Eye Dominance in Archery
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Eye Dominance in Archery

August 18, 2019

There’s a bit of confusion and debate about this. But it’s agreed that one of the most important things you have to know is your dominant eye. Dominance has a pretty big role in many sports and in life. If you play a form of football, then you need to know which of your legs you prefer kicking with. If you’re using your hands, you need to know which hand you feel more comfortable with using. And in shooting sports like in shooting or in archery eye dominance plays a huge role. The way eye dominance works is that despite having two eyes, your brain prefers receiving information from one over the other. The dominant eye provides the focus the non-dominant eye provides the depth of vision. Most people have the same eye dominace as their strong hand But a small percentage of people are cross dominant. For the most part that means most archers are right eyed, right handed. There are several methods for determining eye dominance One method, the Miles test involves extending your arms and overlapping your fingers so that you form a small hole with your thumbs. Look through this hole at a distant object then close one eye if you can no longer see the object then your open eye is the non-dominant eye. Alternatively you can move your hands to your face while keeping the object in focus. your hands will move to your dominant eye. If your eye dominance is the same as your handedness you’ve got it easy. But if you are cross-dominant you’ve got a though decision to make. The question is should I get a right handed bow, or a left handed bow, and do I base that decision on eye dominance or handedness? Keep in mind that most archers, particularly for recurve, shoot with both eyes open. It provides for much better depth perception. Cross-dominant archers however have this problem of naturally preferring one eye over the other. It makes it very difficult to align the string or the sight. It just looks wrong. As a right hand, right eyed shooter when I draw, I can just see the string, off to the side of my eye. Now if I were to close my right eye, I would see what a left eye dominant shooter would see. The string is nowhere near where it should be. If you’re watching someone who may be cross dominant what you may see is the archer actually trying to anchor a bit differently. Trying to get that string alignment in place So there are some big problems with consistency and alignment if you’re shooting cross-dominant. Now, if I was a left eyed shooter the natural choice may be to use a left handed bow. Which means I can get the correct visual alignment. The problems is that, if I’m using my non-dominant hand I’m going to have a harder time trying to control my shot I simply don’t have the strength or the coordination to control my shot and that’s going to have a big effect on the accuracy. So we come back to the question, if you are cross-dominant do you pick your bow based on your strong hand or your strong eye? This is where things get a little confusing Different guides and coaching manuals will recommend different things. Some will point out the obvious: you need to sight the target with your dominant eye. Others will argue that it’s easier to adapt your technique to match your eye than it is to train your weak hand. Both sides have fair points Some people are so exclusively one sided that they simply lack the dexterity and strength needed to shoot with their weak hand. In fact, it’s fairly common for introductory sessions to give bows to people based on their handedness. It’s just easier to teach people to shoot a bow if they are already confortable using their strong hand. Some people cannot built that weak hand no matter how hard they try, no matter how hard they practice. For some cross-dominant archers there is a natural tendency to bring the string to the stronger eye. And a lot of archers start off learning cross-dominant shooting see two targets and it can take a while to merge them back in to one target to focus on. Archers can be taught to overcome this Some people actually change eye dominance after years of practice. There are other ways to adapt your eye dominance to your stronger shooting hand And sometimes archers will use an eyepatch to cover their stronger eye to force themselves to use their weak eye to focus on target. Sometimes however no matter how hard you try it’s simply impossible for someone to use their weak eye. And they have chronic form problems. In which case they will have to switch to their weak hand. Ultimately, whether you choose a bow based on your eye dominance or your handedness depends on how comfortable you are with adapting to either one. Some people find it easier to use their dominant hand others can’t shoot with their weak eye. If you’re buying a bow this is key reasons why you should try it before you buy it. Anyway Hope this is helpful. This is Nu Sensei, I’ll see you next time.

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  1. I'm really weird when it comes to dominance, I'm right handed and right eye dominant, but I'm left foot dominant… This doesn't effect my archery at all

  2. Very interesting to know: I have a friend who's cross dominant. Left eye/hand here. Even the muscles in my left eyelid are stronger: I can close my left eye with a totally relaxed face and keep my right open but to close my right and keep my left open I have to squint.

  3. You forgot to mention instinctive shooting/archery. Which basically uses the same principles used when you point your finger at something. You didn't sight down your arm and finger to point the right place. Rather than sighting on strings, down shafts, through sight pegs, etc instinctive shooting/archery you focus on where you want the arrow to go and let your subconscious do the work of figuring out the body movement to get the arrow there.

    It is a good technique for cross dominant but also any one. It can especially be good for hunters as it tends to really shine when shots are "unkown" odd ranges and or on the move. Your instinctive shooter will have advantages for these times.

    Something most instinctive shooters will tell you is they will know the shot is good before they release. I think it is this feel that the name comes from, because there is often just an instinctive feel that the shot is perfect just before release. Your body telling your mind it got it exactly right. And when you get that feeling, well I have never had it lie to me, it is always right for me.

    If interested in instinctive shooting/archery there are tons of videos and articles on the web about it. There are youtube channels dedicated to instinctive archery. Websites that talk about it, and try to explain it. It is really a tough thing to explain though, because it is a very subtle feeling or rightness that is the signal your aim is true. You can't explain to someone how to hear that feeling or what it feels like, people have to experience it for themselves.

    Micheal Jordan has said "The ball is in the hoop before it leaves my hands" that is instinctive shooting. It is more common than people would think. You do it every day and so does everyone else, when you reach for a door nob, or a cup of coffee, or the countless other movements your body does to interact with the environment your in. Now the trick is to learn to do it with archery. With good consistent form and patient practice, it will become 2nd nature. Because it is a 2nd nature in everyday life.

  4. I'm very comfy with an eye-patch. just try it!
    My problem is that my eye-dpminance changes when I'm getting tired…so suddenly while Training the arrow went 10m to the left…so for me there is no point in shooting with 2 eyes open 🙂

  5. I am just getting into archery after doing a bunch of research. I got an old compound bow from my uncle but i think a recurve is more my style. Im just having trouble deciding which one. Im kind of on a budget. Would you recommend the Win & Win SF Axiom Recurve? Im mainly just shooting for fun.

  6. If I were cross-dominant, I would switch hands. Sometimes I still have trouble getting a clear sight picture. Not sure why. It's getting better though. I think it has to do with whether I'm focusing on the target or looking closer at my aperture.

  7. i haven't started archery yet but i will be soon. I've done a bunch of research and I'm right handed but have a dominant left eye. is this a problem?

  8. I'm left-handed but right eye dominant, luckily the world being more right-handed and making equipment and everything for right-handed people I have developed strength and coordination with my right hand so I just use a right-handed bow

  9. I've had to deal with left eye/right hand cross dominance using a rifle for my entire military career! 10 years ago I started out shooting lefty cuz it's my stronger eye and scored expert, but then switched to righty because my hands are more coordinated that way for reload, switching, etc. It's taken me years to figure out why I could barely qualify right-handed, even when I wore glasses. For most tactical rifle sights, you shoot with both eyes open.

    I'm a beginner to archery so gonna try righty shooting. Since more of what I've read so far talks about the importance of "form" over "aiming," this seems like a good approach for me. I think a patch or some kinda "blinder" would be a little weird, so I'll attempt just gently squinting my left eye to aim at that step in the sequence, so my brain can use the aligned perspective from my right eye. Will repost in a few weeks and share how that's workin out.

    In the meantime, it is cool to finally realize that I am in fact "left-eye-dominant." All my life I just thought my left eye saw more clearly, but didn't realize it actually affected how my brain perceived the world around me. Learned something about myself today! So thanks for that NUSensei!

  10. I'm left handed with right eye dominance, and naturally shoot bows and rifles right handed, because it just makes sense, however, I am able to shoot left handed as well.  If the strength in my shoulders and back were the same, I could be as accurate both ways, though right handed is more comfortable.  When it comes to writing, baseball, golf, I'm left handed only.  I can't switch hit at all.  But I mop and sweep both ways, and write with both hands.

  11. I'm left handed, and my dominant eye is my left eye I've learnt how to shoot using my friends right handed compound bow I am looking to buy my first bow hopefully recurve. Do you think I should I should get right handed bow or get a left handed bow and relearn how to shoot

    Side note, it's really hard to find cheep left handed bows.

  12. I am left eye dominant but I'm right handed. I'm looking into buying a bow tomorrow and I will probally buy a right handed bow because changing your eye dominance (or atleast improving your non-dominant eye) is way easier than training your weak arm wich will (probally) never change. BTW, great video mate!

  13. I'm left-eye dominant and I tried both left and right handed bow today at the Aim for Fun session. Obviously being a total noob, it didn't make much difference. Next week at the beginner's course, I'll have to ask the instructor to help me suss it out. In snooker, I learned to shoot with my right hand but I suspect that's why I'm not a consistent player. Some days I can play like a pro, some days I play like a noob. I don't want to make the same mistake in archery.

  14. i can switch focus and make either eye the dominant eye. I shoot left handed but i am right eye dominant normally. However i can switch to left eye dominance when i shoot my bow.

  15. I'm right handed, but strongly left-eye dominant, and just from playing around with toy bows and stuff, I've always instinctively gone for a left handed shooting style. Even just practicing basic archery forms without holding a bow, right handed just feels… off. I know my brother was the same when he was doing archery, right handed, left eye dominant, shot left handed.

    It'll be interesting to do a Learn Archery day some time soon so I can actually try a bow, and see which feels more comfortable for me.

  16. Hey man, great videos, watched them all now! I'm a new archer, couple of months, I'm left eye dominant but shoot right handed. I just close my left eye and have to move the sight to the far left or aim right without a sight. Im shooting ok for a beginner, around 500 scores, so will this stop me from improving etc? what do you think?

  17. My situation is that I'm left legged but right handed (primarily). However, for some things I'm a lefty. For instance, when I put on my shoes I use my left thumb to help squeeze in. When I deal playing cards I deal like a lefty. And when I was young I shot a bow like a lefty. But when I as maybe 12 years old I tried Archery for the first time and did it as a lefty. The instructor asked if I was left handed. I said no and he gave me a right handed bow from then on. It felt a bit weird at first but I got used to it. However, I didn't do Archery for long because I was too young to travel so far to training (parents didn't want to drive me that far) and it just got lost.
    Recently I started Archery again (almost 20 years later) and I now find it normal to shoot as a right handed shooter. However! This time I figure out that I'm also left eye dominant. It's so frustrating! I don't feel like switching hands again so now I tend to just try shutting my left eye a bit and focus on using my right eye. Don't really have problems hitting the target so far so it'll just have do be like that I guess. Besides… my left shoulder isn't that great so I think it's probably best if I'd just keep using my right hand.

  18. I've only recently taken up my my first steps in the archery world. I know from back when I played pool billiard competition that my right eye is dominant. I'm also right handed so in the future I would be looking for a right handed bow.

    However from playing pool I also remember that I have the issue that my eye dominance isn't very strong and dominance sometimes shifts to the left eye. Is closing the eye / eyepatch the only solution or are there other things I can work on?

    ( Btw nice channel you have, haven't worked my way through all the channels but pick up lots of usefull info. )

    Greetings from the Netherlands.

  19. Im right handed, left eyed dominant. I learned on a compound bow using my right hand and I managed to adapt without much trouble. As my love for archery grew, and as I researched more I decided I wanted to train for the Olympics, so I bought a left handed re-curve bow, my first few months using a re-curve and my left hand was difficult. but now I can shoot both, right handed and left handed, with little difficulty but I still shoot with a left handed re-curve.

  20. hello NUsensei im right handed, and using my right eye to aim but the problem is my left eye sees better I thought because of the glasses i went to doctor and change it but nothing changed still my left eye sees better what should i do ?

  21. Any suggestions for someone that doesn't have a particular eye dominance (I use both eyes to focus on an object)?

  22. I've tried both tests you mentioned and my eye dominance keeps changing. If I concentrate then I can actually chose which eye I want to be dominant at any time.

  23. my left eye is stronger than my right and am cross dominant thank goodness I trained my left side before I got into archery.

  24. wow,just discovered Im a left eye dominant,but Im (extremely) right hand dominant.To the point I often say that I have left hand just because I wouldnt be without one.I really have NO coordinaton in left hand

  25. Holy crap! That was a revelation to watch .. thank you. I've been doing archery for a short while and I'm right handed but never thought my left eye would be dominant. Thanks again.

  26. Thank goodness I'm right eyed and right handed, cross-dominance seems like one hell of a challenge. I've never experienced any problems aiming like you described, like most people btw but left eyed and right handed seems quite tricky to shoot with

  27. Hi, good video. But too late for me I had to change my riser and sight. I have being a right hand archer for two years. But I was a left eye. My teacher said me to use my right hand but when I put my sight was very dificult. I started closing my left eye but I did not feel good at the end; Today I have being shooting left handed for nearly 1 year…feel great. Is what you said…it depends on what do you feel.

  28. Can't you shoot a left handed bow with your right hand if you are left eye dominant and right handed? As I don't see why someone couldn't do this.

  29. I am right eye dominant and unable to close my left eye alone. I found it interesting that you mentioned the eye patch, because this is what I have to do. Most other archers look at me weird and there are a few that suggested I even try shooting with both eyes opened. I tried that and I found I consistently missed the target all together towards the left. Needless to say, I am back with the eye patch. Arrgh Matey!

    On another topic, can you please do a comparison of a finger tab versus the glove. I prefer the glove and it has recently been suggested I try a finger tab for a consistent grip. Looking forward to watching that video.

  30. Hi NUSensei ! 6 months ago I picked up a bow and a few arrows at my archery club. I tried a right handed bow ( I'm left handed and left eye dominant) but it actually felt more comfortable because my left arm was on the bow so I had more controll over the it. btw I shoot instinctively. I guess that doesn't really matter cause I don't aim. Although , I strugle to mantain my left shoulder ( bow hand) in the same place , and when I try to make the same movement like I would shoot left handed it FEELS a lot more natural. I'm not sure if you understood anything but my question is : Should I switch to a left handed bow? I already own a entry level SF Optimo+ ( right handed ofc).
    I'm kind of confused

  31. I'm cross dominant and I shoot left-handed with both bow and rifle. I can shoot a pistol right handed because the pistol is fired from a fair distance from the face. I can not shoot rifle or bow right-handed at all. And holding the bow in my right hand is not a problem. Also, using an assault rifle when I was in the Army, I had no problem shooting from the left hand. And combat shooting drills were not a problem at all.

  32. I shoot bow and rifle right handed always thought i was left eye dominant Thats how i always shoot Rifles if i can. then finally realized ive been shooting my bow right eyed the whole time guess rifle left feels more Sturdy with the bow right eye feels more Sturdy

  33. I'm left-handed and left-eyed. I shoot my recurve and compound left. Back in school I attempted to draw a bow right-handed, as it felt 'normal'.
    Looking over the string, I ended up grazing my bare forearm with the string. At the time, I didn't know anything about archery or eye- dominance.
    Left a nice bruise. I'd hate to do that with my 70lb Hoyt!

  34. I always thought cross dominant people like myself shot on the side of their eye.
    Its interesting…
    I am left handed for hockey, golf, baseball(bat) but right handed for writing, throwing, eating, brushing my teeth.

    I guess I had a fairly good level of strength in my left arm because I never noticed any difficulty shooting with it even though it was my weak arm.

  35. I did everything the wrong way around – decided to take up archery, looked up a nice Damon Hyatt recurve from the 1950's and didn't know if it was left or right. After watching your video, I found out that I am left eye dominant and since I am ambidextrous, I can comfortably learn how to shoot with my left hand.
    It is all a matter of which hand you start learning with, same goes for the guitar. I write with my right hand, but hold most tools in my left hand, suppose I am an odd ball ;o)

  36. I was, in my youth, right handed and right eye dominant. I've practice and compete in archery (cadet and junior) and had some experience (and medals!). Because of my personal life, I left archery. A few weeks ago, I began archery again, and I found that I still have all the stance and muscle memory in good shape (despite my white hair). The problem is: with age, my right eye became tired and my dominant eye is now the left one. I've tried to change to left handed shouter but my "muscle memory" does not allow it. I close the left eye and aim with the right one, losing some target focus. In a short range (10 to 20 meters) I can group all my arrows in the yellow, but in long range, the target became so out of focus… My destiny is to compete only indoor…or have you any advice for me? (I wear glasses, but I can aim better without them). Many thanks for sharing yours videos.

  37. NU先生, I am right handed and right eye dominant. Ive been told my left eye is a lazy eye. When I try to shoot with both eyes open my sight seems to fade away. Is there any case where it's better to shoot with my lazy eye closed? i have been shooting with my dominant eye only and it seems to be quite clear now.

  38. Man, I wish I saw this video before ordering my first bow! I'm left handed so I purchased a left handed riser. Though just now I learned I'm very right-eye dominant. Now I need to decide if I keep the left handed riser or return it for a right handed one. I really want to avoid developing bad habits in the beginning of my archery training.

  39. I'm right-handed, left-eye dominant and have always been interested in archery. 😀 It's something I hope to learn properly at some point and I've done a trial session here or there and loved it. I didn't realise my struggle was due to cross dominance at the time. If I get enough extra cash to train, I'll likely try a left-handed bow. Thankfully I'm a violinist so my left arm is stronger than most. 🙂 Still, I'm not sure what will happen 'til I actually try. Wish me luck. 🙂 Thank you for the videos! 😀

  40. I want to get into archery. Due to my profession, I am trying to figure out if I should use a left handed bow. I am right handed and left eye dominant. I shoot my handgun with my left eye, however I sighted my rifle (AR) in with my right eye and shoot it right handed. I shoot my rifle with good accuracy but only because it was sighted in, not because I can switch eye dominance. I wanted to know if anyone had any insight. Should I try to shoot a bow left handed?  Thanks.

  41. Countering mismatched eye dominance to dominant hand is a tough task. I am right handed and when I started archery I was right eye dominant. I keep both eyes open while shooting and wear eye lenses. After couple of years I realised that my eye dominance started switching from right to left and was very inconsistent. One day the Miles test would show right and the next day left. It was very stressful when you are aiming and left eye takes dominance. I tried the idea of eye patch though it looked awkward. There were also options with having a eye blocker attached to your hat which blocks the target to be seen from left eye when in position.
    Ultimately, I adopted a method where I would temporarily close my left eye to aim with right eye and then open my left eye maintaining focus with right eye. It was tough but over a course of few months, I think my brain rewired to see with right eye dominance while shooting.

  42. Countering mismatched eye dominance to dominant hand is a tough task. I am right handed and when I started archery I was right eye dominant. I keep both eyes open while shooting and wear eye lenses. After couple of years I realised that my eye dominance started switching from right to left and was very inconsistent. One day the Miles test would show right and the next day left. It was very stressful when you are aiming and left eye takes dominance. I tried the idea of eye patch though it looked awkward. There were also options with having a eye blocker attached to your hat which blocks the target to be seen from left eye when in position.
    Ultimately, I adopted a method where I would temporarily close my left eye to aim with right eye and then open my left eye maintaining focus with right eye. It was tough but over a course of few months, I think my brain rewired to see with right eye dominance while shooting.

  43. Hi. I shoot with recurve and a beginner. I am right handed and left eye dominant (I did one test). But when i shoot with my left bow with left hand then suddently during shooting my right eye becomes more dominant. What should i do?

  44. I had a hard time in school with archery because I was shooting right handed and couldn't aim. I did the miles test and found out I'm left eye dominant years later.

    should I just try out both hands and decide how to shoot based on comfort?

  45. i am a right hander,but i got left dominant eye. i went to the club and the instructor said it'd be fine to shoot right hand,and they got no left hand bow any way. my aiming kinda suck so i want to change hand,my left hand is strong enough.
    is it okay to use right hand bow on my left hand? they got NO LEFT HAND BOW :(((

  46. I am just a beginner, having just completed a 3 week introductory course to archery at my local club. I am left eye dominant and left handed. I was given a left handed bow (holding it in my right hand, pulling the string back with my left hand). I sometimes think that a right hand bow would be easier to use but I will have a chat to the club and see what they suggest.

  47. I am now 82 years of age and only started Archery 2 years ago at Southern Field Archers in South Australia. Was never explained to me about the difference between Right handed and Right Eye Dominant and Right Handed with left Eye Dominant as I now am I spent three years in the British army shooting Pistols, Rifles and Sten guns with no problems and no comments from my instuctors when I used my left eye to focus.
    When I started archery I was all over the place until I pointed out that I was left eye dominant and, of course, that explained everything 🙂 Advice of all kinds came from everywhere and was of all sorts. Ranging from changing to a left handed bow, keeping both eyes open, closing my left eye, wearing a patch and you'll get used to it after a few years etc etc. Tried everything but I loved the bow I had bought. Now have four bow and all right handed.
    I am a Longbow man using a Falco Spirit 37 lb bow with carbon and bamboo inserts. Lovely bow, very smooth and great service. With it in my first year I was able, much to my surprise, to win a trophy for coming 1st at the 3D shoot (C Class) and a medal for coming 3rd in the Paper shoot (C Class).
    Now improviing much since, a couple of weeks ago I switched to shooting with my left eye and looking directly down the target. What a difference that made. My verticle line was really great at 20 metres, about 3 or 4 inches each side of dead centre. Naturally it shortened my draw so I have tightened up my bow to 41 lbs and working with that. What a difference that it makes to me now to see my arrows actually hitting close to dead centre. Now to work on getting my horiental line within 3 to 4 inches. I shoot with both eyes open but everything comes from my left eyes.
    Spoke to my optrician a couple of weeks ago and told him of my problems and the previous advice I had had. He said thay trying to change left eye dominance to a right hand dominance would do as muh damage as trying to teach a left handed person to become right handed and it can confuse the brain.

  48. I am right handed and left eye dominant. I shoot a right handed bow and I have been pretty successful so far. I'm a split vision shooter and i have learned to consciously use my week eye to sight down the arrow. i never tried shooting left handed. my control with my left arm/hand is awful.

  49. Nusensei, if I am aiming with both eyes open I can see 2 sights. Assuming my dominany eye is right would I see those sights in different positions if I had my left eye dominant? I think not but I am not sure.

  50. @Nu Sensei ok Thank you So iam left eye dominant but i pick up my bow with right hand but i write with my left hand so i shoot with my left hand😁

  51. Great vid, thankyou. I have a head scratcher for experienced archers or better yet any coaches out there:

    I'm left handed, left eye dominant. When I started shooting I just picked up a cheap fibreglass bow (now shooting a flatbow, looking to move into recurve) the basic instructions that came with the bow showed a right handed archer & the tab that came with the kit was a right handed one. Being totally green & not having a sight on it, I didn't appreciate the importance handedness & eye dominance. So I learned to shoot right handed now a few years down the line & getting serious about archery, and as mentioned making the leap into recurve (driving down to Merlin Archery wednesday to pick one up! whoop whoop); I'm unsure whether to stick with what I know or to be clumsy again & make the switch to left handed gear?

    Shooting my flatbow I have to close my left eye to sight down the string & arrow tip, I've been wondering how will this affect the use of a sight? Don't recurve coaches insist that you shoot with both eyes open? To complicate matters further my right eye is lazy (amblyopia) & opticians I've seen have remarked that my eyes work independently of one another (no, I don't use them like a chameleon lol) when gauging distance. I said to the optician well how come I'm not knocking things over & missing things I grab for? She said my brain has developed compensation methods over the years to gauge distance.

    Now obviously I'm going to ask the guys/gals at merlin for their input on the matter but I'm keen to get as many opinions as I can, so would be really really grateful for anyone else's opinion on it! Many thanks!

  52. My right eye cannot see far so I have to shoot left. However my fuzzy right eye tries to be dominant. I mostly shoot left but I am going to try right again when I get a new glasses prescription. Ultimately I think I will have to shoot left and that is ok because years of my eyes like this has made my left side quite strong.

  53. Love you videos! They are always right on target (bet you never heard that one before).
    I am right handed and left eye dominant. I can shoot a hand gun, throw a knife right handed, but shoot a rifle, sling shot or do archery left handed. I never had a problem switching hands. Left eye wink to all my cross dominant brothers out there.

  54. I'm still wanting to begin to train archery (i'll do it when i start working) and i found now i'm cross dominant (right hand left eye).

  55. As a left handed person like most left handed people I have learned to be ambidextrous because of all the right handed freaks in the world. So the fact my right eye is dominant is no real problem for me. It also helped that I used firearms before starting to learn archery.

  56. Hey Nu-sensei, i just found your channel some days ago and it's AMAZING! Always enjoyed archery and now more than ever, I hope that you can help me with something that is bugging me a lot:

    I did the test and my left eye was the one that saw the object, so i'm left eye dominant, right? The problem is, I don't have a bow but like many people i keep aiming and shooting with my "air bow" similar to a "air guitar" and the hand that i pull the string is the LEFT one….although i am completely right-handed in every aspect of my day….what am I?

  57. Eye dominance can be removed with practice. When I shot action air practical pistol there were some stages where u are required to shoot weak handed. Obvs you can shoot a pistol weak handed and use dominant eye quite easily. No anchor points for a pistol just the gun over. But after many weak handed stages and target practice runs I started to pick up my sights with my left eye when using left hand and right eye using right hand, btw both eyes are open. Peripheral vision is v important in practical shooting as you are on the move and targets can move too.

    At the very beginning I used to habitually wink my dominant eye to encourage a sight picture through my left for lefty shooting but now I can pick up sights from either.

    I know someone who shoots weak handed due to eye dominance. But given the choice I wouldn’t as my eye dominance was trained out quite easily.

  58. If I was to hold a bow in my right hand and draw with the left while using the left eye to aim what bow would I need I'm still confused.

  59. Been shooting recurve for about 8 months as a right hander. Found I'd been left eye dominant after about 5 months. Always just closed my left eye, have no problem with accuracy or distance. In fact I'm quite accurate in this and other target shooting sports as well. Don't thinking I'd want to swap to a left handed bow either to be honest.

  60. I have a " lazy" left eye, but I'm mixed-domonant; I use the right for distance, the left for close work. When I use one eye my brain just ignores input from the other, so my depth perception is weak. Makes shooting anything challenging. If you have a "lazy" eye you'll have to practice like crazy! 🙂

  61. Im right handed and left eye dominant and I just look at where Im aiming, as if throwing a stone. Just a matter of getting used to the cast of your Bow.

  62. I'm cross dominant only in the sense that I prefer using my right hand (I'm ambidextrous). Although I can use my left hand for everything I use my right hand for, my left has become weaker due to lack of use. But since I'm left eye dominant, I figure I'll use a left handed bow and re-build the strength in my left side.

  63. I'm cross dominant (right eye strong). You are the first person I have ever heard, claim that one can change eye dominance. If you have a source I would appreciate you pointing to it. My understanding is that while you may train yourself to shot with a non dominant eye you are not changing the dominance (i.e. using anyone of the objective methods to determine dominance). I have always shot bows since university right handed without a problem despite being very left hand dominant. Muscularly I have been very systematic though. I also play violin, guitar, and flute right handed. I shoot rifles right handed but pistols left handed. I recently purchased a new compound bow, and as I am older (54) and out of shape have had problems with the pull (50lb). I hope to overcome that with more practice and development.

  64. I am cross eyed dominant. Left handed but Right eye dominant. I shoot right handed. This works for me and I don't think I would be able to shoot left. For the simple fact that my right arm is stronger and acts more dominant than my left (yes… I'm strange) this is possibly due to the fact that I was ambidextrous but due to the pressure from primary school to use one hand to write and the seating arrangement of my primary school classroom, I ended up writing and doing most stuff with my left hand

    My leftie best friend has it harder though. When she shoots her eyes switch between dominance… you can see how this could be difficult!

  65. Well fuck, I just found out that I'm cross dominant. Wouldn't even consider shooting with my non-dominant arm though.

  66. Thank you very much for an really inspiring video. My son has just startet in a club (been there 3 times). He is normally left handed, but he shoots with RH. He had complaned to see the target double. I think that's the reason he sees it double. Last time he was introdused to shoot instintive which he really likes and will keep trying. I Will test him tomorrow to see if he is cross dominated 🙂

  67. Thank you very much for an really inspiring video. My son has just startet in a club (been there 3 times). He is normally left handed, but he shoots with RH. He had complaned to see the target double. I think that's the reason he sees it double. Last time he was introdused to shoot instintive which he really likes and will keep trying. I Will test him tomorrow to see if he is cross dominated 🙂

  68. It seems that I'm cross eye dominant (archery, pool) I use my right arm and hand for most tasks (writing, hammering etc) i shoot every week and I use a left handed bow and I can't do in any other way, feels strange and unnatural and my groupings aren't bad at all and I have both eyes open.
    To be honest I didn't understand.
    Should my arrow be on the left as well when shooting Mediterranean style?.
    Thank you

  69. I was born left-handed ( like my dad) broke my collar bone and went right dommanent. I'm right eye dommanent.. Any suggestions?

  70. how weird after asking you this question few days ago this comes up in the list of recommended videos? I did the target test with closing 1 eye and all seem to be right eye HOWEVER when moving hand back to the eye it seems to switch eye sometimes? Would this indicate slight cross eye dominant at various distance?

  71. I am blind in my right eye, but I'm right handed. I've learned to shoot a rifle left handed, but archery is different due to the physicality involved. I don't see any alternative, I will have to learn to shoot with my physically weaker side so I can effectively use my strong eye. This has always been a handicap for me in sports… my depth perception is purely estimated… have never been consistently accurate throwing a ball, not good for a water polo player!

  72. And I just now realized I'm cross-dominant.
    Aw, man!
    The weird thing is, my left hand is actually significantly stronger than my right hand, but I'm right handed.
    So, my left hand is my strong hand, but my right hand is my coordinated hand.

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