corn, here. – [Mom] Niko is not sleeping. – [Dad] How many naps did he have today? – Maybe like one little one. And he’s supposed to
have 4 hour long ones. – Your tired. Remember at tumbling, he didn’t even take a nap.
– Your cereal dad. – [Dad] Oh thank you. Oatey’os huh? That’s a binky? Hey, we need to get ready for bed. Do you want to say goodnight to the vlog? – Goodnight vlog. (upbeat music) – [Dad] Hey man, sorry about that. – [Woman] They ask you how you are. You just have to say your
fine, but your not really fine.

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