Evolution of Game Music (1980 – 2018)
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Evolution of Game Music (1980 – 2018)

September 7, 2019

Pac-Man (Arcade): 1980 Tetris (Various): 1984
(Korobeiniki by The Red Army Choir) Super Mario Bros (NES): 1985 Kings Valley (MSX): 1985 Castle Excellent (MSX, NES, Arcade): 1985 Knightmare (MSX):1986 Zelda (NES): 1986 Castlevania/Vampire Killer (Famicon Disk System, MSX2):1987 Sonic (Sega Genesis, Master System): 1991 Street Fighter II (Super Famicon, SNES): 1991
(Yoko Shimomura Guile Theme) Doom (MS-DOS): 1993 Diablo (Windows): 1996 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (Playstation): 1997 Age of Empires II (Windows): 1999 GTA: San Andreas (Various): 2004 Angry Birds (Smartphone): 2009 Minecraft (Microsoft Windows): 2009 (Why Is this Gymnopédie by Erik Satie?) Skyrim (Microsoft Windows, Playstation 3, Xbox 360): 2011
(Dovahkiin) Candy Crush (Smartphone, Facebook): 2012 Bad Piggies (Smartphone): 2012 Last of Us (Playstation 3): 2013 Undertale (Windows & Mac OS): 2015
(Bonetrousle) Cuphead (Windows & Xbox One): 2017

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  1. The owner of the piano shop where he's recording must be tired of this guy coming every other day and staying all of the after noon staring at his camera like a weirdo.

  2. Entertaining, but a little odd. Not sure if your choice and style was done with these specific intentions, or if it just happened this way but…
    Had a BUNCH of old classic songs with memorable diddies, but then only 1 song between 1999 and 2009. And a bunch of the later songs after that were ones that specifically had more simplistic tunes for their time, or were intentional 'retro' throwbacks to older game music. Not really the best choices to showcase the 'evolution' of gaming music. It would have been neat to hear the few retro ones peppered among the other modern game music, but it seemed the other way around (a few 'modern' tunes peppered into a bunch of 'intentionally retro' songs).
    Also kinda interesting that you played a lot of the 'classic' songs in very fancied up ways (lots of chords and extra touches that aren't in the 'original' song) but then you've got some very simplistic versions of some of the more modern songs, like Skyrim.

    I love classic game music. I love modern game music. I love modern game music done to pay homage to classic game music (retro). Games have had TONS of great music. I just think with the near literally COUNTLESS amazing songs from games through the years there were tons of amazing ones of the more modern ages you could have picked.
    And while only cult famous in the states so forgivable to exclude here, I feel no 'game music' list is complete without some mention of Touhou. Again, might only be cult status in the states but I don't think any single gaming franchise is as famous for it's music as touhou, not even specific music themed and rhythm games.

  3. There is only one mario theme and only one the legend of zelda theme sorry but these are two of the best games in the world and they have one of the best theme song I've ever heard before!!!

  4. Ao meu ver esse teu piano tem mais qualidade que aqueles pianos milionários que você postou nos seus videos recentes (aqueles que vc entra no cofre)

  5. Would be great if you could look for "Heroes of Might and Magic 3"
    Something like this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMzOHfOSRl0

  6. Liked for Diablo, probably some of the most nostalgic video game music for me. that and definitely Doom from the old DOS game days.

  7. I find immense enjoyment in that a professional such as yourself would take the time to learn these iconic game scores. Thanks!

  8. I use a translator in English, please treat with understanding. You have a very good technique! Great performance! I wish you to develop, progress in skills. I wish you health and good mood. Thank you for giving me these moments of good mood.

  9. Street Fighter II foi lançado para os arcades em fevereiro de 1991, a versão portada para Super Famicom/SNES em 10 de Junho de 1992, mais de 1 ano após a versão dos Fliperamas, logo vc datou e tocou a versão do Arcade.

  10. Castlevania foi lançado em 1996 para o Famicom Disk System, sendo lançado 1 mes depois para MSX2, logo ambos são de 1986 e não 1987.

  11. If 4:40 didn't spark up a memory in your childhood and make you think of all the hours spent wasted trying to figure out the bat dash then you might not have had a good childhood… in regards to gaming

  12. как по мне, так стоило упомянуть музыку серии Final Fantasy и Silent Hill

  13. There was a hickup in SMB theme otherwise pretty impressive
    BUT – Not a single MegaMan track and also no Crash Bandicoot or Halo…

    If you have Pac-Man, Mario and Sonic, why not the Iconic games on Sony Playstation and Microsoft Xbox as well?

  14. Tetris é um jogo de 1984, desenvolvido pelos russos Alexey Pajitnov, Dmitry Pavlovsky e Vadim Gerasimov, mas o primeiro tema utilizado para o jogo Tetris foi a canção From Russia With Love", advinda do filme 007, esse tema que se tornou o mais popular para o jogo só veio mesmo com a versão do jogo para Gameboy, o famoso portátil da Nintendo em 1989, logo é correto dizer que Korobeiniki só se tornou tema de Tetris em 1989 e não em 1984.

  15. Every time I hear Zelda`s theme music, all I can think about is that golden NES cartridge I either got for Christmas, or a birthday in the late 80's.

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