Eye Piece: Archery Shoot
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Eye Piece: Archery Shoot

August 16, 2019

According to lacrosse archery. target shooting with a bow and arrow is growing faster than bow hunting. Chief photographer chuck oedsma takes us to their indoor shooting range in tonights eyepiece. Aim High. Thought it would be fun. Always wanted to do it. I did, I think one Phy-ed class, forty years ago. Ha ha. And off and on you know. My whole family hunts. I don’t hunt. I’m not a hunter. Well, I know I would never see my husband if I didn’t pick up a hobby of his. So, I decided to do it. We don’t want to kill anything. We just like to shoot at the target. Its fun, and we’re board durring the winter. The small ring in the middle is worth eleven points. Ring outside of that is ten points. Then eight points, and five. The next archery shoot, I go to, I am going toget my first place trophy that I won last archery shoot. Scoring the points basically. Its kind of hard. Open your hand, leave the bow up. My dad knows all about the scoring but I don’t. But I just listen to my dad and he tells me what to do. Oh my God. Oh this is fun, I mean for all ages. I like it yeah. If you are interested, there are several indoor ranges in our are that are starting archery leagues this time of year.

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