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August 14, 2019

Yo! Whats up guys. I’m Robin Hood no I’m just
kidding! I’m Gleb and today we’re gonna review some awesome things you need to
know about archery. Enjoy the video. So guys here I have the Hoyt Rukus Junior
compound bow made by Hoyt here are its parts here’s the site. It will help you
aim a targets. Here’s the peep site it’ll help you use the site better.
Here’s the release you have to buy it separately it helps you shoot without
pressure and here’s the arrow the most common part of the bow you can’t shoot
a bow without an arrow! can’t you?! Archery is overall very good
hobby from kids to adults for kids I recommend a little bows that
are titled kid bows like the first shot if you’re like completely new to archery
and you’re like 5 years old. For kids a bit older like me I recommend those kind of
bows small compound bows like the Hoyt, cos all the work is junior like this one.
Hunting with bows: for a hunting bow I recommend a compound bow the release helps you hold form and aim
for longer so that helps you hit the target like this Pricing for bows:
The compound bow costs way more than recurve bows. Costing up to $500 like mine.
Big ones can even cost like thousands of dollars. If you buy special accessories
for them to help them shoot faster better and to keep hold your form.
Recurve bows are pretty inexpensive they don’t need very good accessories it’s
just a simple play old bow but they are still great for the hobby. I recommend
buying any type of bow. Check some of the local Bow stores for advice and to hold
bows and find which one is right for you. Guys thanks for watching I’m always
looking for your subscriptions and for your views hope you enjoyed the video.
now its time for Robin Hood to rob some rich people

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