Every Game Matters | 2019 World Championship Group Stage Day 4 Tease
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Every Game Matters | 2019 World Championship Group Stage Day 4 Tease

November 7, 2019

I originally thought that our results for Group Stage would be that we wouldn’t drop a single game, and go undefeated. We’ve already lost a match so I hope in the next matches,
we will give it our all and play well in every game and go 5-1. Right now, we are really hungry for that first win. Once we pick up a win, it’ll be the beginning of our hope.

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  1. What's terrible to me is CG saying things "yeah I can't see why we can't beat SKT" when the answer is obviously "cuz u guys love to aram mid way to much"?

  2. Vulcan: Time and time again we just beat teams that are considered better than us and I don't see why we can't do that against SKT.
    Vulcan let me remind you you're at worlds not in NA having your little fiestas and siestas buddy. It's SKT a superteam for Korea. Not NA players and washed up imports gathered that happened to make it to worlds because TSM couldn't show up

  3. They don't even bother including SKT in this video lol Faker be like: "you don't have to ask, we're just gonna smash everyone else." XD

  4. „We always play better with our backs against the wall, so know that we‘re 0/2 you‘re gonna see us play a lot better“

    -Every Yasuo Main in any of my games

  5. Whats up with Fnatic, they're too busy feeling sorry for themselves and complaining about illness instead of having a winners mentality.

  6. 1:07 Once we pick up a win, it'll be the beginning of our hope.
    Im sorry HKA I think there'll be no hope then…

  7. Huni: i think SKT should be the best team in Group C and if we actually take down SKT that means were the best team in Group C

  8. Huni talks too much and so feeler he think he is the best top Lane. yes way back before he was during the time of Marin,Duke,Smeb,Ssumday,Impact and Cuvee he was one of the God top laner but now Zzzzz i don"t think so 🙂 there are so many best top laners now consider it TheShy and Khan 🙂

  9. not many people giving credit to RNG, RNG would have won that game vs SKT if Faker did not backdoor with TF. SKT just outsmarted RNG, it won't happen again. RNG will win Worlds 2019 watch, Uzi will carry!

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