Factory Engineer(Steam Games)-Marathon-Hard mode-EP-01/16
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Factory Engineer(Steam Games)-Marathon-Hard mode-EP-01/16

February 3, 2020

hello, everyone. this is a video of playing factory engineer, a steam game playing video. let’s start a new game, and select the hard mode. loading, please be patient. the first thing is to check the object. the object is to manufacturing BLOCKs. then we press the PAUSE button to freeze the timeline. next thing is to comfirm the components for manufacturing products. let’s start building FACTORIES. the most important thing is to leave blank for adding new necessary FACTORY in the future. now, we build up all the necessary FACTORIES, Handler and Conveyor one after another. please pay attention to set the right direction of Conveyor and Handler. after building up FACTORIES, let’s set up the procedures. in fact, the procedures setting including the product. after all is ready, let’s press the FORWARD button to start the timeline. here is one thing we should keep in mind, the combination of one SMELTER(the white one) and one ASSEMBLY MACHINE(the orange one), we call it as Basic Pattern. Basic Pattern is usually used in this game. now, we wait till all BLOCKs are manufactured. it’s about
two minutes. the bottom right panel shows the progress of how many products are manufactured. waiting…… all BLOCKs are already manufactured, object 1 is done. see you next time.

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