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Exploding his BUTT! Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS 1!) | KIDCITY GAMING

August 17, 2019

what’s up everybody we’re about to play
tap this is the new updated version we’re gonna see how this goes and look
last you go and give us a tour yeah do we need two campaigns I don’t no idea
what we do there’s your tour I have no idea what we do maybe a bone made work a
what a bone mage okay try it those are those are the deer people free
chieftains got 400 left how about you need your potion throwers stoners okay
stoners and one protection one protector that’s it yep that’s all that we can
afford it starts good don’t touch that don’t touch nothing I’m going down hmm
see how we do oh yeah your turn all right someone needs some protectors bing
bang boom pow I’m Amos would destroy them and I’m gonna go over to maybe
Viking we need a berserker shit what potion sellers I like the potion sellers
cuz they just throw the glass dragon do a dragon a dragon yes oh my goodness
okay I thought okay I’m gonna flank out the archers here here dude
and here okay zoom same so they can do a firework Archer yes exactly so they’re
gonna they’re gonna come from people to more pow and just so we can spend our
money we’re gonna do an extra protector right there okay
you ready yes here we go I won’t see you for
dragon you better come through they got no chance breathing OH
breathing fire oh oh that one that one Cookie Monster’s gonna kill our dragon
Oh bar works no don’t go off the clip oh oh
I thought we’re about to go off the cliff you can’t actually go off don’t go
down there people I mean huh all right tab to continue you got to be
smart about our battle plan see this is a strategy game you got to get some
people up front to defend so people in the back to shoot and one like
powerhouse to go in and wreck the place oh they’re in ok so it one may miss
would be I think we need a scarecrow why scarecrow because that those crows go
into those the hay and they get them oh you know you should put some archers
right up on on that those balconies what the king what the king why you want King
yeah good what what son but do nothing if they were the sword he can fall down
this is his throne I need to do a healer I shall jump off this place the healer
she need people up there for let’s just a card for you on up here ok we’re gonna
just put all our people up there I’ve just Rekha Madhuri stuff we got this
river how’s he gonna what what’s going on hey he’s it ain’t cutting the grinder
girl are you ok tribal let’s do a bone mage
right in front a bone major this is the worst strategy ever you got think about
look at this river how they go across that river they got all these people
won’t die so it’s so quick yeah okay Oh a healer there’s the snakes look
at this one guy going to his death Oh what in the world
oh look who’s this guy the healer he’s the king lightsabers it snakes snakes
doing who’s throwing the snakes then the snake art I can’t believe he can do
anything look at him oh that was a dream the key died he did yeah what did why
are these got turned around oh why are they shooting us why this shoot knows
one guy one guy get it why got no snakes are getting them boo that is freaky we’ve got control of the unit okay did
we win no you’ve restarted how did I restart it
I got no idea fixed our strategy clear that I’m gonna go with I like these guys
look we don’t need to send them out by themselves we need it we need it one
protector – okay protectors one two three protectors a Monkey King hmm I’ve
got no idea what I just wasted all our money on him sure did fire Carter’s how
about some yeah so here’s what I’m gonna do I’m gonna put some firework archers
up here I’m gonna purchase E yeah maybe one right here yeah sure and one right
here for the samurai all we need is samurais
where is he he’s right here samurais on each side of this guy The Monkey King
they’re gonna protect The Monkey King ready yes indeed
send them in okay so look our archers are already working we explode these
guys see those fireworks boom boom oh he’s got one attached nice sorry okay so
oh we get we got a don’t put them up no we could we could look we could put our
we got to know the enemy that’s that’s the heat of battle
yeah no the enemy they’re just too halflings
that’s not our enemies yes there’s there’s no way look at him cap in his
foot there’s no way slicker okay hold on but let’s check out our
enemy how is that just one person two people okay so are they met are they
nasty people they don’t want people so we need what two clubbers one spear
thrower not spiritual he does not reload quickly two clubbers okay timing let me
control the camera there’s gonna be quick get him what’s going on get it that was easy oh look we do it we have
balconies over here so what if what a bone age cousin what if we picked our
car carrots big big pink ate some pumpkins and then
put some archers way up here see maybe sure let’s do that do it ice
archers why do we need it ice archers two of them two of them up
there okay maybe a long ship where’s the long ship right here well there’s no
water there’s barely any water you got a short ship no we don’t need water first
function what do people carry it and they smell on the enemy okay we need
some spear throwers to take out some people from a Dockery’s boundary what’s
a Valkyrie that guy flying monkeys got you Freddie
one more ice Archer right here and ice Archer head butter on one protector
starts monkeys everybody I like those monkeys lovely it sure was but flying
monkeys anything anything I put them work earrings
okay so put one halfway there all right here
but what happened wait what what are they singing
little music put them new music having a fight like that they owe the only thing
they do is draw attention to the other to the other I think we need flying
monkeys to get over there yeah wait do we have enough one fine but monkeys
mutter their waiking some Vikings I think just put one something I’m gonna
put I won’t put a Archer one Archer one Archer what are you doing
what Archer you just listen we’re gonna put an archer and we go put a sir I see
a spear thrower that’s nice he like rants huh no you don’t have enough
nothing for anything let’s see let’s see what these fellows can do see all
they’re gonna do what y’all just stick your stick oh look at this guy he’s just
gonna shoot down there get him what see they’re just walking off the cliff
okay well don’t go down there come on chase him what in the world they want
they’re all in the water they all drowned what’d they do that for
in this round our enemy is a bunch of weirdos we do can we get time animus yes
we can you want to Namath’s go people get him what’s it it’s a Ray Romano for
my sage there you go guys I say what’s his name anything’s easy when you got
mammoths yeah we’ve got a clever only one clever one clever and 100 how about
clever versus clever clever let’s see alright
one farmer one the tiniest pitchfork versus us so we got 3,800 wait are we
sure are they hiding they’re hiding are they they didn’t fool us so we need
monkeys we need our flying monkeys you’re coming after not great it’s a
Vikings right here okay so monkeys to go up high three three faint and we need
some archers to get into the fields so we’re gonna do in between each one of
these we’re gonna do an archer Archer Archer and I don’t think we need anymore
yeah that’s good you think yeah yeah oh here they come out of the fields
they just swooped in oh oh they’re gonna overwhelm our monkeys there’s too many
of them okay too many all the zombies are in the
fields keifa Oh see oh they got that one they didn’t get this one though
get him he’s helping you okay here we go we need more monkeys Oh see yeah they’re
overwhelming to get them Oh lion zombie I think we need some scarecrows one king
in the back in a bar get some Scarecrow’s a few but all the attention bars are drawing attention I feel like
this one’s a the hardest one we’ve done the bars are gonna draw attention okay
there’s that the kings helping that yeah come here King help this guy out
goodness sweet what’s King doing get him there
overwhelming him good good good good okay he drew some people off of him what
are these guys doing oh man there you go come on
that’s Alfred ID okay that’s alright that’s alright but we’ve still got the
key so you put some musicians out there yeah they do nothing they draw attention
to the other is Chucky Chucky zombie off of me yeah
hello get him off your leg they get diving zombies said it look that Archer
would shoot come on you’re doing is he stuck behind
oh he’s in trouble oh oh there’s more get the flute player oh that looks like he bit him in the
ankle okay so this is a straight-up battle do we got any other enemies there
no no your enemy so if we have if we have like musicians down here
could we distract some people and draw some people away
sure so where’s the flute players they’re right here farts they’re Bart’s
okay so let’s do some bards down here yeah barns but they might just fall off
yeah they’re pretty dumb we played them only bard bard bar okay maybe some
flying monkeys so maybe okay horn I think we need oh it’s our Minotaur we
don’t have enough money for them don’t then why’d you put that many bars can I
get rid of him yeah okay you can so we don’t think it’s our give me a second
let’s get some potion guys poison potion sellers potion sellers and I need some
horns why need some archers where’s the fire archers firework archers there’s the snake archers that’s ice
fire archers fire workers Bam Bam that’s the one that shot him in
the butt yeah sure did can I put it in the tree Oh would you
put it in the tree I’ll put in another tree yes Mike just walk off the train
into the water nah they like to stay silly and one
perched big you ready yeah yeah let’s see if they walk off they gonna walk off
I’m giving him orders start yeah see they’re shootin what my guys walk it off
don’t you fall don’t you what happened stone-throwers no sure they
wrecked the shield’s we definitely need a mammoth but we don’t have enough how
do we put some serious service yes mmm those are long long ones so we could
just run right into them let’s just do a bunch of those yeah ready sure store all
those long Spears keep them away that’s good don’t you fall off that cliff
oh they threw all our guys off no not one one snow here Oh firework archer firework archer spear
spear spear spear spear more spears anymore huh no oyster harvester these
things have huge things oh yes we’re just going to go straight harvester we
need some shields first shoo bears bang bang bang
okay and then we need more of what’s this guy that’s good okay so we go oh
I’m gonna put some clubbers up here to clubbers to clubbers here we go fight
guys fight slow-mo get it people we’re getting overwhelmed Oh our caveman is
getting overwhelmed Oh harvesters what we need slow-mo
harvester oh he’s getting his own guy Oh get the harvester oh oh they’re done we
almost won we need one more harvester look what what is he doing nobody even
hit him he just bailed get one swing of the club and awesome great way to end
this video our harvester took a bec like a back what is it call the spike I saw
some people fall into the water yeah yeah all those guys just wandered
off if you were to see tabs part two it’s important that you hit this like
button hit it cards comment below and tell us what your favorite wait your
favorite strategy is on this game remember to subscribe to kid city gaming
to catch all action hit the notification bell and we will see you next time

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