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August 12, 2019

oh it’s all from people person for that was another person to do it today wait or become iron man I I’ll iron man so we don’t have our man’s fancy suit but we do have an iron man fancy glove but today we’re going to be turning these iron man look into real working iron man hands we’re going to be shooting fire we’re going to be holding fire we’re going to be burning it’s gonna be a lot of fun it looks now alright it’s time to build a very own Iron Man club I’ve got my welder here let’s start welding can you guys cool music so it makes it look like I’m building put that in there oh yeah oh yeah that’s good all we got is components here happy birthday su papa jack oh my god no I’ve got my iron man look and they are filled with shit look at that Wow is market I fly I’m kidding I kittens in the pro gamer David the first thing we’re going to do is let me show you guys how to make iron man fireballs in your hands that is really easy and you know Papa Jacob I love my mom and if you like to play with Papa takes balls let me know down below the gum will teach you how to play with my ball so what we’re going to do is we’re going to get some cotton here and it’s just a cotton swab that I grabbed and we’re going to be making our very own Iron Man fireball those are actually working a real man i’m going to be using them on the Iron Man hopefully if I can burn it boy you’re gonna want to do is get some nice conf up and we’re going to take some rubbing alcohol or in this case nail polish remover it really doesn’t matter what huge we’re going to dab it ah the ones who dad you are ready to go and now we’re just gonna light it of course iron man does not do this but we don’t have the school suit alright so now that we got ball right I don’t know one can literally pick it up and roll it around in your hand and it will not burn your hand alright guys so I think the Iron Man gloves off just to show you exactly how these work dip in the nail polish you can’t be making it all come here she come oh god don’t show you guys caught him hola todos do these look like Jake’s balls of fun you totally can just put them and hold them in your hand like this and they become fun balls Oh you can hold it in your hand like this now you want to sure you go back and forth don’t hold it for too long or else it will start to OG it’s okay wow you won all right we gotta play this you down here ladies do with a fireball come on little fireball now you’ll notice but it doesn’t burn the ground and that’s because of science the boys check it out like that I can’t I can’t hold out of here for too long ah so there’s lots of lines you want to make them big you can make them small but guys because of these homemade fireballs are so freaking cool because there’s so much fun to play with I have a challenge for you guys I have a talent for every one of you if this video gets 15,000 like real makes the world’s biggest fireball I’m not pasta Vegas I’m not good your fireball in the world and they will play like beach volleyball is poop NOT is stupid fireball go to bed oh okay all right next up on the list we’re gonna make some iron man blasters and that supports using our iron man hand we’re going to be able to shoot fire out of them so I’m gonna pull on my arm and hands here I’m gonna get them ready keep them moving oh yeah they’re ready they’re ready to make my man glasses and then we’re going to go outside because we were actually going to use our mm glasses we are going to use them against the target and see how bad these Iron Man blasters can be now that I made the necessary adjustments to my higher man hands I am ready to use the next ability it’s a surefire so much power if they did have so much power are yousa milk and I used some abilities and I created rip working oh alright guys so now that we know how the Iron Man has really worked where you put defense against some household object so let’s take it to the garage and see just how awesome these are my man hands arms whoa alright guys who were outside now and i got my iron man has and I’ve got my iron man helmet well we are ready and we’re gonna be testing out these bad boys cuz they have so much power and man once said it’s great but we are going to be putting these ladies to the test today we’ve got some fun toys to do it with first up Logan who is Iron Man’s number one most nemesis in the world not a lot of people know this but Iron Man’s number one enemy it’s actually spider-man gate five isn’t it ourselves oh it’s spider-man and he looks delicious yeah mmm now we’re engaged there we go that’s all that’s left of spider-man he’s with Uncle Ben now did a better place oh oh my god who is that guy can’t breathe hello it meets the planet roo in mr. smiley my point mr. smiley back doesn’t know but i actually hate it oh wait today are gonna burn mr. smiley with my dad’s a tire mangle isn’t that right mr. smiling blonde oh yes he is Oh ah fire alright so mr. smiley went up against the iron man Hansen he’s not having a great day see all those faces got crispy now so next up what is another thing that I meant scared of I mean I remains are pretty badass all right you’ve got these lumps they should fire safe a whole plane the one thing that is scared of dying that’s right iron man has a massive fear of dinosaurs and we have here straight from the object a brand new karate saurus rex a that’s right this thing is 150 million dollars always sold it from the museum downtown because we’re going to get rid of it because we know that what something hatchet we’re going to have a dinosaur our hand and that’s just no chill at all so we got our iron man hands here we are going to fire them up and we were going to burn this egg for you the hatch how do you like your eggs scrambled poached over easy let Papa Jake know down below maybe i’ll send you some free iron man oh hold on the back come on bird it’s done we killed it it’s no longer yo hey oh my god okay it’s okay i’m sorry i didn’t know there were babies and eggs sleep me make me fun oh my god is faithful swish mmmm sorry okay papa they’re both the case here if I had known I was killing meet me wouldn’t have done it oh no he’s okay everyone tell me at me p normal that’s how all dinosaurs i disposed to look right that’s a normal dinosaur are you telling that you see in the comics right now meet me you look amazing all right let’s get on to the final the last thing I want to test with these badass iron man hands is if we can ignite some real fireworks I am going to be using my iron man power hands to light this fire work right now you guys done who’s supposed to take there’s no way you’re Iron Man Power has a strong enough oh they are and they will like this firework ah Oh from Vietnam and I was all about like a gap it turned over no I gotta go back to me alone I was already dead oh yeah I put this down to anyone who I have equated we’re gonna love you really didn’t know well thank you guys so very much once I profit-taking i’ll see you guys every dollar i would retirement you

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  1. How to make real Iron Man gloves buy Iron Man gloves cut a hole through the circle in the middle of the gloves and then get hand sanitizer and then put fire on the hand sanitizer and it will make blue fire but you can put it on your hands and it will be safe and then put it on the middle of where you cut the hole

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  3. Meep meep you are totally amazing I was totally born like you no offense meep meep but I was not born like you but you're totally amazing

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